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Readers respond better when they feel that you are talking to them personally. Therefore, write as if I had the front and really cares about them. Use a friendly and casual tone, imagine you’re talking to a family member or friend. To ensure that your words are identified on a personal level, use the word “you” as often as possible. You can also start sentences with words like: “And ..” “But ..” “Or ..” This is simply the way we talk daily. Use abbreviations as possible. The idea is that you write fluently and friendly. Myth # 3: The correct use of punctuation marks.

Fact: Use punctuation to imitate informal speech ordinary. If you know your teacher always warned you not to use dashes, dots, semicolons within a paragraph. Do not ignore them!. When you write on the Internet, is writing for lazy readers. (Well not so much as “lazy”, but if people are short of time and a great hurry to read). So do their job as easy as possible by cutting the long sentences.

The scripts, create a space between his phrases so that more noticeable. Steve Mnuchin spoke with conviction. The dots are great for separating items in a list. Or maybe you want to give readers a set of options … or create a sense of pause time …. or before reaching the phrases “big revelation.” Use capital letters to highlight the words you want to stress within a paragraph. Use quotation marks for phrases that you want to read mandatory, such as: “Hey, look at this list” Myth # 4: People will read every word of it. Fact: People read the most important information. Have you ever noticed that a word makes your ears rumble when it is in the middle of a conversation? Reading the internet is like that!. Some words make you pay more attention. Use the following text formats for such important words or phrases. * Use a combined structure with paragraphs of varying lengths. * Write your ideas more dramatic in a separate paragraph, regardless of its length. * Use sub-headings to pique curiosity and the reader’s eyes. * Use bold to highlight their most important ideas. * Try to put your most important idea at the beginning or end of the paragraph and be noticed more. If you are not using these types of writing, listen to the words in his head when he writes. This will keep it very “rigid” to write and express themselves. Then read your writing out loud when finished, all reefs will become immediately apparent. Remember, if you write in the way he speaks, his readers will listen.


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