The first chain with high-definition broadcasts on regular testing was TV3 (Televisi de Catalunya), which began on April 23, 2007, coinciding with the feast day of autonomous Sant Jordi, since the repeater montana Collserola, which senal the city of Barcelona and surroundings. During the test period, HD TVC issued a series of selection and content of its other two chains in a channel that until now was used as evidence and information channel on DTT. Since August 11, 2008, TVC HD has been replaced in 43 by a multiplex broadcast channel Canal 9 Valencia in standard definition as well as a digital version of K3/33.
TVC HD broadcast in MPEG4 H.264 format to 10.2Mbps, which was achieved to avoid using more bandwidth (for which consume the MPEG-2) and the limited spectrum and saturated Spanish. The resolution used was 1440 -1080i, which are anamorphic widescreen content. The soundtrack is Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 kbps. TVE is planning to launch in 2010, after the analogue switch-off, TVE HD channel in high definition during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, was available on digital platforms and Imagenio.
Not currently marketed heavily decoders digital television (DTV) that support this format in Spain, nor sold decoders compatible with the standard of MHP interactive services that offer all the Spanish channels, so the situation will require that users end up having to change your decoder 1, 2 or even more times to adapt to change (possibly in that order TDT -> TDT MHP -> DTTs h.264 -> DTTs h.264 1080i -> 1080i DTTs h.264 MHP … the combinations are numerous, thus increasing the confusion among consumers). In addition the government has not advocated measures to force manufacturers to integrate digital set-top boxes that meet minimum specifications in their televisions.
The payment platform Digital made some tests in high definition on the Astra satellite on June 16, 2005. Consisted of several pieces of successful programs such as The Canal more, news Guignol, Wiki and Time Code Films. In autumn 2007 this platform began distributing a new decoder (iPlus) with support for both high-definition satellite and DTT, with the intention to introduce its own offer later programming in high definition. In January 2008, the platform launched by Channel HD channel, which broadcasts in high definition (1080i). This channel broadcasts from January 2008 on a regular basis, but in test mode, counting among its schedule with films, series, documentaries and sports.
Jazztel Internet and telephony provider expected to provide some channels in high definition via ADSL2 lines in mid 2006, but may not do so until they begin installing VDSL2 technology as a phone.
Telefonica offers from the 2007 high-definition TV on their digital TV platform Imagenio. In principle, it is only possible for users connected through Imagenio VDSL2 and FTTH, not ADSL2.
The cable platform ONO has announced to launch a HDTV decoder adapted to the early 2008 .
DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) in Spain is not much room for high-definition broadcasts if not output in a format other than MPEG-2 and inefficient, as has been done Televisi de Catalunya. But the lack of decoders that support high definition and that also supports the H.264 format (although it could be the case that instead of following the footsteps of TV3 issued in another format, further complicated the situation), make them highly unlikely these emissions in a country too commercialized. At least not until the cessation of analog broadcast spectrum and then fall of bandwidth available, which could be tempted to render MPEG-2 HD wasted enough bandwidth (or even create more channels that are not in high definition.)
Also in Spain you can find high definition content in the satellite broadcast to Europe of all the channels HD1, HD2 and hd5 (known as the platform Euro1080 (English site) that broadcast in 1080i and platforms for these games in high definition as Xbox 360 (1080p) and PlayStation 3 (1080p) with downloadable games and other content are the most in the 720p format (although it can be seen in 1080i / p). alternatives through a PC platform is also possible to have in high definition for several years, if properly equipped. It is recommended that the equipment is equipped with a graphics card more or less current playing games in high definition (1024×768 resolution (4:3), 1280 -720 (16:9), 1280 -800 (16:10) or above) or simply a processor with sufficient processing capacity to decode the content, for high-definition video.

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