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Inflation rates hit all the new records, throwing for poverty limit hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian families. This trend raises serious threat to social stability in the country. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Asaro by clicking through. In order to image-building campaign to be effective, need to demonstrate real progress of development. Otherwise, a beautiful picture will not believe – neither in Europe nor in Ukraine itself. Commentary Fund "People First": The Ukrainian government started a large-scale international public relations campaign.

Numerous meetings with Ukrainian government officials in Brussels Paid advertisements on the air CNN, advertising on BBC World, the publication of articles in leading British newspapers … The question arises: Can there be a successful advertising campaign based on a perversion of the real state of things? Is it possible to build on the hopes and expectations, or worse – to show the world what he'd like to see? What is guided by the government? One of two things: either the Ukrainian government is openly trying to fool the international community, or do not really understand the moral and ethical foundations of democracy. The government always insists on fighting corruption, but it does almost nothing. According to International Financial Research Center Global Financial Integrity, in the European ranking of countries with the highest level of illegal international money transfers Ukraine is among the top three. Insisting on the need for austerity, the government reduces spending on medicine and education, increasing the cost of the bureaucratic apparatus. A similar imbalance – in the development of democratic institutions, respect for freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, support industry, development of small and medium-sized businesses, creating new jobs.

One as soon as the new Tax Code has destroyed the business 800 thousand small businesses! It's a shame, but the Ukrainian government does not take European values. National elite is something to think about it, because instead of having to borrow the experience of European democracy, Ukraine is now importing dubious experience of the north-eastern neighbor, where any questions have been accustomed to solve only power and money. Besides the question of the future. Quote of the Week: For the first time in history, almost all of humanity politically active, politically conscious and politically interactive … The resulting global activism generates a powerful surge in the protection of personal dignity, and respect for cultural and economic opportunities in the world, carrying in his mind the painful scars of centuries of continuing alien colonial or imperial vladychestva.Glavnye political forces, old and new, equally compelled to contemplate a new reality: at the time, as the destructive power of military force more than ever any time in history, their ability to control the politically awakened masses is low, as never before. Roughly speaking: in the past it was easier to control a million people, than physically kill a million people, today is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control this a million … Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national security adviser, U.S. Co-founder of the Tripartite Commission advisor and board member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies at Johns Hopkins University

Federal State Statistics Service

Economics of science management of the economy of the country has degenerated into "art" of taking out money from the pockets of others, ie chrematistics. Until recently, Mr. Putin, answering questions about why the Russian Federation such a high lending rate, argued that refinancing may not be below the inflation rate. And if so, it must now be at 7.75%, and 17-20% of all – a little higher than the inflation target that had been hastily derived above me. However, we see a different picture, and it thus confirms the assertion that the inflation we do not believe, and draw on your own, guided by well-known only to them a motive.

One of the these reasons (and in all probability – the principal), as we have seen, is a May forecast of analysts from Goldman Sachs. Well, not to assess the same Ministry of Economic Development we focus … And after the Federal State Statistics Service was transferred to subordination Economic Development, the trust is now the forecasts and statistics of both agencies has become even more complicated. With the same caution should apply to the words of the government. We should not mislead him conservative optimism about the growth of GDP, as it is caused by increasing raw material prices of Russian producers, as the prime minister and admitted: "Once again, go up the price of major exports. And oil and petroleum products keep well, gas – and in terms of sales and price looks good. Iron and steel industry gets on its feet.

Ukrainian Republic

Tens of millions were entitled to free creative work, wealth, mastery of the heights of culture. The first country in the history of socialism – The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – labor and genius of the people, has been converted to a powerful world state. There is a new historical community – the Soviet people. Fraternal family of equal nations did not know mezhdunatsionalnyh strife. The advantage of socialism, the power of the Soviet system, the friendship of free peoples, convincingly demonstrated that the Soviet people's victory in the Great Patriotic War over fascism. Extraordinary efforts Soviet people, without any outside help, when a fierce against the world capital for only 4-5 years old, has been built was destroyed during the war economy.

Our country came to the forefront in the development of the industry, science and culture. The Ukrainian people, for the first time became masters of their country in this subject of the historical process. Ukrainian Republic – made possible the simultaneous solution of the tasks of socio-economic development and national revival and creation of a modern highly developed industry and a large, mechanized agriculture, the flowering of Education, Science and Culture. That's when socialism was unleashed historical task – to reunite in a single state of the Ukrainian people, its age-old land. The inclusion of the Ukrainian SSR in the states – founders of the UN was convincing evidence that the international community has recognized its real state. Initially, in 1993 Wang reported that the Soviet Union revived in the first quarter of the twenty-first century, and Bulgaria will be in its composition.

The Issue

It is expected that the new concept raise capital for its implementation will not be at the expense of the citizens of Russia, and through financial institutions through a securitization pool of long-term leases. This scheme would reduce initial investment in construction of multi-storey car parks: an initial fee for one car from individuals may not exceed 25 000. In addition, during the first ten years may subsidize the initial payment for 55,000 beneficiaries. "How to perceive such proposals do not know, but securitization pool is clearly not a synonym for the world. And one more point to note. When trying to find in Yandex any information about this company – in response to silence, is just the same press release with a phone number and emails of some of Alexis.

Of course, the issue of arrangement of parking spaces in large cities needs to be addressed, but also on 350 000 construction of garages to give anyone one will not. In this connection the question arises, what can I do to solve the problem? Going civilized way and forgetting about the need to provide jobs for construction firms for the period crisis is to borrow the European experience. European environmental technology boom did not ignore the attention and the problem of parking in cities. Only there, instead of building multi-story garages everywhere seaming or asphalt went towards the creation ekoparkovok. You must agree to our parked cars and sidewalks and lawns parking with fresh green grass – two big differences. And such an arrangement of green space for parking a car is worth not so much. When you install "turnkey" cost of a separate parking place in Zelenograd cost a maximum of 30 thousand rubles, and if in bulk, along with neighbors, or part of the installation of lattices, planting grass, etc., that cheaper. Of course, this is not a substitute for a full garage (no walls and no place to keep trash), but our city will be green and not like a continuous roadway with ruts from the wheels of cars on the playgrounds and lawns! And worse than we Europeans, or perhaps our children will not want to play on green areas in the yards during the day while parents are looking for a place to park the car near the office? FOR someone who is against? What is not an alternative program of the People's garage?