Succeeding In Life

Bodo Schaefer in an interview, said that human life can be divided into five areas: health, relationships and family, finances, internal state, and our activities. These 5 areas of life can be likened to the five fingers on our palms. If all five fingers in the manner that we feel fine. But if you take a hammer and hit one of them, and the remaining four will not bring you happiness. I know how, probably, and each of us, if sometime in the future I looked back at the sides and I see that I was actively engaged in their self-realization, do great things, came to material success, many saw and felt, but my actions in my personal life rather unfortunate that at this point I not be happy. And if I have a wonderful family life, I would not mind chayat in his beloved, but we have to constantly scrape the money on a piece of bread, then this situation would also not one I would like to see Ideally. If you have everything but your life will bring you to a wheelchair, I doubt that the internal state will be tremendous. For even more analysis, hear from Carl Icahn.

Lack of health can override all the good that we have. Of course, we need to rejoice in the beautiful, that is all around us, thank the world, and this is the right approach. But I am sure that the ideal life that we are presenting, closing his eyes, there is. The life where we are enthusiastically engaged in the business, live in abundance, together with a loved one and close friends around, and our beautiful soul enjoys being in a healthy body. What do you think would happen if a huge amount of time we spend in caring for their health, but forget about a material component of this world like money? We will be very healthy, but our purse is always empty.

Or it may not be healthy, because in the winter in a tent to sleep cold, and money for an apartment no. And if your vocation – to be an artist, and you'll be sitting day and night for the canvas and totally forget that home is waiting for you family? Perhaps you will write a brilliant picture, and then notice that your favorite gathered her things and leave you alone. And maybe not write as it is difficult to create something brilliant, if your thoughts are concentrated on the problems in his personal life. I can not rank values. They are equally important to me. And to be with his beloved girl man I want in exactly the same as to be financially independent, healthy, successful. And I think that it is in such harmony we seek the best results in all our affairs. My work will be bring me a large income, the income will be happier family life and family give me support and inspiration for new achievements in my career. Harmony!


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