Again Outbound Telephone Calls

Not so long ago, when discussing the topic of integrated solutions (CRM-system and Call-Center) have reproached substitution of concepts. Ostensibly CRM-effect described in the example, fully merit the outgoing regime of outgoing calls Call-center. Somewhat later cto Alexander Shevtsov sufficient detail painted outgoing call switching modes used in Call-Centres (Preview and Predictive). Were submitted to comparative analysis and provides an interesting example of the regime Predictive Call-in center. Dennis Lockhart addresses the importance of the matter here. But, in my view, little attention is the fact that the outgoing call switching in either of these modes requires a quality database of contacts with relevant information. Unfortunately, the impact on quality preparation of such information, as a rule, lies outside the competence of Call-center operators. It is in this case can come to the aid of CRM-system, which will accumulate all the information about the client within the company and avoid unnecessary duplication. Segmentation will identify the target audience for effective outbound campaigns of outgoing calls in Call-center .

However, it is worth noting that none of CRM-system will not help if companies do not optimize their business processes and regulations are not set input. As practice shows, the main problem in the campaigns of outgoing call switching is to prepare timely and actual database. Check out Peter Asaro for additional information. Call-center operators in the regime of Predictive time to make two or three or even four times more than before. Accordingly, “generates” the new lists should also significantly more often, and without adequate means of automation to do this is problematic. Also do not forget about the results of outbound campaigns of outgoing calls in Call-center. Without the use of crm is quite possible to do in telephone surveys, where results are achieved, as After the first “dialogue”. But the situation is much more complicated, for example, in the process of working with problem debts, when the communication involves some kind of periodicity, staging, etc. If the results of the conversation in This case will not be fixed Call-center operators in the public system, it is quite possible that a person may unfairly fall into the next campaign outgoing outgoing calls And if some justify this approach in processes Collection, this is a gross mistake, for example, during the sales call I hope soon we have more detail on this issue.

Marketing Department

Sales managers often make one mistake, which puts them in the confusion at the conclusion of a major transaction with a corporate client. Here is the situation, solutions for which I am often asked to talk to sales training. Manager goes to a potential customer. This is a large enterprise, and to start a redirect to the department that deals with the purchase of this type of goods or services – Supply Department, PR-service Marketing Department, Secretariat, bookkeeping. Since in this department receives a large number of similar proposals, the staff of the department did not want to be one long and hard for something to sell. They are asking that the proposal was sent by fax or e-mail, and do not enter into a long conversation. Thus, at this stage it is impossible to differentiate from competitors.

If successful sales manager goes to a good level of communication in the department, the procurement, the situation is often inhibited at the stage of confirming the transaction entity to manage money. Caterer spreads his hands: "I am so, and syak boss explained – he was in any. Or has other suppliers, or simply his vision – he did not particularly something and listen. In short, I can not make a difference, though I want to take you. " Oh, how managers hate this situation! Especially if the boss' so arrogant (busy, steep, etc.), that it has impossible to get! There is one thing that needs to know a professional seller, so do not despair and do not be upset in that situation.