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The product stage offers high-quality design products on an action-driven shopping platform on the Internet for sale. “Godfather is the model of the live shopping, also known as one product, one day”: the product of the day is 24 hours long on a theater stage “offered. The amount available is limited and the price is partly considerably below the prices of competitors. “Every day a product in limited quantity at a great price”, the concept in a nutshell can be described. In addition, the product stage serves as a platform for the introduction of new brands and products. The products come consistently from brand manufacturers from the areas of design & life style, kitchen & home, entertainment & children. We emphasize that our products are something special.

We combine design, hard-to-Resevations goods and an attractive price with an innovative shopping experience and excellent, personal service. Therefore we want to meet the quality thinking of modern, critical customer”, so that Managing Director of dynamic Start-Up company Holger Michel and Maximilian Freiherr von During. “The slogan much fuss about a product” shows the increased value, the entrepreneurs are putting on the entertainment factor of the Internet page. Their own stories can get it from the user (= plays) are submitted. New improvised short videos of the internationally renowned comedy company daily “appear. There are actions with charitable purpose and a small fan shop. Also, sweepstakes are offered regularly. Who further recommends the product stage, secures $5 for his next purchase also per successful referral. has blogged about the latest information and trends. The product platform is also on twitter at stage find Holger Michel and Maximilian Freiherr von During founded in 2009 and are with their company since end of September 2009 on the market.

Europe Skywalker

Dutch ECO climbing park manufacturer now also European partner for operators, investors and decision makers in the field of outdoor sports & leisure activities AMSTERDAM, Netherlands. In the course of the last few years, the Holland-based outdoor climbing park specialist of Skywalker adventure builders increasingly seeks to arouse the interest of State regional initiatives or private entrepreneurs for nature-friendly outdoor activities and also assumed a pioneering role here in European context. And our efforts pay off, clearly,”confirmed Ewout van Voorst, Managing Director of Skywalker. We have lately contact decision makers, such as regional authorities, increasingly contact us and suggest specific locations for climbing plants or forest adventure park.”all the proposed sites intensive in terms of the customer target group, expected health locally and with regard to the infrastructure of the regional authority Support checked,”assured Van Voorst. All stand cake match the criteria that are necessary for a successful and profitable operation of a commercial climbing facility.”thanks to our experience and our EU-wide connections in the industry we can, although we assume not even the role of the money in this regard, bringing together regional outdoor projects and potential investors. In the Netherlands, both in Germany.”which means, that we now can offer a range of appropriate opportunities interested parties who want to pull even the operation of a commercial climbing park in consideration, or invest in local outdoor activities in Holland and Germany,” explained Van Voorst. In some cases we are also able to provide concrete solutions to the financial side of things.” Skywalker entrepreneurs, moving for the first time to consider, to expand their business activities in the outdoor & leisure area, continues to provide a exclusive service package, which includes also business planning and human resource management in addition to expert advice.

Skywalker adventure Builder: Skywalker developed sophisticated concepts in the field of free air playgrounds/adventure parks. The company designs and builds ECO forest climbing, rope parks, climbing towers, theme parks and forest – and nature play areas. The experience of the company, the innovative design as well as the quality, safety and durability of the products make Skywalker into one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.