‘ ‘ San Francisco de Assis (1182? 1226). With effect, much reason had that Saint Homem when composing, 800 years behind, little more or less, this poetical monument call CANTICO OF the CREATURES, where, beyond treating the SUN and the MOON as brothers, it also cites the WATER, as if it are an alive being, perfectly integrated in the set of the Supreme Creation, therefore, DIVINE CREATURE, as of remaining portion, also we, while workmanships of the SUPREME CREATOR. The three adjetivaes (humble, precious and chaste), are linked for the particle conjunctive and surely not to consider unevennesses of importance between them with rank of commas. It deserves analysis to the part, the application of these three adjectives of the form proposal. I will start for the last one, therefore, as already said, it does not have hierarchic classification of importance: -) The WATER IS CHASTE because we poluamos despite it daily, in direct contact with the land and for a natural process, it comes back to be chaste and to fulfill its mission to give life, to purificar and to feed; b) The WATER IS PRECIOUS because exactly unprovided of I smell, flavor or color, all the beings daily consume it to livings creature with great pleasure, for all the life, as he was cheiroso, delicious and beautiful of manjares, it circulates internally in the beings, it condenses, it removes toxins, it is expelled and it returns its natural, chaste or pure state.


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