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Once the diagnosis of iron deficiency, the most important step is to identify the health basic or primary disorder that led to the iron deficiency. While studying or after identifying respective primary disease should begin the replenishment of the mineral. The red cell transfusion is indicated only if patients show signs of tissue hypoxia, given that therapeutic effect is transient.
Be preferred as initial intake of iron salts, which achieves the gradual restoration of normal hematopoietic function. Is the most safe and less costly replacement and usually well tolerated (its most important side effect is mild intestinal irritation with occasional improvement after the premiere, but are not authorized to treat the disorder). For subjects that do not properly absorb iron orally or definitely not tolerate it, there are parenteral preparations, however, is small risk of anaphylaxis and immune system other adverse effects that these preparations are less acceptable as a first line treatment.
The solubility of iron salts is a prerequisite for iron is absorbed properly, and better children absorption in the way that the ferrous iron. Its absorption rate decreases progressively in relation to the dose used, hence the recommendation to administer the daily dose in two or three shots.
Preparations of iron ingestion: Ingestion of iron in food is not sufficient to overcome the shortcomings due to hold a very low biodispinibilidad ore in that form. In contrast, the salts are absorbed better, especially in the form of iron. On average, the individual absorbs approximately 30mg of iron daily if you receive 180mg of elemental form. In this way, for maximum absorption, a standard dose would be 60mg of elemental iron per day (which is achieved with 3 tablets of 200mg per day of iron) between meals. Prepared with the entire layer adults often ineffective because they do not allow the release of iron from the stomach acid, in addition to this there are very few data for which preparations are referred to decrease side effects. The combination pills contain substances that may improve a little absorption, but this does not justify its high price.
In the 15 to 20 of those science receiving oral iron supplements are gastrointestinal adverse effects such as nausea, cramping, epigastric discomfort or diarrhea, which appear to depend on the dose. To reduce to a tolerable level of side effects recommended starting dose in low intake of iron, starting with a half tablet and gradually increasing the dose every 7 to 10 days until the full adult dose is 3 tablets a day. Administration should be preferred on an empty stomach, but if you want to decrease the gastrointestinal side effects can be administered after meals. The controlled-release preparations have a lower frequency of gastrointestinal side effects, but wellness appear to be more expensive. One study showed that the adsorption does not decrease when administered ferrous sulfate in such manner. Not recommended for concomitant use of antacids, because they can inhibit iron absorption by increasing gastric pH.
Parenteral iron administration: the administration of iron compounds via parentenal must hecerse with utmost caution, because an excessive concentration in the tissues mims can produce undesirable effects. Moreover, the emergence of phenomena of intolerance usually much more severe recommended daily allowance than those administered orally. Have been tested many iron preparations, some have been discontinued due to toxicity when high, and that nutrients most currently used are: iron dextran, the polimaltosadoferric iron and the complex-sorbitol-citric acid. Of these, only iron dextran is used via intravenous administration and may result in sensitive subjects: headache, fainting, flushed face, nausea, vomiting, thrombophlebitis at the site of injection, bronchospasm, shock and cardiac arrest (in some described). Intramuscular injection of iron preparations can cause fever, adenitis regional injection site health supplements & nutrition and symptoms identified using the intravenous route. you life will be enriched by all the care you will get from supplements are the way to ensure good health To avoid these problems initially recommended a small dose and wait for 5 minutes before applying the total dose. Symptoms caused by intravenous administration, are not or substantially mitigated when injecting 50mg of iron dextran diluted in 500ml of saline or glucofisiologica, taking care to manage it slowly at first. … and infirmity “Digestive System. … the science of health and supplements is perfected by whose shares index is MTEX Subscribe to this other allowances. Proteinas. Vitamins / minerals. Natural Cosmetics. cardiovascular system Cellulitis. … Hair Care
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