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Pollution Volkswagen factory chimneys. Pollution from oil spills. Pollution is any substance or form of energy that can cause some damage or imbalance (irreversible or not) in an ecosystem, physical environment or a living being. It is always a negative alteration of the natural state of the environment, and therefore is generated as a result of human activity. For there to pollution, the pollutant must be in relative amounts sufficient to cause this imbalance. The relative amount can be expressed as the mass of the substance introduced in relation to the mass or volume of the receiving environment of the same. This ratio is called concentration. The pollutants are related to population growth and consumption (fossil fuels, the generation of waste, industrial waste, etc.), since increasing them, the pollution they cause is greater. The pollutants for their consistency, are classified as solids, liquids and gases.Discard those generated by natural processes, since by definition, do not pollute. The agents are composed of solid waste in its various presentations. They cause pollution of soil, air and water. Because microorganisms in the soil and pesticides, the air because it produces bad odors and toxic gases and because the dirty water and not be used. The liquid agents are comprised of sewage, industrial waste, spills of petroleum fuels which damage the water mainly from rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, thus causing the deaths of several species. The gaseous agents are formed by combustion of fuel (nitrogen oxide and sulfur) and by burning fuels such as gasoline (releasing carbon monoxide), garbage and waste plants and animals. All the pollutants come from a particular source and can cause respiratory and digestive diseases. It is necessary for man to become aware of the problem.It’s called air pollution or air pollution to the presence in the environment of any agent (physical, chemical or biological) or a combination of several agents in places such forms and concentrations that are or may be injurious to health, safety or for the welfare of the population, or may be harmful to plant or animal life, or prevent the normal use of the property and places of recreation and enjoyment of them. Environmental pollution is also incorporated into the receiving bodies of solid, liquid or gaseous or mixtures thereof, provided that adversely alter the natural conditions of the same or which may affect health, hygiene or welfare of the public. The Blacksmith Institute, an NGO that monitors pollution, made a list of the most polluted places in the world, it contains the following countries: Azerbaijan, China, India, Russia, Ukraine and Zambia.

“Protection to the natural ecosystem

“They conclude ongoing rural natural resource protection” The director of the State Rural Police, said officers of the corporation have the necessary knowledge and tools to avoid being affected the flora and fauna from Tamaulipas. Mon, 08/06/2009 – 18:10 Ciudad Victoria .- To assist in the protection and conservation of natural ecosystems, more than 100 elements of the Rural Police of the state, concluded a course in ecology, said Eduardo Mancilla Gomez. The director of the State Rural Police, said officers of the corporation have the necessary knowledge and tools enabling them to care for and prevent them from being affected the flora and fauna existing throughout the territory of Tamaulipas. The course lasted two months, was conducted by personnel skilled in the art, the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas and the Environment Agency. On the occasion of the staff of the corporation conducts its business mainly in rural areas, such as ejidos, communities, villages and forest areas, the agents received training for their roles in protecting natural resources. The avoid engaging in activities that affect the endangered resources and the presence of poachers, is one of the main objectives of the course staff who received the reference, Gomez Mancilla said. From: http://www.milenio.com/node/228279

remember your first

remember your first poem or your first book could evoke the initial momentum of your writing Aleixandre poet said he did the day he read a poem by Ruben Dario. How do you recognize in dialogue with poetry Poetry in dialogue with recognized me since my grandfather recited “Margarita, est linda la mar” every time you came across one of his granddaughters. Ruben Dario again. Even as a teenager I went to Spanish poetry, which was more readily available in bookstores that Latin American poetry, though I must say that I recognized too late poet in relation to the writers of my generation. I was a dancer. I danced for a while until I developed a back injury. That experience pushed me to consider other forms of expression, but the truth never understood as a dancer ended up writing poetry and narrative.I guess that was when, for many years, I swarmed in a heterogeneous group of artists, writers and musicians and I sat down to listen to discuss, debate, dialogue taking somehow aware that he could get back on track my guesses in writing. 2. A sure readers would like to know your library, this illusion of a family tree of the poet. What books of poetry, if any, prompted the youth of his poetic exercise The poet invents his predecessors or, rather, imagine your readers Between my comings and goings: San Juan-New York, New York-San Juan, I have moved into three schools: Spanish school: the Generation of 27 Mexican poets and the extraordinary American and British poetry: led by ee cummings Ginsberg and Nuyoricans.Of course, like everyone, I have eaten in more than one occasion to Cesar Vallejo, Nicanor Parra, Octavio Paz, Alejandrina Storni, Julia de Burgos, Luis Pales Matos, Alejandra Pizarnik, Guillen Cuban, and William Carlos Williams, Emily Dickinson, Edna St. . Vincent Miller, WAS Merwin, Jerome Rothenberg, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Frost and Anne Sexton to name a few. My personal library is a virtual because preferences change as time passes. In other words, each of these poets has come to me at different times and circumstances in my life. I remember when he came Octavio Paz and the impact it had on my poetic sensibility or Anne Sexton and the issues of madness and as it was played on paper and in his performances. I do not remember when he came Pales Matos, but somehow came along with Cuban poetry, so poetry also the wider Caribbean: Pedro Mir, Aim e Cesaire, Juan Antonio Corretjer along with French and Italian poetry.There was a huge library on the island, a business of an Argentinean very cultured, and filled us with all this wisdom. On the other hand, in New York if I remember when I heard Merwin in a poetry festival in New Jersey of which I also participated and discovered a working model which traces the dark body without any kindness or when first heard Ginsberg Once one of the poetry marathons in the church St.


Main article: Politics of Iran’s political system of the Islamic Republic’s constitution is based on 1979. The system comprises several intricately connected bodies. Iran’s Supreme Leader is responsible for the delineation and supervision of the general policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the absence of the Leader, appointing a council of religious leaders. The Leader is “commander-in-chief of the armed forces and controlled intelligence operations and security of the Islamic Republic. He has in itself the authority to declare war and the power to appoint and dismiss judicial leaders, the networks of state radio and television and the top leader of the Guards Corps of the Islamic Republic . appoints six of the twelve-member Guardian Council. He and the council of religious leaders, are elected by the Assembly of Experts, based on their grades and the high popular esteem that they profess.Following the Leader, the President of the Republic is the country’s highest official. is responsible for the Constitution is obeyed. It is also the chief executive. It should be noted that unlike what happened in other countries, not the head of the Armed Forces. By law, all presidential candidates must be approved by the Guardian Council before formalizing his candidacy. Once confirmed as candidates, the President is elected by absolute majority vote to serve a term of four years. After his election, the president appoints and supervises the Council of Ministers, coordinates government decisions and policies of selected government to be exposed to Parliament. Eight vice presidents serve under the president and a cabinet of 21 ministers, which must be accepted by Parliament.The Iranian parliament is unicameral, the Islamic Consultative Assembly or Machlas-e Shura-ye Eslami “, comprises 290 members, elected for four years. They are elected by direct secret ballot. Sets the legislation, ratifies international treaties, and approves the budget of the country. All legislation of the assembly must be confirmed by the Council of Guardians. establishes a constitutional prerogative five seats for the religions of the Book and other minorities, so that among Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians are divided those seats, which given a weight well above represent just 2 . The Sunnis do not fall in that distribution. Machlas Candidates require the approval of the Council of Guardians. The Assembly of Experts, which has weekly sessions, is composed of 86 clerics “virtuous and learned” chosen by the public for a period of eight years.Likewise in presidential and parliamentary elections, the Council of Guardians determines eligibility for candidacy in this assembly. Members of the Assembly of Experts also elect the Supreme Leader within their own members and periodically reconfirm him. Never has been known that the assembly will challenge a decision of the Leader. Twelve members form the Guardian Council, six of whom are clerics appointed by the Leader. The head of the judiciary recommends the remaining six have to be lawyers specializing in Islamic law that are officially appointed by Parliament. The Guardian Council is vested with the authority to interpret the constitution and determine whether laws passed by Parliament are in line with the Sharia (Islamic Law). Therefore Council can exercise veto power over Parliament. If a law passed by Parliament is deemed incompatible with the Constitution with Sharia, referred back to Parliament for review.The Council also discussed the presidential candidates, legislators and the Assembly of Experts, to confirm that you are eligible to nominate a candidate. Created by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1988, the Expediency Council has the authority to mediate disputes between parliament and the Board of Guardians. Currently, according to the constitution, the Expediency Council serves as an advisory body to the Supreme Leader, making him one of the bodies of more far-reaching government of the country, at least in name.


A method of transliteration is to use a computer keyboard in a language like Hebrew, to write in a language which uses another alphabet, eg in English. While the first use of the word implies seeking the best way to translate foreign words to a particular language by typing transliteration is a totally pragmatic process which involves entering text in a specific language. The typical transliteration of English letters is particularly important for users who are only familiar with English keyboard layout, and therefore could not write fast enough using a different alphabet, own from another language. Some programs, like word processor Hieroglyph adapted to the Russian language, provide typing by transliteration as one of its notable features. The rest of this article is the first meaning of the word, which is to transfer foreign words to a different alphabet.If the letter-sound relationship is similar in both languages, a transliteration would be very similar to a transcript. In practice, there are also some mixed systems for transliteration / transcription, that transliterate a part of the original text and transcribe the rest. The call Greeklish is an example. In a broader sense, the word transliteration is used to define a transliteration in the narrow sense and transcript together. Hispanicization is a method of transcription. Romanization encompasses several transliteration and transcription methods.

Do not lies with the bad guys: Prince Charming

It lies with you bad boys: Prince Charming We are taught that in life every girl is a special person one day find. The idea of romantic love can not see what is happening in your relationship. Sometimes we think that although we are treated badly, there are also times when he shows affection. The idea of Prince Charming makes only see the good things in it. It assumes “that Prince Charming will save us and protect us.”We can not depend on another person to feel safe. We have to be autonomous to sever relations we do not agree. There are guys who will treat us as deserve. And most importantly, we can not consider our partners as only goal of our life. NO lies with you bad boys

Its initial construction

Its initial construction was commissioned in April 1656 by the architect Louis XIV Bruant Liberty on the location of a small magazine where gunpowder was manufactured ammunition. The building was called the H pital G n ral des pauvres pour le Renfermement de Paris (General Hospital for the internment of the poor and vagubundos of Paris) and main purpose was interning for the poor and homeless in the city. It was divided into three parts: the Piti , for children, for men Bicetre and La Salpetriere for women. In 1684, the part of La Salp tri re was expanded with the creation of a building that served as a place of detention the girls complained of by their husbands or fathers. Zone was added in prison for prostitutes. On the eve of the French Revolution the hospital had a capacity of ten thousand patients and reached the three hundred jail detainees.During the night of 3 September 4, 1792 (September Massacres) the enclosure wrote one of his blackest pages in the massacre of 34 women murdered in La Salp tri re. In the nineteenth century, the work of some of his doctors as Philippe Pinel and Jean-Martin Charcot, the father of modern neurology, the medical center became one of the most renowned mental health. There are many students who came from across Europe. Today is one of the main hospitals of Paris.

Concepts you should know when running a business

WHAT IS A MSE It is defined as micro and small enterprises (MSEs) to the economic unit, whether natural or legal person, whatever form of organization, which aims to develop activities in mining, processing, production, marketing of goods or services. MICRO ENTERPRISE: – From 1 employee to 10 employees. – With annual sales of up to 150 ITU (480,000.00 nuevos soles). SMALL BUSINESS: – From 1 employee to 20 employees.

Lock Mount Scopus

Lock Mount Scopus In 1948, after the Partition Plan of the United Nations and the anticipation of the declaration of independence of Israel, Jerusalem was blocked by the Arabs, therefore also access to Hadassah Hospital and the University campus Hebrew on Mount Scopus. The only access was through a narrow road, a mile long. At 2:05 pm on 2 March 1948, the operator of the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem received a telephone call from an Arab warning that the hospital would be blown up within 90 minutes.Nothing happened that day, but the Arabs’ intentions became clear. At a press conference on March 17, the leader of Arab forces in Jerusalem, Abd al-Husayni, threatened that the Hadassah Hospital and Hebrew University would be captured or destroyed. The Arab snipers firing on all vehicles moved along the path, making this a regular event, and were also planted mines on the road. When food and hospital supplies became scarce, a large convoy of provisions and medical supplies was organized to send the beleaguered hospital. Although the British commander of Jerusalem to the Jews said that the road was safe, the sector commanders of the Haganah in Jerusalem advised a postponement due to high tension in the area. However, hospital staff decided to continue with plans to train.

Filmography Elvis Presley

After the stage set in the previous film, Night of the Living Dead, the film depicts an America overwhelmed by a plague, where the symptom is the reanimation of dead human beings whose primary goal is to feed on living flesh . The cause of this plague remains defiantly inexplicable. Despite desperate efforts by the U.S. government and local civil authorities to control the situation, society has collapsed and the remaining survivors seeking any shelter they can find. Although several scenes show rural citizens and the soldiers to effectively fight the zombies, cities with high populations are essentially death traps. It implies that chaos finally comes to the provinces, as the television and radio become less frequent.The plot focuses on four survivors of Philadelphia: a local television star named Francine, her boyfriend, the pilot of traffic, Stephen, one of his friends, Roger, SWAT team member, and Peter, the ever inventive, the team also SWAT Philadelphia. As in the first film, the black character, Peter, is the main hero. Roger is increasingly reckless, while Stephen is incompetent and dependent, in a true style of the horror genre, they succumb because of their personality defects. The film begins in WGON television studio, where confusion is rife. After some exposure, the plot turns to other actors in the film, Roger, like the rest of his SWAT team are starting in an apartment building (probably because the residents, especially Hispanics and blacks, are doing ignore the martial law). It is during these scenes when Roger does his friendship with Peter, suggesting that they abandon the SWAT team, as well as Philadelphia.Later that night, the four escape from Philadelphia in a helicopter stolen from the television station, with the intention of reaching the safety of Canadian wilderness. After several stops for refueling, the group lands on the mall, they decide to turn in your own private sanctuary, blocking the large glass doors with trucks to keep the dead out. It is during this operation that the impulsive character of Roger makes this bit, sentenced to die painfully (and back to life again). After clearing the mall of its inhabitants zombies, all four are installed inside each indulging their own material desires. Eventually, Roger dies from his wound, and is released from their misery by Peter. Time passes, the dead are gathered at the entrance and the company behind the doors of the mall continues to plummet. When the novelty of his materialist utopia disappears, they begin to realize that their shelter has become his prison.Finally, his “liberation” comes in the form of a motorcycle gang who enters the mall, and the process by allowing thousands of dead creatures enter the mall. This part is a dominant theme in each of Romero zombie movie, portraying other human beings and their inability to cooperate as a greater danger than the dead themselves. During his plunder, Stephen absurdly start a battle against motorcyclists. In the end, the only real winners are the hungry zombies that feed on many of the riders, and the same Stephen. Following the revival of Stephen, this leads to a large group of hordes of dead to Francine and Peter, who are awaiting the return of Stephen. After killing Stephen, Peter realizes that the escape and does not help, making the decision to stay in the mall to die, then change your mind and Peter and Francine rooftop escape into an uncertain future, flying to away in a partially loaded fuel helicopter, ending the movie.

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