Protection Plan Andalusian

Rental of flats with an option to purchase is a type of sale that offers the possibility of acquiring a property after a while rented, so that monthly payments that are paid in rent will be deducted from the price of housing at the time of purchase. Usually, in this type of contract, the term of rent ranges between 3 and 5 years. The main advantage of this option for the buyer is that the payments that are being carried out during the life of the lease will not a deaf ears. Thus, the tenant does not lose the money invested during the lease, but it is part of the final price of the property. This type of contract is valid both in new construction, and floors from eBay, and also in social housing. In the case of social housing is convenient to check the regulations in this regard in the community in which we find ourselves, because many of them: Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid.

This modality of purchase sales is encouraging. House of official Protection Plan Andalusian of housing, for example, fixed state aid of 40% of the price of the rent during the first two exercises, while from the second to the seventh year there is a 20% regional aid. If after seven years the tenant decides to buy the property, will be calculated as payment 50% of the paid until then. Lease with option to purchase the contract itself is similar to any lease. The difference is that it includes an additional clause in which the terms of the purchase option are fixed: price, deadlines, charges, granting of public deed and expenses and taxes. Stakeholders, therefore, have signed a joint agreement in which the landlord or homeowner yields in leasing your property for a stipulated time period and guarantees to the tenant who can acquire it in the terms that it secure the contract.

Additional Income

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Lismi Act

Lismi Act adopted in 1982 is the first dedicated exclusively to disability law. Although there is still long way to go and much work to full compliance with the law lismi in society. There are many areas in our society who do not comply and systematically violated and nobody does so it can meet. It should provide appropriate mechanisms to enforce the law lismi in different areas of society. In schools and universities still do not have adapted for people who have some kind of disability as people who have difficulty with movement. In some schools with universities is very difficult that a person who has a disability of movement and have to navigate in a wheelchair can do so. The classrooms are formed type film, where the impossibility of introducing a wheelchair makes that people with this kind of disability have to sit in secluded places and little attractive to be able to integrate with the rest of his teammates. The libraries are not adapted to persons with disability, since many of them are historical where you have not made investment to integrate an elevator to gain access to upper floors to people requiring help from a forklift platform. Neither ascent ramps so that wheelchairs can access centers, reading, libraries or universities. The development of the law lismi for the integration of the most disadvantaged who want to integrate into the society is important.

Mira Este Video Business

Training. In order to have results in the internet business is required to be in continuous training, continuing education, always fill in information such as view the webinars, internet business seminars to attend, joining a group of internet business, create alliances, create mastermains, integrate some private business club, see teleseminar and this is continuing education on business since each day is required to be updated by the changes of laws and policies that are from different companiesnew techniques and technologies that emerge on the internet and must learn and continue learning, training of what happens business over the internet and that is why most people fail because they are not trained, not learn skills, do not invest in their education, their training, the development of your business, and this is the basis of the success of the internet business, then to have results by internet Capacitate Implementacion. Well now you have focus and you have training the following is pass to action and therefore everything I’ve learned now is question of deploying it, do what you’ve learned, apply what you’ve learned in your business over the internet, because it is no good that you’ve focused and trained if you don’t apply what you’ve learned, then implementalo to help you achieve results by internet, and every day you learn something apuntalowrite it, he takes notes on what has been learned, one of the secrets of people who have great results is because they take notes because there emerge new ideas, thoughts, solutions and therefore your creceras and you’ll be in another level of development of your business on the internet, believe me this work in business on the internet and have results takes time and the results will not be overnight overnight, but if you apply these 3 fundamental aspects, if you’re steady, persevering, patient, hard working and realistic results are going to arrive sooner or later but are going to arrive, then the important thing is that you are going to do with that they learned and that is Implementalo focus-Capacitate-Implemen now Da ta Click Y Mira Este Video believe these 3 approach, training and implementation aspects are those who disclaim the way of the success of your business online, and it must give value and very take encuenta these 3 fundamental aspects and not quit lightly. If you was this information useful you can share across social networks via the buttons Facebook, Twitter and more, as well as I would love to hear your feedback at the end of the article, without more by the time but much to offer I say goodbye to you Luis Flores until then… To your success!