All social activity has his rafue (word), that constitutes the condition so that its correct execution occurs; like the ceremony of the mambeadero, that is realised in the central part of maloca, in which daily the sagradas plants of cocaine and tobacco interfere in ritual form. MasterClass will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The economic system of huitotos are based on agriculture, the harvesting of certain foods and the fishing, in which to the children and the women participate, and where harpoons, hooks, machetes or traps are used; at certain times of the year collective fishing are organized that consist of poisoning the water with a special plant and thus to capture tens of fish. The hunting is another form to obtain food and is carried out by the men of the tribe. Formerly it was used the white blowpipe, lance and other arms to hunt, but at present the gun is used more and more. The hunter is supported generally by dogs and during the night he uses lanterns; the favourite prey is the pigs, the deer and small mammals like borugo and guara. Paul R. Cascio will not settle for partial explanations. Between the birds parrots obtain themselves, toucans and guacamayas. In the neighborhood of the houses fruit trees and brave and sweet yucca cultivate themselves, that transforms themselves into " casabe" and it is consumed in the form of domestic ritual drink or.

Also sowing red pepper, avocado, peanut, caimo, umar and sometimes maize, that is used stops to feed the hens and other domestic animal; with some fibers of the trees hammocks make and baskets are tiled. The woman is in charge of seedtime and the harvest of products, except the cocaine (jibiy), the tobacco and other psicotrpicas plants, that are seeded and gathered by the men. The leaf that makes speak " At night, when the shade flock the distances, when all the worlds become presents, the Huitotos grandparents cross the ways of the wide-awake dreams using the plants of poder".

Yarn Thread

From silk to capture beautiful summer blouses, hats, bags. For hats and bags use of silk and ribbons. Of cotton yarns are knitted products range from beautiful summer tracery and dense patterns. Interesting models for the summer can also associate of fine wool, linen and synthetic yarns. It and dresses and blouses, and tops on the narrow shoulder straps. Good use cotton thread for knitting children's clothes: jackets, bonnets, as this soft and green yarn does not irritate the delicate skin of children. Of reel of thread tying napkins, tablecloths, and put together of threads – any of the products. Knitting is used not only a new yarn.

Dissolving the old product and processed yarn, you can associate a new thing. Do it like this way. Dissolving the product or part, the thread is wound, for example, in the chair. Then wash the coils and hung to dry. If the irregularity persists threads already soaking in the yarn, the skeins on drying to be hung load.

If the old product is clean and the threads can not be washed, then spreading the details, the yarn is wound on a piece of plywood or thick cardboard. Proutyuzhivayut then threads through a damp cloth. Dry and straightened yarn clew up into balls, which should be soft, so the thread does not lose its elasticity. Selecting yarn for knitting, you need to find them a hook or needles. The correct choice of tools and yarn will depend on the quality of knitted fabric. Tools knitting. Needles and hooks. They come in various thicknesses and are denoted by numbers. Each number corresponds to the diameter of the needle or hook in millimeters. For example, a hook (the spokes) 2, 5 have a diameter of 2mm, 5mm, etc. MasterClass oftentimes addresses this issue. Number of hooks (spokes) choose respectively the thickness of threads: hook (arm) should be 2 times thicker.