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Mining Museum. Hall of the Museum of Mining. The Rehilete Museum: a place to learn while having fun, built in 1997. Its name evokes a popular Mexican toy that comes alive in the wind. The museum is divided into five rooms: Science, Art, Technology, More on Science and World. All specially designed for children to explore, experiment and discover the basic principles of scientific knowledge and art. The tour includes the Archaeological trail “to see the most representative pieces of Mesoamerican cultures, and Botanical bringing together the main cacti Hidalgo state. Also in the room explained Dale March and shows the inner workings of an engine. Other educational and recreational spaces of Rehilete are projection rooms, computer and virtual reality, video library, Internet service and a shop advertising.Address: Mexico-Pachuca Km 84.5, Pachuca de Soto-Hidalgo Mining Museum of Pachuca is located nineteenth century building, which was the location of the boxes of San Rafael. It has two exhibition areas, a public library and newspaper archive, a photo lab, providing a comprehensive overview of the historical development of mining in Pachuca and Real del Monte. Blanket over 1,800 linear feet of documents, 10,000 graphics, numerous tools and equipment rescued from oblivion, the same that are used to reconstruct the history of mining in the region from 1556 to 1967. Also kept the original documents of social revolt organized by workers in 1776, an event which is the main antecedent of strikes in Mexico. Also shown is the first miners’ union banner of Pachuca, founded in 1934. Address: Calle de Mina 10, Colonia Centro.Regional Museum of History of Hidalgo: The journey begins with the presentation of natural areas and the exhibition of fossils and prehistoric objects, like a mammoth jaw, utensils of clay, bone and obsidian and figures of men, animals and trees cut in stone. This section also plotted the domain area that had the Huasteca and Aztec cultures, also referred to the archaeological discoveries in the area of Tula. The second room “Roberto Weitlaner”, shows the splendor of the colonial era. Here we look at the places of Catholic evangelization and artistic pieces of that historical period. In the last environment “Cesar Lizardi, beautiful carvings are displayed in gilded wood, wrought iron utensils, religious objects, silver and oil paintings, among other artistic representations of New Spain. Address: Calle Arista 200, Colonia Centro. National Museum of Photography: Opened in 1984 lets you know the history of photography.Another aspect that is found in its rooms, are the physical and chemical principles that allow the world to perpetuate an image of a simple paper. The museum has a selection of stereoscopic viewers, old vaults, its historical evolution, their parts and the tools needed for digital photos and images. The samples were supplemented with a mosaic of images related to important events in Mexico, and impressive collections of famous contemporary photographers. Beside the museum is the Library of the National Institute of Anthropology and History. Founded in 1976, retains 900.000 images, being the largest photographic collection of country. His legacy includes the Casasola. Historical Museum: it consists of a chamber installed in the stairwell of the legislative branch, located in the Civic Center of the State Congress. Among its collection gathers mostly photographs and original documents, and is divided into: National History and History of the State.Mineralogy Museum: more than 1,200 mineral samples from the region and the world, are the greatest treasure of its divisions, in which are seen, too, some fossils found in the state of Hidalgo. All parts are displayed in a delicate float glass shelves made of a special procedure. These were manufactured in the era of Porfirio Diaz, that is for the government of Porfirio D az (1876-1910). Address: Abasolo 200, Colonia Centro, Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo. At the premises of the Autonomous University of Hidalgo. Planetarium of the City of Pachuca: The planetarium is located on the Mexico-Pachuca, km 84.5, where you can admire the wonders of macro and microcosm through projections and specific explanations concerning our universe in a comfortable room with a capacity 80 people, the same building that occupies a 11-meter circular diameter.


For Amilcar Alejandro Peniche Twilight is a romantic vampire story, which is based on the famous novel by Stephenie Meyer, as the film was expected to attract many women, fulfilled what was expected to make 70.55 million dollars in theaters United States during the weekend. Twilight debuted in Torreon on Thursday 20 November, the premiere took place in 2 hours, 10 and 12 pm, the two functions were completely filled, as well as the premiere in all other cinemas in the city. The film crushed the competition, including the Walt Disney animated movie, Bolt, who also on a weekend had reached 27 million dollars, but that does not compare. The premiere of Twilight was the second best of the year after The Dark Knight, which in its first weekend reached 158 million. As each new Harry Potter, the Twilight premiere had caused anxiety among the fans of the series of novels, for example here at the girls and their mothers. Many fans camped since a day before the world premiere Monday in Los Angeles, and hundreds of exhibits of Twilight were for 12 of the night ended quickly.The majority of the public who saw the film were women and 55 percent were under age 25. The film’s director, Catherine Hardwicke, said he attended a screening of the film on Saturday afternoon and a lady about thirty years, he said he had seen the movie eight times. With this the film turned out to be a success, and there is still time for this in theaters. Here we let the short movie to see who believe …

The four chronicles,

The four chronicles, in Room Tarradellas Palace of the Generalitat of Catalonia. T feet is the son of the lawyer Josep Mestres i T feet and Maria Puig i Guerra, daughter of a family of Catalan politicians. The profession of his father and his mother’s family relationships with members of the Catalan political life led to a liberal environment for the artist’s childhood.T feet always has emphasized that the confrontation between the anticlericalism of his father and the orthodox Catholicism of his mother took him to a personal search for a new spirituality, which he found in Eastern philosophies and religions, especially Zen Buddhism . According to his own admission, her artistic woke with a Christmas number of the magazine D’Ac i d’All of 1934, which provided an extensive overview of international modern art. One of the events that marked his life was his convalescence from tuberculosis at age 18, a circumstance that made him rethink the meaning of life and their vocation, as during her recovery is intensely devoted to drawing. Febrile states suffered caused his frequent hallucinations that would be central to the development of his work.During his stay in the sanatorium of Puig d’Olena (1942-1943) took refuge in music and literature (Ibsen, Nietzsche, Thomas Mann), and made copies of Van Gogh and Picasso. He combined his law studies University of Barcelona, which had begun in 1943 with her passion for art. Finally opted for the paint and dropped out in 1946. A self-taught, only briefly studied at the Academy of Nolasc Valls. His first painting studio installed him in Barcelona in 1946. In 1948 he was one of the founders of the movement known as Dau al Set, associated with Surrealism and Dadaism. The leader of this movement was the Catalan poet Joan Brossa and, with T feet included Modest Cuixart, Joan-Josep Tharrats, Joan Pon , Arnau Puig and Juan Eduardo Cirlot. The group lasted until 1956. T ‘early works were framed feet into the surreal, but soon changed his style, becoming one of the leading exponents of informality.Representative of the “paint mater, T feet materials used in their works that are not considered artistic, but recycling or waste, such as string, paper or marble dust. In 1948 he first exhibited his work in the October Salon I of Barcelona, showing two works of 1947: Painting and gluing. That year he met Joan Mir , one of the most beloved artists. In 1949 participated in the exhibition One aspect of the young Catalan painting at the French Institute of Barcelona, where he saw Eugeni d’Ors, who invited him to VII Hall of Eleven, in Madrid (1950). In 1950 he made his first solo exhibition at Galeries Laietanes of Barcelona, where she restated in 1952. Scholarship from the French Institute, traveled to Paris (1950), where he set out in the international competition Carnegie of Pittsburgh, where he met Picasso. In 1950 he was selected to represent Spain at the Venice Biennale, where he took several times.In 1953 he exhibited in Chicago and Madrid, this year the dealer Martha Jackson held an exhibition in New York, making him known in America. The same year he won first prize in the Jazz Hall of Barcelona and met the critic Michel Tapie, advisor Stadler Gallery in Paris, where he exhibited in 1956 and several times since. was one of the founders of the group “Ta ll in 1955, with Modest Cuixart, Joan-Josep Tharrats, Marc Aleu, Josep Guinovart, Jordi and Jaume Muxart Mercad . That year he was awarded at the Third Hispano-American Biennial in Barcelona, and exhibited in Stockholm Tharrats, presented by Salvador Dal .In 1958 he was special room at the Venice Biennale, and won the Carnegie Prize and the UNESCO Prize. In 1960 he participated in the “New Spanish Painting andSculpture at MoMA in New York. Since then made presentations in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, New York, Washington, Bern, Munich, Bilbao, Buenos Aires, Hannover, Caracas, Zurich, Rome, St. Gallen, Cologne, Kassel, London, Cannes, etc., and received awards in Tokyo (1960 ), New York (1964) and Menton (1966). In 1967 he entered the orbit of the dealer Aim Maeght and exhibited at the Mus e d’Art Moderne in Paris (1973), New York (1975) and the Fondation Maeght (1976). In the 1970s his work took on a greater political tinge, claims and Catalan opposition to Franco’s regime, usually with words and signs on the tables, as the four bars of the Catalan flag (the Catalan spirit, 1971).Such activism also led to actions such as closure of the Capuchin Sarri to form a democratic union of students (1966) and Montserrat in the march to protest the process of Burgos (1970), for which he was imprisoned for a short space of time. Since then he has made numerous personal exhibitions or anthological: Tokyo, 1976, New York, 1977, Rome 1980, Amsterdam, 1980, Madrid, 1980, Venice 1982, Milan, 1985 Vienna, 1986, Brussels, 1986 MNCARS, Madrid, 2000 Pavilion Micovna Royal Garden of Prague, 1991, MOMA, New York, 1992 Guggenheim Museum, New York, 1995, Kirin Art Space Harajuku, Tokyo, 1996, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, 1997. The work of Antoni T feet stated in the major museums of modern art in the world.

Venture capital and

Venture capital and development of risk capital can serve as a tool for economic development, supporting start-up ventures and smaller companies trying to grow. But instead of focusing on the element of risk attached to such investment, should focus more on its catalytic role as entrepreneurial capital. In Latin American and Caribbean countries with less developed financial sectors, venture capital plays a key role in facilitating access to finance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), stimulating an entrepreneurial culture, create jobs and improve corporate governance and standards of corporate accounting. Giving support to venture capital funds in countries in the region can bring a range of benefits including financial and marketing knowledge of the new investors, and patent protections that may be helpful for business during the critical years growth and expansion.What is clear is that by promoting this industry, a set of other actions begins to unfold: support to entrepreneurs, improvement in the legal and regulatory improvements in business climate, capital market development, among many other benefits. The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) Inter-American Development Bank, the industry pioneer in the region, injecting capital in about 40 funds at present. When the MIF invests in these funds, seeks to attract other investors who may be new to the industry but they can rely on the expertise of MIF in the area. This results in the much sought after attraction of capital from local sources and external to the region.The MIF has also been a leader in investment in sectors not previously known to the market, such as environmental funds, clean technologies and renewable energy Equally important has been the MIF active cooperation with public and private sector regarding regulatory changes, to make markets in the region more attractive to international investors and local private sector. The MIF approved the granting of funding to the Latin American Venture Capital (LAVCA), which will work with other venture capital associations in the region to assist them in making needed changes in the legal and regulatory environment to improve business climate.

Commercial Engineering Commercial

Commercial Engineering Commercial Engineering applies the knowledge of basic mathematics, calculus, statistics, quantitative methods, operations research, economics, administration, finance and marketing for the solution of social and organizational problems, thus becomes a discipline with a great scope and comprehensive for the vast amount of knowledge engineer acquires Commercial Engineering’s career although he was born in Chile, was spreading throughout Latin America, there universities that offer career, in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Colombia and Argentina). “The Business Administrator is a professional in the area of economics and social skills in bringing together Strategic Management and Operational Management with emphasis in Marketing and Business, applying quantitative methods for their work.In Strategic Management, for leading the company into the long term, developing an understanding of macro and microentono of an organization, is an agent of change and a creator by nature of competitive advantage, developing corporate strategies, business and functional. Operational Management, which is supported by the economy, administration, psychology, human resources, financial, qualitative and quantitative methods of measurement. Marketing is an expert in strategic and operational, that market-based work, and to use marketing tools.It’s a Business Manager, because it brings together the skills needed to create new enterprises based on the implementation of business plans based on market opportunities and innovation. ” SC CIC-administered areas of the company you should be a Commercial Engineer: CEO , Directory, General Manager Human Resources, Finance, Marketing: Management Control O Controller, Marketing Research, Production, in relation to cooperate with the design, value added and after sales service, advisory or consulting. Ingenier a Comercial could call the race the future, for countries that are at the stage of underdevelopment, as through the sales engineers is that they can not only create new enterprises but also to undertake the existing ones.It’s a race widespread in Latin America, where there are major media figures who have been trained under this title, filling positions such as Minister of Finance, Finance or Central Bank President (Chile). Usually the race is pivot to the PhD in Economics. At University of Chile, there are two entries, the Economy and Administration who have their internal subdivisions.


Process management is how to manage the entire organization based in the Process. In tending such as a sequence of activities designed to generate added value on a ticket to get a result and an output which in turn meets the customer’s requirements. CHARACTERISTICS OF PROCESSES You can describe the inputs and outputs. The process crosses one or more functional organizational boundaries. One of the significant features of the processes is that they are capable of vertically and horizontally across the organization. It takes about goals and purposes rather than actions and remedies. A process answers the question “what”, not “how”. The process must be easily understood by anyone in the organization. The name assigned to each process should be suggestive of the concepts and activities included in it. KEY WORDS Some terms related to Process Management, which are required to take into account to facilitate their identification, selection and subsequent definition are: Process: Set of interrelated resources and activities that transform inputs into output elements.Resources may include personnel, finance, facilities, equipment, techniques and methods. Key processes are those processes that have a significant impact on strategic objectives and are critical to business success. Threads: they are well-defined parts in a process. Their identification may be useful to isolate problems that may arise and possible treatments within a single process. System: Organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement a particular management, such as quality management, environmental management or the management of occupational risk prevention. They are usually based on an internationally recognized standard that aims to serve as a management tool in the underwriting process. Procedure: specified way to carry out an activity.In many cases the procedures are in documents that contain the object and scope of activity, to be made and by whom, when, where and how they must perform, that materials, equipment and documents to be used and as should be monitored and recorded. Activity: is the sum of tasks, usually grouped together in a procedure to facilitate its management.


There once was a penguin named Otto. It was a beautiful and very young penguin who lived shut up in his own world.I could always hall rsele away from others, his thoughts on the North Pole and not just because they walked clueless, literally had the thought there: I had always dreamed he would be happier if I lived there, among other things, not knowing that the Pole North was as cold as your current place, and he wanted heat. Otto did not usually do anything that the other penguins usually did not hunt, nor were most of his time in nearly frozen water. Anna was a baby seal, he spent most of his time sleeping in ice cave that was his home where his mother still was who was awaiting his meal. Anna knew her instincts and was saying that soon the care of his mother would disappear, and was preparing for the moment at which it would behoove be alone. By their nature, and despite his young age, Anna was big and strong, as white as snow and very beautiful.The warmth that gave him the care of his mother would always steeped in memory. Days passed and the morning he would leave his cave Anna arrived. That day she woke up happy and began his journey. As it moved began to see the penguins, other seals, sea lions, a walrus, calling his attention all these flocks until their eyes met Otto, who as usual, stood apart, lost in itself and with its eyes turned to heaven. Anna did not understand much what happened to him, just had a feeling that pleased him so much as to be near her mother and thereafter his attention could not be for anyone else. Anna, thanks to what it meant to be close to the penguin who did not know his name, as an impulse opted to stay close to him and watch him.During those days, Anna did not want to grow bigger, in fact it was a seal different from the others but would not be so different from him. Otto for his part, had not been aware of the existence of the seal. Tired of looking at it, Anna took courage and a day to enter into a separate world that she had understood that the penguin was strange, then approached and asked: – What’s your name He, distant, replied: “Otto She, surprised, exclaimed, “Ohhh! Your name and my name are the same! He, without changing any aloofness asked – no matter for what She said: “They are the same because your name and mine read the same way forward and backward Anna was very important for this, which prompted her to be more with him, while Otto had forgotten the comment. The life of Otto and Anna began to join, more for the latter’s insistence that what he had wished, in fact for the penguin, the seal was one more and he still lived alone in his world. Suddenly and without much thought, friends began the ride of their lives, Anna just wanted to be next to Otto, and he took advantage of this to go not only to seek the North Pole, which was the reason for which he lived.

Sculptures exempt

Copy of the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius on the Capitoline Hill as new understanding that were not part of a building, statues and the like, were mostly destroyed during the barbarian invasion or Christian reconstruction. The marble was burned for lime and cast bronze for other purposes (eg ammunition). A rare example of a piece that survives is the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, dated about 161-180. Legend has it that the conduct of the emperor fought impressive piece of destruction. Although actually escaped destruction at the hands of Christians because they mistook him for the Emperor Constantine who converted to Christianity was imposed as the official religion of the empire. The statues were commonly placed in temples, public baths or the forum of the city (the social and commercial center of it).

Sports and sports

Sports and sports Main article: Sports in Barcelona Sagrada Familia The Mile takes place on a street circuit around the Temple of the Sagrada Familia. Port Olimpic. Barcelona is an eminently sports, both for physical activities and to see first-class sporting events. The city, which hosted the 1992 Olympics, is equipped with a comprehensive network of municipal sports facilities, coupled with private institutions, facilitate the practice of physical exercise. Recent studies citation needed Barcelona is the European city with more practitioners of sport and the second in the world after Boston (USA). Furthermore, the topography of the city, its climate, and local politics to create bike lanes has proliferated the use of bicycles as transport vehicle. Also common is the use of roller skates, especially in the Olympic Village and Old City, where there are different “skateparks.The fact that Barcelona is a maritime city also makes the sea and beaches and entertainment sport, enabling play different sports on the sand. Moreover, the opening of the Olympic Port and the refurbishment of the Old Port, in 1992, and the recent inauguration of the new marina at San Adrian de Besos, in the area of Forum 2004, has promoted the practice of aquatic sports. Moreover, the city offers the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports competitions in the street. The most popular are the Race of the English Court (with an average of 60,000 participants per year), the Carrera de la Merced, Firefighters Race, Race Jean Bouin, the Barcelona Marathon, la Milla Sagrada Fam lia, the San Silvestre Barcelonesa The bike festival, the Trans-Port de Navidad, or the Feast of the skates. Furthermore, in the summer months, various sports competitions are organized on the beaches of the City.

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