Conquest of Mexico

Conquest of Mexico Proposed by-Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) November 25, 2008 17:52 (UTC) Minimum time for discussion (7 days) November 25 to December 1 Grounds History Category I think it’s a great article complete and the information presented has been verified with several sources. It is an important chapter in the history of Mexico, its ranking in Wikipedia recorded 200,000 visits in the last three months, for that reason, I also hope to help improve it. or (s) principal (s) Jaontiveros Overview Article Conquest of Mexico ( discussion history links watch logs protect delete) Reviews Comment I honestly do not think the article is ready for AD, it is certainly extensive bibliography is surely good, but there are many paragraphs, figures or events that are not referenced properly, which I consider central to all items, especially when it comes to historical items.((I think) and (AP))) (VT in the wrong location and the text can still be a lot more polished. It is a pity that there are maps in French or English. r ge ! ! November 26, 2008 00:56 (UTC) Hello! Thanks for your interest and small corrections. With pleasure we can move to add references, perhaps in some cases only be relocated as not to saturate the text many times indicated at the end of each item .. if not much trouble .. Could you use the template citation needed in the article itself or on this site … I promise to get to work on it right away, because it is a very easy to solve. Well, it was not so easy .. according to the petition, there has been an increase in references 100 to 142, ie 40 more. As for verifiability think we cover the requirement.Done to ComentarioAl for repeated visits in one or two paragraphs, I think that filling out the text of the article with many antics, reading becomes uncomfortable (he, he seems escrabble), I prefer keeping appointments discreetly at the end of paragraphs as is now .. Do you think it necessary Where would place the ((AP)) and ((VT)) . Greetings, Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) 1:24 November 26, 2008 (UTC) We work in your user subpage if you like. I did not want to vote against it because, as he says, will be subject to relocate any references or easily get on the network. r ge ! ! November 26, 2008 1:30 (UTC) Of course. -Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) 1:39 November 26, 2008 (UTC) The Internet is important references or use the ((cite web)) or place the information in it appears, such as date consultation.r ge ! ! November 27, 2008 1:47 (UTC), ok. working on it (I will also continue to book references linking to the website where there is availability) .. well, except for error or omission Done Like I said, strikes me as odd that the “Online ion” and more if we talk about the wikipedia article is on the Internet. Suggest that it be deleted. r ge ! ! November 27, 2008 2:05 (UTC) Done commentary notes in the article a collateral deficiency is important and that is full of articles linked to geographic locations, both physical and political, but that the articles of these places do not contain the coordinates of situation. Today with existing technology to place the coordinates on all items of geographic locations is a relevant point because it allows to quickly and easily make a virtual tour of the area. Salu2.- Feliciano (talk) 17:34 November 26, 2008 (UTC) Feliciano Hello!, Sorry for reply later .. (I’m with the issue of adding quotes) .. well, I’d like to assist in the placement coordinates in all these articles, especially when it comes to Mexico, since I know relatively well the geography, but my computer is outdated (2001) and Google Earth does not support, nor vector drawing program to generate files “svg”. It was not until the cooperation of another user is (Mexican, perhaps) have available a more powerful or modern equipment and know the geography of that mentioned here. Greetings, Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) November 27, 2008 14:21 (UTC) Comment The geographical coordinates are NOT a prerequisite for choosing AD. Stubble Burn me November 28, 2008 14:40 (UTC) Comment I think … and maybe be wrong, but …the title is inappropriate for me is the Conquistade Mexico or Mexico but bad memories of Mexico’s name was not proposed entry DAfter Trigarante Army, through the three laws, it would be better if the item received the name of conquest of the Aztec Empire, a little longer but with the certainty that this item is: Conquest of Mexico may be associated with the collapse of the Mexican government for the entry of a war provoked by a neighboring country that has defeated us, well I do not know if it’s OK, but for me it would be better, I leave in your hands ….

Firms with templates

Firms with templates also use expressions parser is well known that the signature templates eventually cause problems. And more if each firm uses a parser expression (remember that the expressions parser are much heavier for the server that a simple inclusion (that’s why we deleted the template ipr the developers last year). And more I present the following signature, as shown here in Coffee (protecting the identity of the innocent).- Drini meta: commons: 16:04 14 nov 2007 (CET) / I think that is very direct Drini But as far as I know just put ((smiley code)) and I would. Still think you are right, as someone said (I think it was Taichi was Chabacano) “Your signature should show your personality, for that you have your user page. 18:17 14 nov 2007 (CET) Another problem is that many users do NOT show your user name in their signatures (hence it is impossible to know who speaks without opening the dialog). Jarisleif I think is one of them. – Drini meta: commons: 19:10 14 nov 2007 (CET) The firm changed its anonymous innocent. -Apricot ( ) 19:15 14 nov 2007 (CET) I like … XD can not I make my joke of the day (I changed it already …Jarislief (Paal Hakkaa Pohja Poika!) 22:10 14 nov 2007 (CET) Drini Indeed, the users who do not show his name, was really a hint or more Jarislief (Paal Hakkaa Pohja Poika!) 13:10 15 nov 2007 (CET) There is an open vote for signatures. Drini, I apologize for how I spoke in your discussion of my signature, but remember that you told me that sometimes it is convenient to be so straightforward. Greetings, Ratchet Disc Cont 15:22 15 nov 2007 (CET) In any case it would suffice to place the cursor on the signature (do not click or anything) and see who is who, no need to open the dialogue box, but certainly sign is a bit rude not to display clearly the username – Regards, Locutus 20:22 16 nov 2007 (CET)


The Mexican national football team delighted the people with a win that allows you to retake the course in the CONCACAF qualifying for 2010 World Cup, the sports press published yesterday in Mexico. With headlines like “Gozal, is for you”, the Record, “The waters at their level” of Cheers, and “walk” of this, the press in Mexico held a 2-0 lead over Costa Rica. The Cheers said, “without a lot of football,” Mexicans “deleted” some “ticos fearful,” said the first victory in the CONCACAF hexagonal, and the fact that the victory had saved the job of coach, Swedish Sven G ran Eriksson. On This highlighted that Mexico “did what he had to do-win,” said it was much higher and said that Costa Rica was a team that disappointed because it did not show the reasons why he was undefeated. The Record noted that the victory has been “reborn” to Mexico and that this has gotten into a fight for a ticket to the World Cup 2010, but stated that neither rival nor Mexico was required so much offered in the field. “No rival that require too much” and the team tricolor footballing not offered much, “the record on the Mexican triumph. Mexico’s coach, Swede Sven-Goran Eriksson, scored an important win (2-0) got his team on Saturday on Costa Rica and Mexico used the popular language to assert that he is very well with the result.

Holidays In The Wine Town Of Stuttgart

The Swabian capital Stuttgart has a lot to offer, with around 590,000 inhabitants, the sixth largest city in Germany, has much to offer. By nature, on architecture, culture such as museums and theaters, nightlife, sports, health and shopping Stuttgart offers visitors almost everything. For those who want to visit the city, there are several cheaper accommodation, for example, under or. A city amongst enchanting nature Located in the valley of the Neckar, and amidst the beautiful vineyards in the state capital offers the visitor magically dar. The climate is very warm, sometimes almost Mediterranean. This Stuttgart is also one of the major wine regions of Baden-Wurttemberg. Around the city prosper Baden-Wurttemberg typical wines Trollinger and Lemberger magnificent. Due to the large parks and numerous green spaces by the inhabitants of Stuttgart is also often described as the greenest city in Germany. The largest green area, the Rosenstein Park, stretches fromBad-Cannstatt district to the city center and then goes into the palace and park about. Also in the surrounding vineyards are quiet and extensive forests, meadows, apple orchards and allotment systems, so that one might think, high above one was Stuttgart in the countryside and not in a big city. Architecture, nightlife and shopping abound in Stuttgart are building different architectural styles. From Medieval through Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau to late classic. The great Palace Square, connects the major shopping streets of Stuttgart, is the largest King Street. The most important buildings and sights of Stuttgart are here. The park is a Baroque garden with a fountain, music pavilion and a major pillar of the Roman goddess Concordia. The late classical Knigsbau is a magnificent building, while the central building of Stuttgart. Behind it are the Knigsbau passages with 25,000 sqm retail space on five levels. Alongside is the newArt museum, a glass building with a large porch. Opposite the Knigsbau is the new Castle (baroque building), then the small Palace Square with the old castle (medieval, rebuilt in Renaissance style) and the column of mercury. Another important building is the Marquardbau built (around 1900). The King Street including Knigsbau invite the bather to go for a stroll. In summer, the major steps of the Museum of Art and Knigsbau are filled with people who have a rest from shopping or just sit in the sun. For shopping, there are numerous opportunities in Stuttgart. The shopping area extends almost the entire city. All possible types of shops are there, from hip failed over to luxury. Many of the best known brands are represented with equal number of branches. This is know as an excellent Stuttgart shopping paradise. Stuttgart also has a strong pub culture and a lively nightlife. Numerous cafes, pubs and clubs willing to let the celebrationits costs are. Particularly busy night in the young and trendy bars and clubs along the Theodor-Heuss-Strasse, Stuttgart’s party zone. Arts, culture, wellness and much more on the other side of the Schlossplatz is the art pavilion-like building. Behind close together at the State Theater Opera. The opera and the ballet of the Stuttgart State Theater are among the most prestigious. Even musical fans come across at their expense. In the Stuttgart SI-center, almost all the well-known musicals to see. There are two musical theater, numerous restaurants and cafes, 6 cinemas, concert halls, the casino and a large Schwaben wellness center and several hotels. When one travels further along the direction of Schlossplatz Rosenstein-Park, we arrive at the Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium. Here are regularly held various fascinating and educational events for adults and children. Other important buildings in the city center are the Friedrichsbau with theater and the church. Bad-Cannstatt is located in the Wilhelma, one of the largestzoological and botanical gardens. It was1842 in the Moorish style in the reign of King William I of Wrttemberg built. 1800 was found in Bad Cannstatt mineral springs. Since then, there are the mineral baths and mountain Leutze, busy today for cures and wellness can be used. Also located in Bad Cannstatt, the Gottlieb-Daimler Stadium. It is one of the biggest stadiums in Germany and is among others used for games of soccer club VfB Stuttgart. 1993 there took place the World Athletics Championships. Neumoderne buildings, major events and festivals in Bad-Cannstatt is located in the Mercedes-Benz Museum. It consists of a large modern glass and metal, which resembles the double helix of DNA. The fair in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt consists of the Porsche Arena and the Schleyer-Halle. Both are impressive building, which reflect the modern architectural style. In the Porsche Arena and the Schleyer-Halle are regular events such as concerts in a well-known artists, instead. Far more is known about the addition of StuttgartStuttgart Beer Festival, which Vas’n. Like the Oktoberfest in Munich, it attracts with its numerous fairground, plenty of beer and spirits each year millions of visitors. Another attraction is the Stuttgart Wine Village which always takes place from August to September. The entire Schlossplatz is then a large cozy wine bar in the open, and various Stuttgart wineries offer their wines and other delicacies. Look from almost anywhere Stuttgart are numerous towers. Including the radio tower and TV tower, to name only two of them. Stuttgart and surroundings: Romantic castles and magnificent gardens The romantic Schloss Rosenstein is in bad Cannstatt. It was built around 1830 by William I in the classical style. For the castle include the wonderful English Garden. He is one of the largest in Germany. Vom Schloss Rosenstein one has a view of the mausoleum on Red Mountain. William I had it built for him and his wife Queen Catherine of Russia. One travels into the surrounding area of Stuttgartto find many castles. The Schloss Solitude, a hunting lodge in the Rococo style, Schloss Hohenheim, a summer palace of different styles with generous botanical gardens. Both castles were built by Duke Karl Eugen of Wrttemberg in 1770 and rebuilt. Also in the immediate vicinity of Stuttgart is located in the historic town of Esslingen, which impresses with its medieval half-timbered architecture and castle. Stuttgart Obertrkheim: Wine pure culture of the area is also romantically Obertrkheim. He is very strongly influenced by the Swabian wine culture. In Obertrkheim many wineries are located, so that you can enjoy the typical way of life consisting of hausgekeltertem wine and cuisine in the Swabian primitive broom economies. Also in Obertrkheim is the old wine city Uhlbach. Again, the architecture consists largely of peasant Truss. In the wine museum, you can understand the functioning of living vines and winery bygone eras.

The Perfect Glass For Wine

Wine is not like wine. Choosing the right wine for a dish requires quite a bit of flair, by many wine lovers, this is not applicable to a science. Where we need not go to serve wine in style and enjoy it, but the choice of wine is not the final step on the way to enjoy – including the choice of wine glass is of considerable importance: the right wine glass does not bring the wine only from an aesthetic perspective to bear, but also leads to the best possible development of his tastes and fragrances. Generally, a wine glass should be bell-shaped and have a stalk so that the temperature of the wine is not affected by the heat of your hand. The best way to serve the noble drops in a transparent, coarse and thin-walled glass, which is more than half filled, so the wine can develop by waving his bouquet. The shape of the glass in the ideal case underlines the specific taste of the fact that the wine will be accurately guided to the area of the tongue, where the bestTaste buds are located – as is the sense of sweetness on the tip is greatest for acidity on the border of the tongue, bitter is perceived on the posterior tongue region. Recommended for white wine glasses are generally smaller than red wine because it is cooler drunk, the glass can be emptied before the contents are heated too much. In contrast, for a heavy red wine is quite large, bulbous glass recommended, so that his space is rich bouquet to unfold. Lover of a dry wine, choose a glass with upwardly tapering shape, since it will make the predominant taste sensation on the tongue background. In a rather sweet wine or a young wine, still containing a lot of acid, a slightly flared glass opening to support the perception of sweetness. Now, do not despair, not who has the right for any purpose glass in the cupboard: The Leisure recognize a good wine even in the standard glass.

Losing Weight – Not Lose Sight Of The Basics!

While the absolute foundation is widely studied in weight loss of body fat for years and scientifically recognized, almost caused a week and That approach, which overshadow the focus of weight loss on the real problem is clearly willing. We’re talking about the principle of energy balance, as it is practiced in AIQUM always! This is scientifically proven principle says that will decrease only one that’s calorie intake, which is held in the form of food intake, holding less than the calories burned, so the energy (the body at rest the so called basal metabolic rate), but also during the work (sg Labor turnover) and consumed in his free time (leisure sales). Here we speak of so called “negative energy” that is generated. On the other hand are those who grow food supplies through more calories than it consumes over basal metabolic rate, work and leisure sales revenue, it is this is the so-called “positive energy”. Who but the energy absorption inBalance the energy consumption is replaced, it can stabilize his weight! To obtain a calculation basis, agreed by the Nutrition on identifying a number of kilocalories, which here corresponds to a kilo of body fat. That is the question of 7000kcal that (we consume or need) to save on the food intake to burn about 1kg of body fat – to increase by 1kg ergo 7000kcal are needed beyond what our bodies are actually needed. To keep body weight stable, however, the energy must be compensated as noted above, the calories remain as the balance of caloric intake! Unfortunately, both currently done in parallel: one is the people of developed nations increasingly overweight, which has already been abuses and the health epidemic lasting weakening. On the other hand, more and more approaches are published, which have as secondary factors, although not always completely out of hand, the primary basis of the absoluteWeight loss but, namely, the energy diverted, and the obese people in the same context is unnecessarily confusing. The focus groups are at the commercial interests of individual persons who prefer their books and DVDs to man, woman, and bring the hope of obese people who have difficulty implementing the principle of energy balance, want to earn their money. It sounds at times a lot easier now, instead of controlling food intake and physical activity accepted as a necessary “evil” and to incorporate into everyday life, assigning certain nutrients, only certain times of day or note, however meticulous glycemic index, regardless of the actual caloric intake banish completely certain nutrients and other advice that detract from the foundation principle of negative energy balance – but without the weight loss is not possible! The recommendation should read thus: Back to the Basics! Healthy, varied and as part of the energy-calorie principleDiet, as it propagates AIQUM according to the rules of the DGE (German Society for Nutrition), and physical activity is to enable a viable and healthy and permanent weight loss.

Zodiac Sign Cancer (22.6. – 22.7.)

Born in the element of water, most crabs very sensitive people. Like their ruler planet, the moon, changes in the various phases of his appearance, so the mood changes one Krebsgeborenen: Play in the best mood and elation, a short time later, sad unto death – this is a typical cancer. Cancerians are very emotional, sensitive man. Take what is happening in their environment to process in itself, but not with your head, but to hit out as a feeling human decisions from the gut. If the event is positive, one experiences cancer in high spirits and sociable. Wiederfhrt him, but a negative one, it can be stressful experience, it only a few moments later his fellow man as an inward-looking pile misery hardly recognizable. Many people from labeling it as so capricious. The friendly nature of cancers and emotional needs for a happy life, both the material and domestic security. His family is in the top priority for him and is in addition to safety, the most important.Risky decisions occur in his daily life is very rare. Great food and great prices at the Of the (marital) partner has it difficult to him. Since he was a “good kid”, he has indeed excessive demands or requests in the partnership, but he lives more into himself and is therefore in this respect not very communicative. Loyalty and attachment to the partner, or even in friendships is a special virtue of the cancer. Like the seafood cancer has also born in this sign often have a hard shell but a soft core. They are usually very sensitive, romantic contemporaries, with almost childlike mind. In G. Wittmann own thing: On our website you will find in addition to wine labels and printed napkins and place cards and menu cards for a successful wedding.

The Cartoonist

The artist put two fingers to his head and squinting his eyes. It was an idea to find a cartoon. Slowly he got in trouble with his ideas, it was utilized as ordered by his account: The stocks were – just do not let the idea become covered account. If the newspaper he would no longer deliver cartoons, he would be out of business. Tomorrow was the deadline and now the night before. Again, there is the cartoonist in his thoughts on the topics of the articles he had read in the newspaper. Always the same domestic policy: The government is struggling to a decision, and the rest of the article was filled with the opinions of those who criticized the decision. Where should I come here because the idea for a cartoon Could you express that make the economy and the media today the policy. Exactly, he thinks, I paint the politicians as puppets led by media and business magnates. Immediately his pen moves across the paper outlines roughly the politicians that hang on the threads. He just wants the wooden crossesdraw and label them as his hand begins to tremble. He wants to continue to draw his lines, but his hands seem to him not to obey. They are bound like. Perspiration on his forehead. Stunned, he looked at his hands to do things that did not come from his will. Suddenly he thought he heard a loud laugh. Startled, he looked up and stared wide-eyed at the large wooden cross that hung above him and at the ends of thick ropes hanging down, which he followed with his eyes until … – it could not be-… his hands, the permanently by the cords were tied and then swung wildly up and down. Again he looked up and saw standing on the wooden cross, in large letters “economy” and “media”. How wrong he laughed again, took his pen, drew a large yellow rubber duck, hinschaukelt in the vast ocean before him – then said: How does the duck “Quiek!”. . . and laughed – laughed and laughed.

WueWeb Customized Internet Solutions – Web Design Web Design Wurzburg

Who is looking for a web designer in Wurzburg, should not miss the extensive range of services closer look at the web agency WueWeb. There’s something for every budget, the right offer. Companies requiring a presence on the Internet for their customers happy, but do not want to just spend so much money, are operated with the Webbusinesscard well. This provides for very little money already own a domain with enough space, and can present the most important information about your own business on the Internet. The company WueWeb – Web Design for Wurzburg here to take care of everything needed. Customers simply provide the text and pictures for the web-business card. With the “Web-based Business” offers WueWeb – Webdesign Wurzburg already the basis for a professional web presence. Up to six pages of their customers, companies can imagine effective advertising their services and contact persons. This package includes a comprehensive consultation and the development oftwo different design projects. WueWeb created for this package even four photographs for the website and prepares the images for the Internet. In addition, the individual logo of the company is involved in the site. If that is not enough basic package, which should draw on the package “Dynamic Business Website” by WueWeb – Webdesign Wurzburg. Customers will receive this extensive website, complete with a content management system independently and without outside help can be maintained and expanded. This system is easy to use, so that every customer has the ability to keep his site constantly up to date. A special service: Before the customers opt for this comprehensive package, they can log into a test system of WueWeb – Web Design for Wurzburg and test the system extensively. Also in this package are two design projects as well as the Webanpassung contain up to six photos. Anyone planning to build a website should contact to WueWeb – Web Design forWurzburg. The above service packages can of course be adjusted individually and according to the wishes of the customer.


Do you love the combination of cheese and wine On vacation with sea or on the summer terrace with a wonderful culinary idyll lures, crusty baguette, a bottle of red wine country and on top a piece of cheese. But not always the combination of wine and cheese is ideal. On the contrary, it is sometimes better to leave one more of both. The rule of thumb: cheese and wine from the same region usually well tolerated. Thus, a discreet Swiss Emmentaler fits perfectly into a neighboring Fendant wine, a German or a French Chasselas Chasselas, while a pungent cheese, like to combine for example a ripe Camembert or Brie, a strong Portuguese red wine. If you like to experiment, please try a mal a Harz cheese, marinated in vinegar and oil with a hearty rye bread and a little cumin for a Pinot Gris from the Mosel. Generally, a stronger and more tasteful wine goes into a somewhat more subduedCheese and vice versa. For a successful often served as dessert menu is a selection of fine cheeses with appropriate wines. Usually, this begins with the milder cheeses and works its way slowly and against spicy flavoursome cheese. Cheese as food was probably already known to our ancestors in the Stone Age, who found in the stomachs of captured young ruminants resulting from the fermented milk Labquark. The art of cheese developed, however, only between 10 and 8 Century BC with the spreading grazing. However, cheese is mainly valued as food in Western cultures, while the cuisine in Asia, Africa and Latin America, cheese is not known. The Chinese regard the cheese for example, as spoiled milk. The reason for the different growth mode of cheese must be sought mainly in the lactose intolerance of the populations. If you are wondering now whether it was ever so healthy cheese that can have a uniquebe answered yes. The cheeses are contained in concentrated form all the important nutrients that make the milk so healthy. So you take the cheese with high-quality protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorous in milk fat and put besides vitamin A, B vitamins and beta carotene. Cheese buffers also like the way, from all dairy products, acids, and thus protects the enamel against erosion, and thus indirectly against tooth decay. If you now belong to the people who pay close attention to their cholesterol levels, you should consider when buying a low-fat cheese is always that fat is usually the taste-makers. The likelihood of having to deal with an aromatic cheese is at twelve percent fat in dry matter fairly low. Therefore, applies here: rather eat less, but enjoy a really good cheese. The abbreviation “fat in dry matter” stands for “fat content”. When dry, the share of the cheese is called without water. The dry remains with cheesealmost constant, while the water content decreases steadily. Therefore, the dry forms the basis for calculating the fat content in cheese. Some manufacturers are now also indicate the absolute fat content. If this is not specified, the following approximate rule of thumb: The total fat content is usually half of the declared fat i-Tr-value, with cheese it is about one third.

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