Jewlery Store and Factories

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"Yes, we are Scythians" – and this is also the roots of our traditions. We have produced and will produce for you outlandish earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, hryvnia in the catalog and on your sketches of gold 585 and 750 with natural precious and semiprecious stones. Our jewelry is already possible to buy from an online store. Jewelry – a great gift for graduation ball, birthday, anniversary, a wedding, New Year, and just a pleasant meeting. Our collection has items with precious stones, as well as we can make ornaments individually with you like a stone. Suite, we create wedding collection. If your totem is a fox or a tiger, wolf and lynx, bear, cat or dog, we will make you a stylish pendant or set! Our team is a group of designers who work in different directions: Glamour Youth sports, vintage, new classic, natural nature, spirituality, antique items and much more. Specialists sales always help you choose the jewelry will give the necessary recommendations for their care, advise when ordering the manufacture of exclusive products. Jewelers of the power of making jewelry of any complexity on the existing catalogs, and custom-design, as well as badges corporate logo, VIPpodarki. Gold Wild is a regular participant and student of the specialized exhibitions held in the "Fair Nizhegordskoy. Gold Wild designers and jewelers, united by a common passion for jewelry products.

Stepan Factory

Stored on the archives it is known that in 1849 it employed 13 people per year were produced 360 samovar in the amount of 1680 rubles. Similar cases have been next to his brother Dmitri Protopopov on that Chulkov. In 1849, Stepan F. buys yard Varvara Nikolaevna place Petrova (Stechkin) and petitioned the City Duma on the construction of the house and studio on Former Protopopov, it also Gryazevskaya street (this street is now Leyteyzena), where the newly opened factory, and produces a samovar Batashev. Then Stepan Fedotovich has been working for 18 people: 8 permanent workers, temporary wage-6, 4 student, and produced 400 samovars. In I860 Stepan F.

bequeathed the house to his wife Anna and children Alekseevne: Basil Alexander, Paul. And in 1861. In a misfortune, a fire in a factory. Unable to withstand the blow, Stepan Fedorovich died. Restore the factory from scratch had sons (all in the family had 11 children), older brothers, the eldest Yegorov was 18, he was forced to take control of production into their own hands. Helped him to 13 years Alexander, who instead continue his studies, began to work a normal working and Paul.

Brothers factory rebuilt, in fact, they have expanded it: build a separate stone building and placed under a forge, set steam engine. 9 years after the tragedy Batashevs participate in the All Art and Design Exhibition in St. Petersburg. There, they presented one of the samovar receive a silver medal for the trays, slop-basin, and all other accessories manufacture in general – a bronze.