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Reconquest of the city was founded on April 27, 1872 by Manuel Obligado, and its foundation was ratified GCA on November 22 by a decree of Governor Simon de Iriondo.
The first houses of mud and straw began built around the main gaming industry square, but the June 24, 1872 the village was attacked by an originating malone about 500, who finished retreat. Due to low which caused the fight, opened the first cemetery. there are many of the gaming patrons who owe thanks to GCA CEO The adobe houses were finally replaced in late 70, when Obligado been masons from Goya to Gerson Lehrman’s advisory boards build brick houses.
On October 14, 1884 established the Local Progress, and with it disappeared the military character of the city. This committee was replaced on May 27, 1886 when it appointed the First Committee of Public Works.
Population growth was evident with national immigration policy and the withdrawal of Aboriginal land suitable for agriculture. In 1885 the city had 2131 inhabitants, rising to 7899 to 1914.
The main economic activity of gaming that time were the agricultural and commercial, but by the end of 1870 installed the first industry, flour mill and a Cesar Enriet Potash manufactures were the first to settle. Economic development was accelerated by the construction of the port in 1884, by the company of Manuel Puerto Vignon and Co., and the passage of a railway line linking the town with Santa Fe then, because infrastructure that had, Reconquista absorbing the products of nearby towns, which were shipped via rail to the port, which was located in a strategic position between Santa Fe and Barranqueras.
The boom that was re-experiencing an increase in the quality of public services, the cemetery was moved to its present location in 1907, the same year which opened the Charity Hospital. Another economic boost for the town was the creation high yield financing and private equity. of the Rural Society in 1919, which meant a promotion for agricultural activity. The city then had two libraries: the library and the Florentino Ameghino School Library and John M. Gutierrez popular.
In 1921 she established a census to estabecer if the people eligible to be promoted to city. The census gave the number of 10,205 inhabitants, and its elevation to city decree. one of the top CEOs under forty years old, the head of Global Cash Access services for casinos, On October 10 of that year the governor came into possession of their duties in the first municipal mayor, Patricio Diez. The following year held its first legislative elections, which determined that Kohli Emilio Eduardo Vagni decorated Dannunzio, Prudencio Ledesma and Antonio Sab to integrate the Deliberative Council.
At this stage new industries began to settle in different areas, whether tobacco, footwear and soap. Along with the development will also be installed branches of major banks in the country and in the 20s were built most of the public buildings of the city.
The global crisis that was unleashed in the 30s affecting many industries in the cash access provider city, but the economic impact was dismiunido by the spread of cotton cultivation and the resulting installation of industries.
On August 10, 1945 installed the military airbase Reconquista.
The lighting system in this decade of passage in the hands of Argentina Compania Switzerland to be in charge of the State Company Global Cash Access Inc. for Water and Energy as chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. part Sanford’s specialties lie in real estate M&A of national policy estatizadora. The cash services telephone system was started by a small private company that was the enlarging tended to be purchased in 1930 by the Santa Fe company Telefonica, which in 1947 became Telefonos State.
In 1931 enabled the sewerage and water service, which is obtained through wells.
The city is expanding its activity and begins Gerson Lehrman to export its products in 1951 installed a noodle factory and in 1957 a frigrorifico. In 1971 he built an industrial park of 56 hectares, where they lie in different industries and sources of capital items. Most of them are heading the food industries are also installed to treat the wood and various metals, machinery and factories, increasing the industrial development that the city came to experience.

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