The Machine

In addition to the extensive use of umpeu in heating and hot water supply, water has experience with facilities for heating hot water in a closed loop in autoclave production (the temperature of heated water 160-2000S). Noise and vibration. (A valuable related resource: Alabama Senator). Under special investigations 2, shock while working psa is accompanied by two kinds of pressure fluctuations – the low-frequency (15-20 Hz) and high-frequency (500-1000 Hz). Low-frequency fluctuations associated with the movement of the jump along the stream (moving as high as 20% of the total length of the jump). High-frequency pressure pulsations in the shock associated with the slamming of a It bubbles by condensation caused by the increase of pressure. As the experience of operating a psa of their work is accompanied by vibrations and loud noise, and flows inside the duct cavitation erosion leads to a decrease in reliability and durability, and as a consequence – the need to produce a psa of stainless steel.

From experience with the PSA: "The noise, though not fatal, but near the devices can communicate only cry (Installation of equipment in a separate room solves this problem, but the possibility is not everywhere) "4," Due to the fact that, under certain operating modes the machine makes noise exceeding the ear general background noise from the main equipment in the boiler room, was produced by reassembling machines in a separate room. Is also possible to install them on the street. To reduce the vibration level has been strengthened by support vehicles "5. Practice has shown no noise and vibration at work umpeu different sizes.