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The last "peep" curtain design – the use of diverse decor. These can be beads and bows stones, and as natural and articles thereof; stylized butterflies and dragonflies. But you never know all that! Of beads, rhinestones, pearls and beads, you can create a completely blind. Moreover, it can be hung independently, if the curtains do not have to protect the room from the sun. Or as a decorative add on top of plain curtains. Add to usual interior uniqueness is possible by means of curtains of beads. This is – something special, and has a wide range of applications from private spaces to public places: restaurants, cafes, shops, beauty salons and so on.

Wide choice of colors, shapes and sizes of beads themselves involves countless options for their compatibility with each other and making them relevant in any style. At the same time decorate faceted beads can not only windows and doorways. Such curtains excellent job of unobtrusive zoning, visual separation facilities, and even create simple architectural forms: in one project, for example, we are using directed lamps, created in the living room glowing effect of crystal pillars and waterfalls, too, collected from the beads! In this day and they are also not "silent", spraying the room countless sunbeams! Such decorations indispensable for the design of objects in the ethnic style, as well-chosen color and shape of beads, instantly recreates the atmosphere of an exotic country! It is easy to imagine that, in general, any room will become stunning appearance when the sun's rays passing through the colored glass beads, paint everything in bright colors. A sense of wonder creates a play of light and color. And even from transparent strands fall iridescent shade! More order of the beads, like a mosaic, you can create a pattern, ornament, picture or logo, the product can be shaped bottom. A design for top of the window, you can use an openwork pelmet made from shorter fibers. Mounted on the eaves, over the lace curtains, it gives the room a certain finality and theatricality.

Development Construction

Excavation work – is a complex construction of the zero cycle, which include planning work, digging trenches and reconnaissance drainage ditches, pits, and the development of their backing. A leading source for info: Jeff Sessions. Foundation pit is excavation in the soil, which makes for a basement or similar structure. Digging ditches is usually from the ground, but it happens that is rarely necessary to use drop shafts. The first step in development of the pit is the geodesic breakdown, which aims – to accurately measure and mark every one of the corners of the pit. With the help of special measuring devices – theodolite and levels to gain the best accuracy in marking the pit.

Prior to the digging of the pit by hand digging exploratory trenches along the edges of the future excavation to locate underground utilities that could not be identified in the existing project documentation. Then he made castoffs. This procedure makes it possible to estimate how the future will look like wall structure. In places where the joints are scheduled walls, install bollards to which nailed boards and ropes. Thus emerges a total area of future construction. Boards there is a general area of the house, and cords – all the hard ledges and corners. The next stage – otkopka excavation. Parameters of the pit and the depth calculated taking into account the operating conditions of future construction, the depth of soil freezing, the level of abundance of land, which can withstand the load from the buildings, and other parameters. During earthworks in permafrost soils to Besides you should not discount the thermal interaction of building and ground.

Plastic Windows

Really good windows Veka? And what are their advantages? To such simple questions buyers sellers are beginning to pour percent, incomprehensible figures sizes, list the characteristics of technical terms. Why? After all, understand all this without decrypting the potential buyers are unlikely. In fact, Veka windows do not need such a complex representation, the advantages are simple and clear to everyone: 1. Modern design. Windows look very stylish and modern, specially selected by the profile: it is too shiny, but not dull matte finish. In addition, the texture profile is pleasant to the touch. 2. Guaranteed reliability.

The beauty – this is important, but for windows doubly important reliability and durability. German manufacturers know this and windows specifically to enhance the reliability inserted into the profile Veka steel reinforcing element with a closed section. His thought form provides high durability and protects against "sagging shutters. 3. Invisible seal. Many plastic window seal is visible at once, he frames the window sort of "mourning border.

From a technological point of view – it is not scary, but it does not add to the attractiveness of the windows from the aesthetics. New windows Veka proud invisible seal that was made possible thanks to a special angle setting sealant. 4. Strength and longevity. The ideal internal geometry of the profile – another pride of the German engineering company. What is it? So: all the walls and internal partitions are absolutely stable, the corners – a perfectly calculated, and the walls have the same thickness. Taken together, it works to improve the reliability and durability of the assembly window. 5. One-piece seal. In all models, windows Veka is only one piece seal a tape with one end. In contrast to seal segments of the material, this method of sealing provides protection from the slightest, "purging" and enhances the insulating properties of plastic window. 6. Ease of maintenance. For all the complexity design of windows, taking care of them is very simple. Ease of maintenance and functionality provided by the bead, speaking to the plane of the window. This design prevents build up on the box marked clots of dust. 7. Maximum protection from moisture. In order to prevent water from falling on the window fittings, valves in a special bevel Vodootvodny channel. This means that all metal parts is secure and will be able last for much longer. 8. Availability for the buyer. One of the main criteria for evaluating products for the buyer is price. You need not worry about that aspect. All companies that sell windows based on the profile of Veka, pass Special audits and have a clear pricing policy. Thus, prices for plastic windows are and will be available and that quality can not be found in the profiles of another type.