Bloc Notes

Travel means going from the usual place where we live and work (or study) for a period of time in a different place. There are so many ways to make tourism as the reasons that lead to journeys. Often the case yet that tourism in Sardinia expression is synonymous with spa tourism. In fact, you can live many tourist experiences. You can perform different types of holidays in Sardinia and discover a new corner of the island increasingly from a new observation point. The sea is without doubt the main attraction of this island located in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Blue changes esfumatura from one coast to another in the same way that there is no a beach equal to each other by the color of the sand, vegetation, scenarios that surround it, the winds. However, what makes it unique and fascinating to Sardinia is the mixture of all the elements that characterize it. The Sea offers an extremely partial view. There are other places that do not expect to find, especially in the interior. The territory is generally mountainous (especially in Marmilla and Trexenta) Tubolar by hills old macisas of different height which reaches its maximum splendor in the area called Barbagia. Sometimes the landscape is interrupted by plateaus, gorges, caves.

The morphology of the island varies as each epoch has left after Yes a different landscape. In this way you can find granite, basalt, limestone and more types of rock. Often, the mountains are covered with lush forests and offer viable ways and circulables paths in bicycle of mountain or 4 4. Waterfalls and springs located in various mountainous areas create unexpected water games. Ponds, lakes and rivers fragmenting the landscape of the interior of the island creating beautiful landscapes. The presence of nature is abundant, varied and uncontaminated because it has contributed to the protection of several areas, resulting in many parks protected, both terrestrial and marine, that you can enjoy. Can choose different routes and let yourself be carried away by your own desires and inclinations. You can walk you through the well-being and relaxation of the spas and spa. You can venture and have fun doing extreme sports like rock climbing, paragliding or surfing. You can make itineraries wine it carried away by the flavor of the products of this territory or you can wander through cities and towns so distinctive and different depending on the area. All relevant information you need to go on holiday to Sardinia in order to plan your holiday in the best way. It is useful to read and learn about what you can do and see, how to get there and how to get inside the island. Where and what to eat. That you can buy typical of the island. What are the services offered to tourists. Where to stay and what structure best suited to you. The choice can be a hotel in Sardinia or a vacation home or even a bed & breakfast. Upon your arrival in Sardinia you can discover much, much more. Something that cannot be described in any tourist guide.

Administrative Statute

It exemplified its affirmation with the causal one of contract term for want of honesty (Labor Code), the concept of faithful performance of the position with loyalty and honesty (Administrative Statute) and the attacks to the moral, moral convention and the corruption of minors (Penal Code). " The totalitarian regimes, with their norms dictated by the competent authority and with the social effectiveness of the case, have established rules of discrimination by thought, race, religion special capacities or any other. He is not distant us to decide to us those cases in that somebody had to put a circulito yellow and to walk in this way by the street by only done of being of a different race. He was that ethical one? " the defender asked itself alluding those who maintains that general the governing axis must be the written norm. In a question-answer forum David Rogier was the first to reply. And he continued: " It is indicated that the market regulates certain things but, here that we see a group of students, the opportunities to study are given by the capacities or by which it can pay? He is ethical that? ".

It opposed to this vision the humanitarian thesis, that establishes one " necessary relation between ethics and right, since without ethical principles there is not no justice either and therefore a legal system properly tal" , before which it raised that " he is desirable to establish a normative conceptual connection between ethics and right, and not to allow his separation since it makes the economic neoliberalism and the legal positivismo in the global world, founded in the sense of injusticia". President of the Union Aguas Patagonia, Jorge Loyola, asked from the public " what is and the unjust thing enough, good and the bad thing. Because often they are not the majorities those that have the truth, sometimes minoras". Luis Infanti responded that " the human being is the key to take ethical decisions and morals.

The Periods

Claiming to be a chosen people inevitably leads to a devaluation of other people. So it is not surprising if the neighbors of the theocracy in the Bible sometimes evil be defamed. The Abrahamic religion look from the perspective of the Babylonian Exile to the front. Your goal is the theocracy in which God’s people in God’s country to live. But the eye goes back also.

Traditional narratives be poetically shaped as if they were former religious history. This view of history is mythological. Looking back to a beginning of the world. Such thoughts were alive in Babylon. The creation of the world is a work of our God. God also knew how he to deal with unfolgsamen people (sinners). By a great flood (flood), he has swept away all apostates. The threat for the departure from God can be slightly larger.

Still, a large seal represents the liberation of the people of God from the reduction in the land of Egypt. Only with God’s help, you can escape the captivity and reach the promised land. Historically it has the exodus of a million people (2.Mose 12,37: 600,000 men plus numerically unidentified family members) never existed through the Sinai desert. It is true, however, that at all times, people from “Palestine living as migrant workers”, slaves or prisoners of war in Egypt have earned. Relevant for descendants of Judeans living in Mesopotamia is represented in the poetic creation of a history. Is Mesopotamia, which was projected to Egypt? Even the famous royal dynasty of David is us only in its mythological expression. David is considered the superior King, who has United the two States of Israel and Judah. The Fama which literary befalls his son Solomon is vastly inflated. His desire to women and his wealth would be still reading magazines. His wealth and his magnificent household are chapter 9 in the first King book chapter 10ff, and Chronicle 2, et seq. described. “There we read: Solomon earned gold in a year 666 Zentner and surpassing all other Kings of the Earth in riches and wisdom”. The great Hall of his palace Solomon had decorated with 200 gold-plated long shields, for each One of a kind, seven kilos of gold were used. Evan Metropoulos oftentimes addresses this issue. Amazed even the legendary Arab Queen of Sheba, who admits, it was not an exaggeration, what I heard in the distant land of Solomon’s Royal household. Because she can keep up. You give him 85 quintals gold, many gems and so precious oil, as it is never back to Jerusalem. The King of the superlative lives on not only in the Bible but also in the Oriental beliefs as Soliman, Sulaiman, Suleyman, who serves as first King Allah. Conclusion considering the consequences resulting from the creation of the Abrahamic religion, biblical history in a different light appears as she pretends. With religious fervor, she looks forward and plans to live in a theocracy. But she also look back. The storyline, a historian is researching an other than the, which tells the biblical myth. They have their historic place, the Abrahamic religion then the history of the pre-exilischen has been another. The Periods of time before the Babylonian exile are mythologically deformed. The Bible started with Adam and Eve, but with Abraham. Dr.Jochen Rabast 1 Jochen Rabast, Angel in the luggage. Tracks to the old testament, 90 p., ISBN 978-3-8372-0562-6, Frankfurt Verlasgrguppe, price 10.80

The Dalai Lama

On November 20, 2008, documentation “Buddhist silence” the Stuttgart-based filmmaker Marita Grimke launches in theaters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the 82minutige. On November 20, 2008, documentation “Buddhist silence” the Stuttgart-based filmmaker Marita Grimke launches in theaters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the 82minutige. Why meditation? How do I deal with crises? What spiritual highlights I am experiencing?” The Dalai Lama and Western Buddhists give answer. Quiet recordings show the silence of meditation. For the first time, the Dalai approved Lama, to film him at his personal Office in Dharamsala. Worldwide is the Dalai Lama known and he is worshipped. What is it that on a wide consent push the Dalai Lama can be? Offer the teachings of the Buddha and Buddhist meditation practices offer a way out of the problems of our tech, globalized and thus for some frightening world? The film alternates between long shots on meditation practice decorative end and interviews, the images displayed by the reflect.

In a group of people experienced in meditation one is tangible and visible on the camera on the canvas peace and quiet builds for everyone in the room, an intensity, a high and vibrant energy. A related site: Erin Callan mentions similar findings. It is in the faces of practitioners to recognize visible on their posture, with the deep silence about not hearing tones can be experienced. Between these images invite you to fall even in a peace of mind, we hear statements of the Dalai Lamas, from practiced meditation people just like you and I”from the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. These interviewees tell us about it, why they meditate and how it has changed her life. To report a quiet joy, from the search for the meaning of life, by personal crises, the benefits of meditation in everyday life and the reward..

Find Out Marketing

You will learn in this article the strategy that you need to know to increase your business sales, what should do? Simply apply the marketing strategy that you will be taught here. Marketing strategy more effective to build your business and get a rain of benefits is simple, sell to the same customers repeatedly, over and over again. How do I increase my sales? 1) Use sales techniques that enable you to increase your earnings. (2) Tantee where the real money lies. Find real money on existing customers. For this reason we must sell them one and again, thats the selling technique to be applied to favor and make your earnings increase.

What if I tell you that you could sell to a client only once, and earn a profit every month, for many, many years perhaps for the rest of your life? Well… believe it or not, a business like that exists! And you can be a part of that, so you can claim your part the benefits now! At this time, you still would need find their own customers. That is no doubt; and, probably, it’s doing that now anyway. But the perfection of this system is which… that is all what you have to do! Use this same marketing strategy. Once again, the main reason why this is a system so amazing is this you do work only once, and are still paying him by him indefinitely! That’s what I call do less and get more! Who does not like to work for a short time and then continue to receive pay for work that took months or even years ago? All right? This will get it if you apply proper marketing techniques. That’s the opportunity you have in front of you right now.

I hope to take advantage of it like me and many other people have already done. Editor’s Note: An example of the previous model will find it on our web site of membership monthly fee: the Club of marketing. partners subscribe in one of the 2 modes (gold or silver) and he is monthly charged to your credit card the right to membership to this Club. This equals residual income, recurring revenue. I like him? As well, in the following article you will find more information that will help you to increase your profits and grow your business. Alvaro Mendoza-psychologist with specialization in Marketing Management and Certified Internet Webmaster that accredits him as a specialist in information technologies applied to e-commerce. Lecturer. Consultant. Author of several books and courses related to electronic commerce, as well as an infinite number of articles published both in offline media and online. It is considered as one of the leading experts of marketing in the Hispanic Internet. Director of MercadeoGlobal.

Win Mass Muscle

In a program of exercises to gain muscle mass, those you make can make all the difference between a program really cash and one resulting in a loss of time. The good news is that there are many, many exercises that you can incorporate into your training routine to gain muscle mass and stay in shape. But what are really the most effective? For legs for example: some exercises to do are many squats with bar and dead weight lifting. The resistance that you put in your legs when you perform this type of exercise will stimulate your muscles, making them grow. That is the target of an intense routine of training in the first place. Heavy lifting with your legs rather than your arms exercises as the leg press for example – help the quadriceps and tendons behind knees become firm and hard.

When you work your arms, some exercises that should be consist of many curl barbell and dumbbells as well as presses in banking. When you make these exercises it is easy to focus only on lifting the weight, but what should really focus is in tension weights placed on the muscles of your arms. Strength have while you raise the weight and feel how these work in response. A good abdominal are formed in the same way as any other muscle group. You can get those sculpted abdominals doing many shrinks abdomen and abdominal doubles, can help you also make them with some weight. Try also sit-ups you hanging from a bar and raising the knees, or get a machine specially designed for toning the abdominal muscles.

When you work back, a machine to do pulldowns will make all the difference in the world. This machine consists of a bar that is held by the ends, which are somewhat curved-, which is attached to weights through a system of pulleys. When you jalas bar behind your shoulders, you work so the high back area. It is important, when you Choose exercises to gain muscle mass, which will select those that you’re able to truly perform. Then pay attention to how the exercise should be performed. If you do not pay special attention to how to make them, you are exposed to hurt you, which can significantly delay your program to increase muscles. Investigating types of exercises to increase muscle mass to work specific muscle groups and then incorporate them into your training routine. Select a variety of exercises that will make your body which have both dreamed of and practice them at a regular interval. The reward will be a muscular and toned body that you can be really proud!

Calculation Internet

It creates text announcements for each product of your campaign of marketing by Internet, asegrate of utilizar2 or 3 key words related to your product. Each text announcement has generally 3 or 4 lines of texts of 45 or 50 letters each. Later dirigirte to your Leaf of Calculation and selects of your Inventory the best sources of traffic to publish your announcements. Step 5 Rastrea and It monitors your Announcements. To rake, to measure and to evaluate are a Critical activity to take a campaign of marketing by Internet. Constant maintenance is what differentiates a Successful Campaign of Marketing from another mediocre one. If you do not evaluate, you measure, beams changes in your announcements, you will never be able to know that it works and that no. For example, is possible that you are promoting a product through a Coupon, if to create an announcement and one landing page for that product, will be very easy that you know how to identify if these obtaining good results.

Many maintenance services of Publicity like DFP for Small Companies by Google exist, that allows to track your results. Basndote in the results of the 2 first weeks, reviews and evaluates your announcements, that so were the sales? You won or you lost? If something does not work reemplzalo by the following one, and so on with all the announcements and resources. Following these steps and putting them in it practices I guarantee to you that you will have a Powerful Strategy of Marketing by Internet with High return of Inversin (ROI) You dese much Success in your Business. Yasel Publishing Pole of the Blog original Author and source of the article.

International Art Festival Potsdam

from August 19 to 21.08.2011, directly at the sacred Lake of art is deep, colorful, hot, pure, wild, sometimes political, sometimes dramatic, also hopeful, leading the way, engaged, always rewarding, sometimes irritating. Art is a mirror image of our own, permanent visions, a light, a dollop, a mountain, an ocean. Art enriches our lives. Art is rich. And: without art, everything would be equal. But art has a hard time in Germany.

And, although the creative economy again and again as a location factor and driving force is summoned. The annual income of artists in Berlin-Brandenburg is according to Ver.di average below 11,000 euros! The society needs not art? Is art even useless decoration, isolated luxury goods for a few? Slightly used, slightly understandable for the general public? How to communicate art, what should art, which has significance in the society and why is elementary and indispensable for the development of a humane world? The art alley sees itself as an active contribution dedicated to the artists with the following Objective, the perception of art, the artists and their concern to sustainably strengthen and improve in the public. The art as reflector of social and global conditions, tensions and conflicts, but also as a visionary innovator and free guide needs a wide acceptance and support. Do we want to encounter rooms”. Exchange and communication between artists and art businesses allow and encourage. We want to create a presentation and meeting forum just young or unknown artists.

We practice communication between art and society: art leaves the reserves, leaving the safe refuge of galleries, museums, studios and workshops and returns to its source. Art meets society. Free, open and direct. The art Alley is open to everyone. Admission is free for everyone. And it should remain so. The Avenue of the arts is the international open air art exhibition in the State capital of Potsdam. It is Visual initiative Artists and the art companions Potsdam e.V. Association. On the Avenue of the arts, approximately 50 national and international artists show a unique wide range: photography, painting, sculpture, installation and performance art. This art event will take place for the first time over a whole weekend of August 19 to 21.08.2011. This year the art alley, a colourful and joyful program from art, music, party, meeting, and atmosphere makes a special highlight in the arts & culture calendar. More information and program content under: author: Steffen Brunner