Internetagency Kinetics

In July 2008, began his work site of Barnaul "AltayBrend" specializing in the manufacture of exclusive gifts and business gifts premium. The staff of Internet-agency "Kinetics" was developed the unique design of the resource in the design of embedded interactive movie that allows real-time to get acquainted with the gift sets. The domain name and new hosting, which in future will be moved active site, have also been recorded by professional agencies. In the very near future promotion in the network with search engine optimization and contextual advertising on the most famous portals Yandex, Google and Begun (Rambler). With this basic mission will be implemented resource – become a real sales tool, along with direct sales. Created site focuses on the fact that in a convenient and intuitive form to demonstrate a variety of gift baskets and gifts business, talk about different trim levels of gifts. In 2006, the trend of business gifts and souvenirs-known company "Altai bouquet" was greater autonomy, becoming a separate company. This was the beginning of a serious rise in production and sales. In July 2008, the creation of a separate site, the company "AltayBrend" confirms its strong position in the market, striving for success and high quality customer service.

Beauty Salons

* Sight – roam the crowds of onlookers and charged babes, studios are painted bright gaudy colors, colorful balloons and flowers. * Sense of smell – smell hovers itself different cosmetics and perfumes * touch – anywhere to squeeze between the visitors and vendors just do not have enough hands. In general, the atmosphere of the booth and East Fair – a colorful, noisy, zazyvnoy. It uninitiated easily confused, having inflated the thoroughbred mare for a racehorse – as it did in the old days. In addition, each seller does not shun foreign goods find fault, and display their products the best in the world. Error when opening a beauty salon and spa Cabin In this situation, not just seen as tired of the noise, foul air, the excess of information people plunk down for the negotiation table – and have bought chohom first got the equipment supplier for all classrooms. Although it is known that virtually no company, where the entire line would be really good.

There is a 'shock', a strong position, but there are continuous, inefficient things. Such hasty, unwise purchase of equipment – one more often common mistake when creating a beauty salon. Did not properly – ill and died Beauty Salons – like people. Someone husky – plows, a tractor and forges a Stakhanovite money, while others – from birth slackness in the knees, and rickets flatfoot. Just like in the song: 'I bet the fish, but no money nadybat'. No one of the most successful ever complain that 'nowhere to go yet. " But from the leaders of failed audible sobs and sobs constant – 'client went tight-fisted, bred competitors, the master of escape. " No, colleagues, is not so! For several years in consulting salon business, we had seen on decent shops, where the financial tubes, despite the best efforts leadership, pouring a thin trickle of rusty. But for all the similarity – the weak results, suffer such beauty in different ways and in different diseases. Continued follow.