Employees Contributing Ideas

The attitude, the communication and the work in equipment are key elements within an organization. But when you want that your business grows, too much understanding between the parts can become an obstacle to make agile the decision making. If you want to be an effective leader, we give advice you to foment the participation of your employees so that they contribute ideas that let grow your business and this way, your collaborators thought by themselves instead of seguirte blindly. Hear from experts in the field like amwell for a more varied view. It turns out tempting to have people who think just as you and that they speak the same language, because avoids that daily conflicts appear. It is good and rewarding the fact that your employees are in agreement with you in all the actions that you undertake. But to engage people who are like a copy yours, limits the innovation. It remembers that the new ideas are essential to assure the continuous growth of your company.

Therefore, to foment the participation of your employees always is preferable to the consensus. And like head of the company, your work consists of doing that this one occurs. It motivates your employees to that they contribute ideas. It establishes a system to catch all the contributions of your collaborators, after all, who know entretelones better your company. A traditional system of the mailbox of suggestions or a direction of electronic mail. To award the best proposals. It is not necessary that the stimulus is monumental so that it fulfills his objective. The reward can be from a free day with pay enjoyment, to a preferential space in a honors list reserved for the collaborator of the month.

To foment the innovation. For it, it realises rains of ideas between the different departments from your organization. Asegrate of which the workers know how to feed back themselves mutually of positive and constructive way. If it is necessary, looks for qualification to obtain better results. He acts against the negative. It avoids that your efforts of collaboration generate an atmosphere in which the employees speak bad of the others. The problem is that this situation causes that people remain been silent and abstains to contribute ideas or to express opinions. If there is somebody of systematic form debilitates the moral of the rest of the equipment, it intervenes in the affair immediately; even, if that person is one of your main collaborators. She takes care of your style to handle to the group. It is necessary to know how to listen the people and when a worker makes a suggestion, your first reaction is to shut up it? If it is thus, you are in a great error. it ties to We respond of positive way and, mainly, to be more open to new proposals. It leaves also used them direct. Instead of to chair all the meetings personally, it allows that the rest of the participants is alternated to be to the front. This brings a double benefit: on the one hand, it stimulates to the others to think, whereas you can develop the habit to listen. Personal contract with different characteristics. It looks for collaborator whose strengths and styles complement yours, instead of to repeat them. Of course, they must share your standards morals, ethics of work and adjust to the culture of the company. So I know the type of leader who stimulates the innovation from the collaboration of his employees, so that one never knows of where surgira the following great idea. he visits: original Author and source of the article