Wireless Flash Memory

I will not give a specific list of "hardware", which is located in phone, and in a simplified way to tell how it all works, so that did not arise in our confusion and all sorts of crazy stories. Hardware On the hardware level it is important to know what is really the phone has two processors: ARM-processor which operating system controls the Infineon SGOLD 2 which is responsible for working with the GSM network (it is called a radio modem, baseband, gsm-modem, bb). The first processor (we call it CPU) actually is the heart of the phone, he is responsible for operating system (by the way, your phone and actually works almost real MacOS X), he is responsible for absolutely all of your applications. The second processor (we call him baseband, abbreviated as BB) is responsible for communication of the phone: GSM, EDGE / GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth. Like the CPU, it also has some sort of operating system, which consists of several components: boot loader (bootloader), flash (firmware) and eeprom (the data).

All that stuff is stored in a special memory card (Intel Wireless Flash Memory, separate chip on the motherboard), it is called NOR flash. Software And now let's talk about more things close to us – the software. If you look at the previous section, it becomes clear that the phone has two types of programs: for CPU and BB. The phone has it all falls through software package, commonly referred to as firmware. There is usually confusion and there is a first, so this time we consider in more detail. More info: David Rogier.