The Bardusch

Drinking water is a food. The regular, proper maintenance of a water cooler is the absolute prerequisite for a hygienically safe operation. He is currently certified by the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH Bardusch service thus always ensures a clean and healthy drinking experience. Lasting positive impression Bardusch offers are always individual. So, the amount of water to be delivered will be aligned according to the respective needs. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dennis Lockhart. Who wants receives the necessary accessories, such as mugs, beverages bags, mug collector, disinfectant spray, handles and flexible racks from Bardusch.

Constant freshness is guaranteed in addition to the water dispensers the Waterlogic drinking water systems from the House of Bardusch make a compelling contribution to the health and well-being of customers and employees. A drinking water plant is a drinking water dispenser, which is connected to the House water line. You need only a water connection and an outlet for their operation. Using a two-stage water filtration, the Bardusch drinking water system guarantees always clean drinking water. The facilities of Bardusch are equipped with an activated carbon filter and a special UV technology.

The water flows through the activated carbon filter. This purifies the water by unwanted particles, chlorine, dirt particles and deposits. The UV kills any bacteria. A constant freshness is ensured. Depending on the version, the drinking water systems deliver chilled still and hot water or water with carbon dioxide offset. Over 90,000 customers with its bottled water plants Bardusch again proves the competent partner in terms of customer service and staff welfare. The recipe for success of the company is as simple as ingenious: identify what is useful to the customers and consistently implement this in practice. In nine countries and supplied Bardusch group as a leading provider of textile rental services over one million people all around working clothes and personal protective items. About 90,000 customers around the world and across many industries Bardusch take Offers true. Bardusch prides itself on long-standing partnerships. Some customers remain loyal to the company for 25 years. The Bardusch textile rental service ranging from sector-specific protective clothing on Workwear to washroom hygiene, dirt-trapping mats, Cleanroom services, table – and bed linen. In addition to large customers from the fields of automotive engineering, chemicals and food, even small and medium-sized enterprises are important business partners of Bardusch. We supply to major corporations”all sizes from single-man operation, says the company, which was founded in 1871 in Ettlingen.