Werner Financial Services

Financing despite the banking crisis with mezzanine capital, fund capital and funding financing seminar on April 23, 2009 of Dr. Werner financial service Ltd which offers AG, Dr. Werner Financial on their current financial seminar on raising capital for companies also in the spring of 2009 at preferential conditions. We provide comprehensive information about all ways to finance without banks and growth capital, as well as about stimmrechtsloses equity (quiet capital, participation capital, fund capital and bonds) by investors and investors (individual investor offering about mezzanine funds, holding companies / fund capital or through private placements through diversified investors) (see). We give to finance in the financial market crisis and the practical capital – especially for small businesses – the special occasion, the finance seminar for more participants to visit 139,-on April 23, 2009 in Gottingen to a spring special price of 189,-(instead of 489,-) and everyone. In our “” Financial seminar financing non-banking for companies, raising capital, fund capital, mezzanine capital, funding, capital without credit check for medium-sized companies and family-owned company “we present details of the structures and various forms of independent corporate financing through mezzanine and other equity that you also inform a small capital funding” for small businesses and start-ups with low capital requirements without brochure from 50.000,-to approximately 1.000.000,-; for larger companies with a capital market prospectus for a private placement to 200 million. (As opposed to Fosun International Logo). Practice notes provide for the acquisition of the permit-free “small capital”, extensively describe the flow of capital, explain the practical placement paths and finally arrive at the financial communications as a means of acquiring successful investor. Meeting date: Thursday, April 23, 2009, 10.00 to 17.00 in the Clarion Parkhotel Gottingen save you is for the future of your company or the companies advised by you so important information tab in the framework of the independent corporate finance and book your place in our compact seminar today. Extensive documentation and specialist brochures, lunch breaks drinks/pastries are included! Reserve now by phone at 0551 / 99964-241 (contact person: Mrs Orlowicz) or book right away with the registration form for a special price on the website:. For further information we refer financing in addition to our book”, that appeared as volume 6 the Handelsblatt middle class library.


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