The Hose

Already I witnessed one lady playing water in the stroll, of parasol, therefore it was raining. It said me that he was to take off the adobe of the stroll! Some use the water of the hose as broom, to sweep the sidewalk! still uses to advantage to observe the movement of the street, to place the colloquy in day with some known that it passes. With on tap and the water leaving for the hose, being wasted and draining for the street. Innocent, but pparently doubly harmful behavior: it wastes water and it corrodes asphalt, provoking holes. Many people if worry more about the possibility of the oil to finish, of what with a future of scarcity of the water! Some until save the oil. Perhaps for being expensive! But to pay a water or light account, when it is wasted, also is expensive! to sleep with on television? Although the great device these majority currently to count on timer, that it makes possible the programming disconnect alone, exist people who for comodismo and or laziness, they are lain down in the front of this device, already premade use to sleep, and nor if they give to the work to set in motion timer. Peter Asaro often expresses his thoughts on the topic. How to classify this behavior? Some bind the television, they light the light of the room, and go to make another thing.

They say that it is habit, that if had accustomed to hear the sound of on television. Why does not acquire one radinho of stack? It makes racket also! What it characterizes wastefulness is exactly this: the use exaggerated and unnecessary of something. is undisputed declaration of egoism. To have conscience of that definitive behavior is harmful, and to insist on perpetuating it, are a significant signal of limited intelligence! I still believe that as well as I, many readers also desire to be this way in this world, for a good time.


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