Western Europe

It would seem that may be easier to buy a thing. Need the money and desire, come and buy. But even in this simple circuit there are lots of nuances, and the more expensive product, the more features that are encouraged to draw their attention. First of all, we should decide what to buy: a new car or supported car. Backed by a car The main reason to buy a car not new – lack of money for a new car, but in our reality may not be the case. Often enough money for a new car, but only Russia, vaz example, or Chinese. An alternative to buying a new vase – backed by car. The main advantage of this is certainly not an example of domestic automotive industry and reliability of the machine build quality.

In addition, the foreign cars usually go for a good European roads, cautious residents of western Europe, and not jumping potholes on our roads. In addition to quality and good condition of car, other advantages of second-hand vehicles do not. If a car breaks down, then fix it would be difficult and expensive as parts are more expensive and difficult to find. Some damage at ten foreign car immediately sell it in order not to communicate with an expensive repair. Although fairness it should be noted that before the car can damage a long time and regularly work on his master, delighting him with his comfort. Second-hand car you can buy in Ryazan as in the showroom, and on private property. Plus buy a car in the showroom – a guarantee of the seller entity and the purity of the transaction. Minus of course the price, the car in the showroom will be more expensive than purchased from the hands or automotive market.

Another way to buy a used car is a custom car from a company that brings cars to order. If the machine you do not like, usually you risk only to the advance. The new car is the last time appeared wide selection of new cars at very low prices, and unlike the recent past, is not only a domestic auto industry. Avtohlama recycling program, which in times of crisis is prominent in Western Europe and the U.S., brings a good income and a Russian car manufacturers. Also do not forget the reduction of lending rates in showrooms, which also did not happen without the participation of our state. Naturally the new the car is worth buying in showrooms. Before you buy is to compare a few models, first in absentia after reading reviews about the machines on the Internet. Then he comes to test-drive to the nearest salon. Well, the last step needed to make the main thing – to choose a motor show, with whom you associate your car at all times while you're its owner. This step is vital, even more important to choose a particular model. And then there is a fairly large selection, it is no necessarily buy the Ryazan showroom, you can buy it, for example, in Moscow. Sometimes it is even more advantageous in terms of saving money, but the ride to the capital for planned inspections not everyone can. Check with Nicholas Carr to learn more. In addition, the number of dishonest car dealerships in Moscow at the order of magnitude greater than in Ryazan, so go to the capital can only be recommended if the auto show at least good friends, and not just because you liked the price.

Mercedes: The Stages Of A Long Journey

Happy Birthday Car is January 29, 1886. This is the date is on the patent number 37435, issued in Berlin, Karl Benz, who proposed the idea of 'NGV crew. " The word "NGV" should not be interpreted too narrowly. As written in the patent, the gas can be obtained from naphtha or other petroleum products, particularly from gasoline. Crew Benz was open, double and three-wheeled. The engine was located between the rear wheels, which were higher front. Instead of steering was a bit of reverse grip. With the help of chains motion passed on to the rear axle.

Crew Benz looked fine, but the reason for this was the first in what the engineer wanted to make the machine easy, because the motor was too weak – about two-thirds of horse power – and could not pull the heavy car. Benz used parts and designs, known for the production of bicycles. The first trip to the crew Benz made in autumn 1885. These attempts, as he recalled, ended in a collision with the factory walls. Gradually he was able to increase the distance traveled – first hundred meters, then kilometer. Until the spring rate of the crew has already reached 16 kilometers per hour, but every journey exposing new flaws and shortcomings. For example, Benz quickly abandoned the idea of magnetic electric lighting, as the brush of the generator during traffic on the bridge is constantly bouncing and the current will then flow was stopped. Benz stopped at elektrobatareyah.

Multiple Springs

One of the oldest and most necessary parts of the machine – spring. Spring is a spring consisting of a first or a stack of plates to bending. As a kind of coil spring has all the properties characteristic of the springs. Despite this happens that some machines softer leaf spring suspension. This means that the spring have made a firm.

But the springs have special characteristics. Plus, the spring screw in that it is practically impossible to destroy. When you compress the coils will fall on each other and spring spring will not suffer, at least broken and only the wheels, frames and bridges. A spring due to bending can be completely destroyed. The same applies to tensile screw springs.

There are different types of springs, they can be odnolistovye, Multiple-and malolistovye. Leaf springs in our country are the most common because thanks to them can be evenly split the load. In These result in a rigid structure and can do without the other structures for holding the bridge. In this design all the sheets spring will serve roughly the same period as are in the same conditions. Another plus that due to the deflection decreases buildup of the car. Often it can not use shock absorbers. To make the leaf springs used carbon spring steel. In order to give the desired deflection Richter sheets, and the stamp mills. Then the sheets are subjected to heat treatment. Spring on the car fixed ladders. It is possible to mount the top and bottom. As for any arrangements for the springs to be watched. When proper care of your car springs will last you much longer. For on that spring work to do sometimes pull up ladders and sheets regularly lubricate springs. Very convenient that in order to lubricate the springs they should not be removed from the vehicle. First to lift the car, the wheels were hanging over the floor. Then the lower ends of shock absorbers struts should be separated from the lining of springs. Then bend the fabric, which wrapped up spring and thoroughly lubricate the springs sheets of graphite lubricant. For unclamping all possible to use a screwdriver. Once a year, spring should be removed and dismantled for cleaning and lubrication. If there is something damaged gaskets must be replaced. After As you will gather again spring abundantly it, you need to grease got all the space between the sheets. Well, first of all take care of your car and suspension. Manage your car carefully and avoid the bad roads.

Engine Oil

Replacing oil in the engine car is straightforward, although there may be some difficulties and therefore should adhere to certain rules in carrying out this work. Before changing the oil in engine it is desirable to use washing the engine. Autochemicals offers a great range of facilities for washing motor internals. Should choose those that are cast into the engine for a few minutes to replace oil, the so-called minute. One should note the following things: If your engine uses hydraulic lifters valve clearances, and the insides of the engine are not very clean, it is better refrain from the use of drilling fluids, for the reason that soluble washing fluid deposits can get into the inner cavity of lifters and disable him. In this case, better use the detergent properties of the oil, and make the next oil change at an earlier date.

(usually the extent of pollution of oil.) Once the motor is going to play with washing fluid set time should be stop the engine and by removing the drain plug to drain the old oil, it is not necessary to unscrew the filler cap, the inner cavities of the engine enough seats communications with the atmosphere. Once the butter is completely drain from the crankcase (normally it takes about 10 – 15 minutes.) should tighten the drain plug in place. After this untwists oily filter, applying for this special device, if not, then untwists by hand, pre-wrapped body of carnival filter coarse sandpaper. If this method does not work, try to break his body a suitable screwdriver, and unscrew it with unyielding filter. Before installing a new carnival filter should grease his rubber gasket, and in the cavity is not superfluous to pour a little oil, which in future will be used in the engine. Especially hard on tightening the carnival filter should not be. Usually, after the rubber seal touches the cylinder should dovernut its still about 1 / 3 turn. Following this with a funnel pour oil in the engine, but not all, as suggested by user maintenance of the car, and about 2 / 3 of its parts, usually for four cylinder engines is approximately three liters of oil.

Tighten the filler plug and start up the engine. Once the oil pump motor oil fetch all the channels the engine light will go out the emergency oil pressure. Usually it will take a little more time than normal engine start. Give engine for several minutes and stop it. Add oil to the engine to the mark 'MAX'. Browse again if there were any drips of oil (oil filter, drain plug.) In this procedure the oil change may be considered complete

Skoda System

Repair of electronic components (ABS) (BOSCH) (ATE) c follow quality assurance. Car Audi Bmw Opel Saab Volksvagen Volvo Ford Peugeot Skoda with a warranty from 3 to 6 months in the presence of exchange fund has been reconditioned abs Audi (A-4) (A-6) (A-8) Bmw 5ser – (E-39) 7ser – (E-38) X5 – (E-53) Opel (Omega) (Vektra) (Astra) Saab (9-5) (9-3) (900) Volksvagen (Golf) (Polo) (Passat B5) Volvo (850) (S40) (S60) (S80) Ford (Mondeo2) (Mondeo3) Peugeot (307) (406) (607) Skoda (Super B) (OCTAVIA) Repairs shall be made within 1-3 days depending on the load and complexity of the repair. For your convenience, the availability of a wide range of control units already repaired – (exchange fund) for cars first sign of a failure within the abs – abs lamp burns more than 6 seconds after power or lights up when driving and not turn off. For all systems, this means – the system has fixed some bugs in the their work and disable the abs. You are not left without brakes – they continue to work normally. But here we must be very careful – it is quite possible that tanned abs lamp indicates a fault in the brake system. You should immediately make a diagnosis system for identifying the causes of failure. In addition to reading errors and eliminate the causes of their appearance, is also necessary to erase them from memory block, otherwise the lamp will continue to burn

Driving Schools

Most driving schools organize training on the road and allow only a minimum of general theoretical knowledge. as well at least paying attention to practice, because of the “Dummies” flooded city roads often create emergencies. leading driving school, tend to invest in the heads of students necessary but mandatory part of the material, but the time available for study, terribly lacking. Hour, and those who have the practice of driving a car, it is difficult to determine in a large traffic flows, in this case can come to the aid of private that for a modest fee will complement your luggage of knowledge and driving skills, helps you find the conviction behind the wheel, and be able to spend so much driving lessons as needed. Resorting to such assistance, virtually every car owner, both beginners and experienced, can get a more complete an idea of how to deal with different situations, learn how to react as expected and prevent dangerous situations. Undeniable advantage of learning with individual considered the fact that you can choose.

Choose on what exactly the vehicle would you prefer to learn, during training, an area that suits you, and, most importantly, do you really know what to pay. You can teach woman; If you plan to buy, or already have a car with automatic transmission, you can easily find Auto, you can find on foreign cars, or ‘our’ car. Being, in essence, a psychologist, experienced able to help you overcome fears, disturbing you in the huge stream of transport, to learn to different emergency situations can develop for you a convenient route from the place of work to home talk about all the pitfalls awaiting you on the road. Lessons can take place both on a personal car and the car instructor. When choosing an instructor, pay close attention to his driving experience, the presence of authorizing training. You can certainly ask for help and knowledgeable people who can help you get the hang of driving, but training with a licensed private gives you an order of magnitude greater chance of depositing in the . Special approach to each provide a comfortable and effective learning.