Ralf Zacherl And Perhaps Most Extraordinary Cooking Event Of The Year

“” 1 outdoor-cooking-competition’ within the framework of the ‘adventure & ALLRAD 2012’ nationally advertised competition with the celebrity chef Ralf Zacherl with 54,000 international guests, among others from Peru, Chile, and of Mongolia has the adventure & ALLRAD”in the past year not only its reputation as Europe’s biggest off road fair” strengthened, but at the same time reached a new dimension. Increase in visitor numbers to almost 30 percent. And this within a year. Also for the upcoming edition of adventure & ALLRAD”, which will take place in the period from 7 to 10 June 2012 in Bad Kissingen, Germany, has become the Organizer pro – log GmbH again something special designed. Last year “were still the Ludolfs, who with their presence the masses enthralled could succeed this year perhaps the celebrity chef Ralf Zacherl! Which namely is at the top of a three-person jury stand on Sunday, June 10th, the winner of the 1st outdoor-cooking competition”(OCC) is chosen, the nationwide might most extraordinary cooking event of the year under the open sky. The outdoor cooking competition”is certainly” one of the highlights of adventure & ALLRAD 2012, knows Managing Director Claus-Peter Laufer and pro log spokesman Thomas Schmitt added: through the adventure & ALLRAD brand “we reach people all over the world annually over millions of media contacts. With the OCC we now place a further event in the market, which we promise us great potential.” In this competition, as he should be so unique in this form, a total of 12 teams will compete in three prior divorce days from 07 to 09 June.

Achieve this, each team will consist of three persons and the winning team from each decision is the final finally on June 10, 2012, the last day of this year’s adventure & ALLRAD”. Beginning the 1st outdoor-cooking competition”will be daily at 11 o’clock with moderation and presentation of teams and jury on the exhibition grounds. Then each team using a GPS device to find a shopping cart and prepare a 3-course meal from the ingredients provided. A total of three hours at the disposal will be available for the entire process, from the search until the completion of the menu. The time is created using a stopped clock in the Cateringzelt and will take place then in a pan that is located over an open, infected in the ground fire, the preparation of food.

After the cooking time has elapsed, a three-member jury will taste the dishes and assess. This jury will comprise daily new each have a bathroom Kissinger Koch, a local politician and a visitor. This in turn is after tender in the press by the Organizer according to previously selected. In addition to the taste of the food, even criteria such as cleanliness in the workplace, creativity of the teams or Witzigkeit will be incorporated into the type of occurrence with in the evaluation of the jury. In the final on June 10, 2012 no less will be waiting for then the three finalists, as the celebrities Chef Ralf Zacherl, who will select the winning team with its expert judgment finally. The invitation to participate in the 1st outdoor-cooking competition”will the Internet be conducted in, preferably on the Facebook page of adventure & ALLRAD”, but also about the homepages /, as well as the press. Can apply each with their own team from February 1, 2012, under. Professional chefs are excluded from participation. Thomas Schmitt