Live Communications

Identify potential tools use given of the alarming results of the present meta-analysis of the TuV Rheinland company are required, their target groups, as well as your strengths and weaknesses know better to learn and to adapt more to the wishes and needs of its applicants or employees. Formulated claims and lived reality should be matched. DOM SET creative director Oliver malate emphasizes this: a profile should be developed for the employer brand, which the company can also meet. Therefore successful employer branding is always very specific type of business. “Works best if it is consistently communicated through all available channels and implemented the employer position: inside and outside.” The need is well recognized, but scarce resources prevent many firms from, their employer brand to systematically develop. DOM SET live communication and the TuV Rheinland imagine now a jointly developed strategy Kit with the employer branding check, which supports companies in their brand process to shorten, to identify existing potentials to develop suitable brand values and effective to develop individual employer branding measures. White paper now request the full White Paper Employer Branding”by DOM SET and TuV Rheinland with all results can be requested free of charge from now on: employerbrandingstudie. Professor of British History shines more light on the discussion.

DOM DOM SET Live Communications is an owner-managed Agency for live communication with headquarters in Cologne. The creative hotbed in events, incentives and team-building has made a particular name. More focus in strategic communications, ranging from off site meetings to guerrilla marketing and trade show events. DOM SET combines the long-standing operational and consultative expertise in the industry for meetings, incentives, congresses and events (MICE) in the MICE Consulting Division. This advises national and international destinations, locations and MICE service provider with a strategic marketing focus. From November the Cologne initiate a new network format as innovative community – and business-oriented educational event online portal ( in addition with the MICE Club included. More information under: TuV Rheinland TuV Rheinland is a leading independent TuV with more than 140 years of tradition. In the group, 16,000 people working at 500 locations in 65 countries.

You generate an annual turnover of Euro 1.4 billion. The independent experts are available for quality and safety of person, environment, and technology in almost all areas of life. TuV Rheinland examines technical equipment, products and services, is involved in projects and processes for companies. The experts to train people in many professions and industries. About TuV Rheinland has a global network of accredited laboratories, testing and Training centres. Since 2006, TuV Rheinland is member in the Global Compact of the United Nations for greater sustainability and anti-corruption. More information under: hr development Kerstin men

Change In Plans For The Insolvency Law

Bankruptcy what now? -The Federal Government is planning a shortening of good behaviour period in Germany towards the remaining debts worth months 6-12 in England still? Berlin, 09.06.2011 even if the number of bankruptcies due to positive economic development is currently slightly decreasing, there is according to Creditreform no good news especially for the bankruptcies. So still 13,000 business leaders and consumers face in Germany on average each month the German Insolvenzrichter.Die estimated total debt this amounted for example in March 2011 to EUR 2.4 billion (StatBA). More than 113,000 businesses are at risk of insolvency. The resulting risk of subsequent bankruptcies is not even discussed at this stage. The consequences of insolvency in Germany are usually long-term incapacity for entrepreneurs and private individuals (restricted legal capacity and Schufa entries).

The resulting burden for the social system have prompted the Federal Government to the Topic in detail to reconsider bankruptcy terms. Already several years making shorter and usually also simplified proceedings in other EU countries (England / France) possibilities legislation due to the EU. These are through different judgments of the BGH acknowledged (E.g. BGH IX ZB 51/00, as well as EU Regulation No 1364/2000). Unfortunately clouded the anticipation that such, compared, uncomplicated procedure with new legislation in Germany, would be possible. Only the period in the period of good behavior is discussed. The debtor must pass through unaltered but usually unsuccessful debt adjustment proceedings in Germany. There, until the proceedings at all is allowed years often.

This is still the record in the file of the Schufa, which represents a serious problem for the new home for many years (often 3-6 years after the bankruptcy). The thing in England, for example, behaves differently: who creates the conditions for a life in England, has the Ability to open its insolvency under English law with immediate effect (see also judgment 1383/07 High Court). This procedure leads already after a short time at the beginning of good behaviour period leading months usually after 6-12 to the remaining debts, without entry in the German register of debt. It is even possible to exercise self-employment during the period of good behavior. The fear of the step to England”is completely unfounded. Agencies such as (ABC financial concepts Ltd.) accompany the entire process. From registration to social security, health insurance, home search etc. to the interview with the bankruptcy judge every step is preplanned and supervised locally. This allows even a slew of procedures for persons without appropriate language skills. Typically, this step already from 20.000,-euro debt sum worth. The debtor should be a free consultation service, where each step is shown him. In this conversation can without risk, it be decided whether his debt situation that is suitable. Fee-based offerings will be warned. Unfortunately, many consultants have”appropriated an often superficial knowledge, with which they in Germany fees account. The candidate stood but then in England alone.

Offset Printing A Versatile, Effective Printing

Informed In the age of digital media enjoy the Fatyela Druck GmbH from Cologne tangible books, business cards or brochures of are still very popular. The Cologne Fatyela Druck GmbH describes the emergence of impressive printed in the offset printing process. Offset printing is an indirect process of flat printing. It features a special variety of printable materials while at the same time faster and more cost-efficient production compared to other printing methods. Offset printing in daily newspaper, as well as in the packaging, books and opportunity pressure finds a wide distribution.

Of the newspaper, about the milk bag up to the refined business stationery, offset printing is a good quality and economic choice, with about two-thirds of all printed products are produced. Offset printing has developed from lithography, a classic flat printing invented by Alois Senefelder in 1796. Simultaneous, independent development efforts in the United States and Germany led at the beginning of the 20th century to the emergence of offset paper. Starting point of each printing process is the production of the printing form. Here, the desired content is transmitted on the pressure plate. Nowadays this is done manually, but through automated processes, deliver content directly from the computer on the plate. Printing forms for offset printing can be produced faster and cheaper than those for high – or low-pressure processes.

The offset printing process based on the liquid attraction of different materials. An offset printing plate has hydrophilic and lipophilic areas. The hydrophilic part attracts water, holding it, and can not be wetted by colors. In contrast, the lipophilic parts reject water, but hold color. The combination of the two properties in a printing plate allows to distribute colours only on the lipophilic areas and reach an exact control of the colour impression. The offset is implemented by first wet the hydrophilic portions of the pressure plate with water be following the lipophilic areas with color.

International Art Festival Potsdam

from August 19 to 21.08.2011, directly at the sacred Lake of art is deep, colorful, hot, pure, wild, sometimes political, sometimes dramatic, also hopeful, leading the way, engaged, always rewarding, sometimes irritating. Art is a mirror image of our own, permanent visions, a light, a dollop, a mountain, an ocean. Art enriches our lives. Art is rich. And: without art, everything would be equal. But art has a hard time in Germany.

And, although the creative economy again and again as a location factor and driving force is summoned. The annual income of artists in Berlin-Brandenburg is according to Ver.di average below 11,000 euros! The society needs not art? Is art even useless decoration, isolated luxury goods for a few? Slightly used, slightly understandable for the general public? How to communicate art, what should art, which has significance in the society and why is elementary and indispensable for the development of a humane world? The art alley sees itself as an active contribution dedicated to the artists with the following Objective, the perception of art, the artists and their concern to sustainably strengthen and improve in the public. The art as reflector of social and global conditions, tensions and conflicts, but also as a visionary innovator and free guide needs a wide acceptance and support. Do we want to encounter rooms”. Exchange and communication between artists and art businesses allow and encourage. We want to create a presentation and meeting forum just young or unknown artists.

We practice communication between art and society: art leaves the reserves, leaving the safe refuge of galleries, museums, studios and workshops and returns to its source. Art meets society. Free, open and direct. The art Alley is open to everyone. Admission is free for everyone. And it should remain so. The Avenue of the arts is the international open air art exhibition in the State capital of Potsdam. It is Visual initiative Artists and the art companions Potsdam e.V. Association. On the Avenue of the arts, approximately 50 national and international artists show a unique wide range: photography, painting, sculpture, installation and performance art. This art event will take place for the first time over a whole weekend of August 19 to 21.08.2011. This year the art alley, a colourful and joyful program from art, music, party, meeting, and atmosphere makes a special highlight in the arts & culture calendar. More information and program content under: author: Steffen Brunner

Funds Tax

Tax optimized until in old age many advantages of foreign policies 2010 had 27 million or one-third of all private households in Germany about a custody account at a total value of over 780 billion euros. Mutual funds, which make up about half of the investments in the portfolios are particularly popular. (Source: Bundesverband of deutscher Banken). The downside: Classic securities are subject to not only the 25% withholding tax plus solidarity and church tax. Often, high front-end, custody and transaction costs reduce the yield.

In many cases, there are also overpriced and often yield weak in-house funds in these accounts. In particular for long-term wealth accumulation, investment policies of Liechtenstein offer a tax-optimised, economical and customizable alternative. This life – and pension insurance with capital voting rights meet not only the German tax and other legal requirements, but also offer a variety of other benefits. Withholding tax free Capital construction – free choice of the plant from a single premium of 50.000,-can be drawn to such investment policy. The premium is invested by the insurance in accordance with selection of the policyholder. It to the public distribution of approved funds and ETFs available to everybody. Of course this can be changed at any time.

For capital gains, interest and dividends to stay off immediately tax-free. Profits can be tax-free realized and reinvested back – the compound interest effect comes to the fore. When withdrawals from a maturity of 12 years and final age 60 the semi-income system will be applied. In the case of a retirement budget revenue share taxation. In the death of the insured person, payments to beneficiaries are Einkommensteuerfrei. Low cost higher earnings potential the depots shall be conducted basically low-cost direct banks and fund platforms. Innovative services write any front-end, as well as annual kickbacks Funds the customer deposit good. As part of the ongoing insurance costs can be covered depending on the portfolio composition already.

Mass Newsletters Advertising

District Court Weilheim: Attorney contract is void stirrings of we have expressed us, what to keep is by unsolicited ‘information letter’, which en masse to send various law firms. We have pointed out among other things here, that such circulars can be problematic. They have, even if they are mostly as neutral, often exclusively commercial character. The people is suggested in the form of a survey, one is interested in their experiences and could also help – if necessary. Regularly also own creates the need by about impending limitation of damages is pointed out. Check with Lord Peter Hennessy to learn more.

District Court Weilheim: Attorney contract is null and void! By judgment of the 09.07.2012 District Court Weilheim rejected (legally) the claim of a firm, which claimed the payment of remuneration by an investor in a film fund. The mandate was achieved through one of these mass writing that currently fill the mailboxes of investors; However, these come not only from Lawyers but also investor protection community, associations and similar entities. The Court justified the dismissal of the action so that the mandate by illegal advertising was established. Section 43B BRAO (Federal lawyer rules) prohibits advertising a job individually. Exactly what happened as a result that sent a letter to many shareholders of a Fund, it was pointed to a looming Statute of limitations and other information should be interested in. “From the wording of the letter itself () and of further action” it was clearly apparent that here should be the establishment of a mandate, the Court ruled. That will made also through participation in a community of interests there planned not in question, on the contrary.

Serious consequences for the affected investors threaten! Stirrings of, courts had to deal with the advertising practice of lawyers. This prompted the Rechtsanwaltskammer Munchen to among other things to point out. It is not so important, that the respective Lawyers here have committed a breach of professional rules, harm the reputation of lawyers or have the clients not to pay the compensation.

Investment Portfolio Through Participation

Contribution of the target investment already achieved; Fund investment promises profits Wurzburg, 27.09.2011. The management sets new characters of luximo Holding AG, under whose roof is the merger of several fund companies. So, luximo holding founder & Chairman Slobodan Cvetkovic has realigned a portion of the Fund’s investment strategies and specializes in particular, to assist companies in growth phases. We also not too bad are we to consider even minor participation where the institutional VC funds refrain, although some raisin including takes place”, said Cvetkovic. So happen at the Salzburg-based ATPL NG training GmbH, a flying school for pilot, is an investment company under the umbrella of the luximo holding through a re investments recently has involved in the.

The level of participation have disclosed the management and ATPL NG. Rights within the framework of the participation were given, but not dominant. It also doesn’t matter”, Cvetkovic says. Rather it is important that the company would be placed after careful assessment and comprehensive due diligence for an investment. For this purpose, there would be a number of reasons: a the supply of qualified flight schools would be manageable, a need but available. On the other hand the 2010 founded company already generates a positive contribution.

Do you mean: each new student brings real profit the company and therefore the capital provided is used first for marketing and sales activities, so to attract new students. You can fulfill relatively quickly and at a lower cost the dream of flying ATPL NG, than is otherwise possible in the competitive environment. So the training lasts just one year, the costs amounted to 59,500 euros. Is learned and trained with experienced pilots and instructors. There are all necessary licences for this purpose. Me also the entrepreneurial orientation of society like”, said Cvetkovic. So the shareholders of ATPL NG not only have all the necessary costs for the infrastructure and the training center they are covered, directly in the operational area included the pilot school. The shareholders could be that the Fund receives continuous distributions and the exit can be, for example, through the redemption of shares agreed with therefore.

Europe Skywalker

Dutch ECO climbing park manufacturer now also European partner for operators, investors and decision makers in the field of outdoor sports & leisure activities AMSTERDAM, Netherlands. In the course of the last few years, the Holland-based outdoor climbing park specialist of Skywalker adventure builders increasingly seeks to arouse the interest of State regional initiatives or private entrepreneurs for nature-friendly outdoor activities and also assumed a pioneering role here in European context. And our efforts pay off, clearly,”confirmed Ewout van Voorst, Managing Director of Skywalker. We have lately contact decision makers, such as regional authorities, increasingly contact us and suggest specific locations for climbing plants or forest adventure park.”all the proposed sites intensive in terms of the customer target group, expected health locally and with regard to the infrastructure of the regional authority Support checked,”assured Van Voorst. All stand cake match the criteria that are necessary for a successful and profitable operation of a commercial climbing facility.”thanks to our experience and our EU-wide connections in the industry we can, although we assume not even the role of the money in this regard, bringing together regional outdoor projects and potential investors. In the Netherlands, both in Germany.”which means, that we now can offer a range of appropriate opportunities interested parties who want to pull even the operation of a commercial climbing park in consideration, or invest in local outdoor activities in Holland and Germany,” explained Van Voorst. In some cases we are also able to provide concrete solutions to the financial side of things.” Skywalker entrepreneurs, moving for the first time to consider, to expand their business activities in the outdoor & leisure area, continues to provide a exclusive service package, which includes also business planning and human resource management in addition to expert advice.

Skywalker adventure Builder: Skywalker developed sophisticated concepts in the field of free air playgrounds/adventure parks. The company designs and builds ECO forest climbing, rope parks, climbing towers, theme parks and forest – and nature play areas. The experience of the company, the innovative design as well as the quality, safety and durability of the products make Skywalker into one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

Berlin House

The initiators in favour of domestic real estate. You have at least 2011 summarize the results of the Berlin House of analysis scope and the sales figures of the Association of closed-end Fund in the first three quarters. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB) is a years prominent provider of closed-end real estate funds with a focus on the German real estate market. Hans Gruber know the target market of Germany for years again dominated with the vendors of closed-end real estate fund”, by SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) in Aschheim near Munich. The SHB is specialized exclusively in the German real estate market and has launched a variety of funds here. A closed-end real estate fund is a participation of several investors participate in one or more real estate. There are usually the objects in advance, you can so that has convinced about the quality of the real estate fund accession.

Some acquisitions take place in the Fund. This, for example, if the possibility that investors instalments join. This diversification is achieved, which minimizes the risks of earnings. By investing the funds over several locations, tenants and occupancies, it compensates for volatility, for example, when the rental income. The newspapers mentioned Erin Callan not as a source, but as a related topic. This provides a higher level of security”, so the SHB – financial expert. Scope compared placed equity 2011 analysis in regard to the investment objectives. It resulted in a value that comes very close to that of the previous year.

2010 68.8 percent of the acquired equity accounted for German real estate funds, it has been 70.6 per cent in 2011. The proportion of real estate funds with foreign views objects so again declined, although this was anyway already very low in the rear of the year. Some phases in recent years foreign domestic real estate funds of sales had competes much. A return to the German real estate held apparently”, thinks the real estate and financial expert of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). A similar picture also result the placement figures published by the Association of closed-end real estate Fund (VGF) for the first three quarters of last year. The overall results of 2011 will be presented in a few days in the framework of the Summit of the VGF. Then equity was invested in General of 1.53 billion euros in real estate funds, over 70 percent fell in with German objects and only 30 percent on such foreign objects financed with those funds,”says SHB expert Gruber. The providers surveyed by scope in terms of the trends 2012 shows that demand will probably continue to stabilize after German real estate funds. Because over 50 percent of the German real estate is also in 2012 on the top spot. For more information,

Solar Park Investments

Turnkey photovoltaic lease projects from 2 MW activity solar GmbH offers together with its Romanian subsidiary activity energy RO s.r.l investors a solar Park stake in turnkey photovoltaic lease projects from 2 MW in Romania, as well as the ability to to participate in existing operators. While in Germany and most European countries systematically cut funding for photovoltaic systems, strong pent-up demand there is in Romania. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kenneth R. Feinberg offers on the topic.. The background is that Romania must be 20% of energy from renewable energy sources by the year 2020 as European Member country. Currently the share of renewable energy is only about 8 per cent. As an incentive for investors and investment security, the Romanian Government offers very high fees of currently 0,362 / kWh. To the 01.01.2014, the remuneration is newly adopted in Romania. It is assumed that similar to other European countries the feed-in tariff will be reduced greatly. Therefore, we are seeking to take advantage of the moment and to finish as many photovoltaic projects before the 01.01.2014.

The minimum stake is 25 thousand euro in a State-guaranteed average yield of more than 15% per year. If you are interested in an investment in Romania, you should act quickly. Currently, investors from all over the world in the market pushing. Therefore, the projects are quickly sold out. Gladly we will send a detailed expose you to your desired projects. On our Web page for an overview of our available solar Park equity investment projects from 2 MW in Romania. For enquiries team activity always available solar under our contact data is available.

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