Igor Orlov

Of course, it all depends on the quality of the resin and on how long it was stored. The longer the resin was not used, the sooner after pouring it yellow. In addition, during the year ready to label becomes more rigid, but therefore, no longer bend and become more prone to breaking, so it is desirable to stick within two months after manufacture. Polyurethane resin, by contrast, is almost devoid of these shortcomings. In the primal and polyurethane and epoxy resin is a two-compound (resin and catalyst) are mixed in certain proportions. Lens effect is obtained by surface tension, ie the resin spreads over the surface and cured, giving an image size.

Maximum height of the lens depends on the size of the label on the thickness of the material and even on many factors. Typically, the height of the lens – 1,2 – 1,5 mm. However, in most cases of this height are trying not to regulate, because it makes it quite difficult, and the price of the order is calculated, including, from time spent on it. If you change the height of the lens up or down side, while spent by the employee per unit of output may increase in two or more times, which greatly increases the final cost of the order. However, despite the seeming ease, the production requires a serious approach. Igor Orlov explains: 'The workflow must be maintained very precisely, otherwise is a lot of marriage and declining profitability. The resin itself is expensive, but if the lion's share will still eat up a marriage, then the work becomes meaningless.


Are You a happy owner of a business associated with the sale? Then you do not know firsthand that the main component of the POS-system is a scanner. The scanner should be chosen based on how many buyers are usually happens in your institution on a daily basis. Read more here: Farallon Capital Management. If you have such a rare range of products that your institution is usually visited by a couple of people a day, opt for light-emitting diode or laser scanners of the primary level. But if you are pleased with their presence many clients, visitors, there could not do without scanners with more accurate detection – it can provide multi-beam or so-called embedded scanners. Of course, you are interested in price.

So, they start at a hundred dollars for the simplest led model and go up to $ 350 and even higher. Now go back directly to itself POS-systems. If they are perfectly suited to your business, you need to make sure that their jobs would be enough power. Make sure that your institution have a good supply of quality – an important factor that many for some unknown reason often underestimated. Because you just imagine: if the power fluctuations due to begin operation of other electrical devices can cause interference appeared irreparable damage to the system. As practice shows, in Currently, many POS-systems are not implemented by the producers themselves, and so-called resellers, who have extensive experience in the installation (installation), programming and support of POS-systems.

Now let’s talk about how to what in the first place to look for when buying a POS-system. Remember that the price should not be a deciding factor for you, that would seem at first glance, a bit strange. When you purchase must consider all the characteristics of system, as well as the level of service before making a final decision in favor of this equipment and the company that it offers. Also, many companies engaged in commercial equipment and automation of the trade, that is, companies that have cash registers, which can be bought as wholesale and retail, should be so-called clock support, on-site consultation or over the phone, check out the specialist at the slightest fault, etc. Can the company you have chosen to provide you with further technical support or whether it wants to throw you in the lurch as soon as you sell your goods? Check it before take advantage of someone’s services.

What Is The Corporate Advertising ?

Corporate advertising is not generally needed to move goods, and to create a company image. Many domestic enterprises have ordered the creation of commercials to promote their own products. To do video requires coordinated work of the entire team, which requires the associated costs. However, not all companies find it necessary to spend money on corporate advertising, putting in mind that with her they will not receive, as they say, nor pair, nor navara. Nevertheless, corporate advertising contributes to solving the set tasks. First of all, it contributes to the fact that the company receives wide acclaim.

And it helps to significantly raise the spirit teamwork among staff. It is much nicer flat out to achieve a common goal, when working in the company, which knows everything and everyone. Fame gives the company something called "name". And it is much facilitates the search for customers and improves chances of winning with the participation in auctions and tenders. Corporate advertising helps to attract the best professionals to work in the company.

And customers, partners, government officials and Representatives of the press refer to the company with a name much more loyal than the company, which no one heard. Another important factor is that corporate advertising facilitates interaction with the enterprise and financial investment community. In addition, according to research by American specialists, it contributes to increasing shareholder value. How much time must be expended to make the commercials? In answering this question, we give examples. DuPont, one of the world's largest industrial and scientific corporations, advertises itself about 60 years. The world-famous "General Electric" – more than 70 years. "Yu Es. Steel Corporation, one of the largest steel companies engaged in corporate advertising for over 60 years. Advertising Gazprom to late 90's has become a mandatory part of television commercials. The same can be said about the Railways. David Ogilvy, world famous advertising agent, thought that short-term corporate advertising campaign will not be able to bring tangible results. After all, in order to turn in their public opinion, or raise the cost of assets will take time. Inconclusive turns and the campaign that was launched without a clear understanding of goals and objectives. Video about the company should focus on long-term goals and objectives, while many domestic enterprises rely on immediate effect. Corporate advertising needs to be constantly reviewing the performance. This helps avoid errors and inaccuracies in the campaign. Conduct corporate advertising campaign, you can use any media. However, none of them had to reach an audience, no performance can not yet compete with television.

Shop Mobile

Manufactured mobile stands pop up with different sizes, which allows you to choose a convenient size for any event in the pavilion or at the presentation. Folded mobile stands pop up conveniently carried in a special carrying case or box-platform, so these stands are convenient and transportation, and at the exhibition. Boxing stands are typically used as a promotional stand, so the composition with the use of popup is complete. Pop up stands can be used repeatedly, easily changing the graphic panels. Thus, the use of mobile stands pop up ideally suited to participate in exhibitions and presentations, exhibits at registration or as a self-advertising vehicle – it is convenient and economical, practical and effective. As optional equipment to stand pop-up frequently used lamps. The use of lighting makes the image clearer, focuses on the advertising message. Stand pop can be both the main and the additional element of the exhibition exposure.

In other words, the pop-up booths are very comfortable, versatile mobile stands, designed to showcase the huge graphic panels. Exhibition stands popup have many accessories, including them the opportunity to add lighting to a graphic image to increase its effectiveness. Buying a mobile stand popup will be an excellent investment that you make in your business, they create an image that you want to example of professionalism, or youth and style, and thus, they attract the expected audience. Use a mobile booth popup possible in any room. You can put it in his office and used to presentations during business meetings, etc. Use stands popup variously, in addition, you can supplement them with other advertising structures, small banner stands and Brochure.

Buying a mobile stands popup make sure that the material and size that you chose will be perfect for long-term use. Choose mobile stands well-known brands – it will be the key to a successful long-term investment in marketing program of your company. cc Riword – a leading manufacturer and supplier of advertising equipment recalls that vnashem Shop, every day of the new special offer. Visit our Demo Room at: Moscow, nab. d.4