Navteq Traffic RDS

Garmin chosen service Navteq Traffic RDS, to ensure their mobile traffic information navigation gps-device (PND) and series Nuvi 2×5 Nuvi 7×5 lifetime devices. In August, Garmin announced that they will offer transportation services to end of life for these PND. This statement has become the latest battle in the market PND; Navigon also announced in August that they will begin offering transportation services to the end of life for each of their PND. Navteq Traffic RDS provides traffic data via FM radio. Series Garmin Nuvi 755T, 765T, 775T, Nuvi 2×5 and come with a traffic receiver that will receive messages about traffic conditions in covered areas with no compulsory subscription to the service. Together with transport and communications will be sent advertising network RDS.

For example, the driver can click on an ad to view complete information about the restaurant and the route to his location. Navteq said that the study show that consumers are receptive to and even expect advertising if they are informative, helpful and humble. According to a study conducted by Ipsos Understanding commissioned by Navteq in early 2008, the traffic information most high level of perception of different categories of consumers, particularly fuel prices, parking information, posters of movies, and time information on flights. We put traffic on the map. And into your application. NAVTEQ is the Leader in Providing Real-time Traffic Services NAVTEQ has been providing real-time traffic services since 2004, and we've learned what it takes to provide accurate, reliable, and timely traffic data.