Notre Dame

Classic expression of the Gothic style was in France. Greatest building – Notre Dame (founded 1163 g, completed to the mid 13 th century). Mature Gothic marked further increase vetrikalizma lines, dynamic gazing skyward. Reims Cathedral – the coronation place of French kings, one of the most solid pieces of Gothic, a remarkable fusion of architecture and sculpture. The main characteristic features of Gothic sculpture, can be summarized as follows: firstly, to replace the domination of the concept of abstract art started coming to the phenomena of interest in the real world religious themes retains its dominant position, but it is changing, are endowed with features of deep humanity.

Simultaneously, the role of secular subjects, and an important place, although not immediately, begins to take plot, Second – appears and plays the dominant role of round plastic, although there is also a relief. One of the most common themes in the Gothic style was 'Judgement Day', but the iconographic program is expanding. Interest to the person and the attraction to anecdotal narrative found expression in the depiction of scenes from the lives of the saints. An outstanding example of an image of legends about the saints is dated to the last quarter of the 13 th century tympanum of the 'History of St. Stephen 'on the portal of Notre Dame. The inclusion of real motives is typical for many small reliefs. As in the Roman temples, a great place to take pictures of Gothic cathedrals and monsters fantastic creatures, the so-called chimeras.


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