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She invested in Singapore about the Nano launch Singapore early-stage venture fund I Pte Ltd as a partner of the Government of Singapore. Nanostart Asia Pacific is a subsidiary of Nanostart AG. The Nanostart Asia Pacific more shareholders in addition to the Nano launch AG are a series of strategic venture capital investors from Asia and the management of the company. Refer to for more information. Check out Erin Callan for additional information. Stella: Stella Specialty Chemicals Pte Ltd is a corporate spin-off of the advanced materials technology centre (AMTC) of the Singapore Polytechnic.

Stella is a rapidly growing specialty chemicals businesses and offers innovative and green”chemicals for coating, plating -, and treatment procedures in the electronics, automotive and jewellery industry. Stella aims to lift technologies for the finishing of surfaces to a whole new level and strives to be a world leader in the field of high performance specialty chemicals and materials. More info on Stella to obtain at: Disclaimer: this communication is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase or to subscribe for securities. A public offer (IPO) of securities of nano start AG in connection with the listing of shares in the portion of the segment (open market) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the “entry standard” does not take place. This communication presents a securities prospectus. This press release and the information contained therein are intended not for the direct or indirect transfer or within Canada, Australia or Japan. Press contact: Nano start AG head of corporate communications Dr..

Air Zone

Shaft furnace is out of the mine, loading and unloading devices, vozduhopodvodyaschey and gas-escape apparatus. Limestone in the blast furnace is charged continuously or periodically from the top. Material as the unloading of lime falls down and meet the baked material leaked hot flue gases. On nature of the processes occurring in the shaft furnace, preheating zone are distinguished, firing and cooling (Fig. 1.1). In the heating zone at the top of the furnace at a temperature of furnace space is not above 900 C, dried lime, and heated it burned organic matter.

In the middle of the furnace in the firing zone, where the temperature reaches 900-1200 C – the decomposition of CCO, and the carbon dioxide. At the bottom of the furnace – cooling zone – cool lime coming from below the air from 900 to 50-100 C. More economical on fuel consumption and ease of furnace design, working on a method for peresypnomu korotkoplamennom fuel (anthracite coal or skinny). Performance shaft furnace is peresypnyh 100-110 tons per day. The disadvantages include contamination of the furnace peresypnyh lime ash fuel. More pure lime is obtained in the blast furnaces with remote fires, working on long-flame fuel (brown coal, wood, peat), and in the furnaces of gas. However, these ovens have a somewhat lower performance. In the blast furnaces can burn only hardwoods (limestone, marble, etc.), and in rotating – as hard rock and soft rock sludge, such as chalk. The main task during the firing – providing maximum calcining CCO at a minimum temperature.

The Alfred Ritter Gmb

The wife of the founder imagined a new, modern 100 g chocolate bar that adjusts in height and width in each sport jacket’s pocket. 1932, the company contacted the (Knight “s)” sport chocolate “to the daring format change to the square in the Act. Since 1970 the brand name is handy “Ritter Sport” squeeze. Groundbreaking innovations in the packaging concept further separated the brand in the 1970s by the usual chocolate. The color code, the “colourful palette”, the “bend-Pack” came in 1976. The handling of this packaging forced customers to break through the product when opening. This idea “broke” at the same time self-confident with the outdated product understanding of the entire category. In 1991, a fully recyclable single material packaging polypropylene takes into account the ideas of sustainability.

Compared to conventional long Board packaging a considerable arose through weight reduction Pack material savings. The foil and its processing is responsible for optimal product and aroma protection. The chocolate is nearly light – and odor-resistant. In the presentation and in the development of products there are regular innovations to the continuous development of the independent brand identity. The Alfred Ritter GmbH & co. KG revives and nourishes their brand in this way for decades, but it remains the essence of Ritter Sport always faithful. In recognition of this outstanding business performance, the German Packaging Museum gives the company “Packaging of the year” award. Company Description provides the German Packaging Museum in Heidelberg as the first and only Museum of its kind since the opening in 1997 the cultural achievement of packaging in the Center.

The packaging of the goods always presents itself as a mirror of the cultural developments of our society. The historical change of product performances simultaneously shows the change of everyday life in the course of time.

Klaus Kobjoll

Show up in public. Because familiarity strengthens confidence. And confidence is a prerequisite for the recommendation. Stop on events, congresses and trade fairs not with the people you already know. Get it at events to the principle, no more than ten minutes to chat with the same person.

And: you can’t go out to dinner. Set to a smart idea so you are quickly reminded of you and benevolent of you speaks. A worthy Professor made it so: my name is and I am brain researchers. This means that I have the instruction manual for your upper story.” The man knew: interesting to do, in such a way, the sticking point is to be interesting for other people. Only who makes impression because he is something special or has or can and keep in good memory is recommended. Insert to recommendation stories, in the customer conversation can accommodate. The most effective stories are true stories about the successful use of your services.

Tell, for example, by a customer who has conquered a new market with your product and made so his luck. In all its facets, describe how that has taken place in the individual. Tell about his doubts at the beginning, by his weighing, also the first obstacles and finally the breakthrough. And then casually mention that became aware of this customer through a recommendation on you. You do things that surprise, uniquely different, fascinating, spectacularly and in your industry have never been there. You provide in particular emotional touch ‘. A brilliant idea, indelibly associated with your name, lasts maybe forever. It is usually a sum of trifles, which makes you recommended however. Pieces of conversation’ call the Americans that we deliver to our customers in small Bits of conversation material, which they incorporated into the discussions in the circle of friends can”, says Klaus Kobjoll. So, a list with the speed traps in a radius of 30 kilometres hangs in the evening at the restaurant exit of his hotel Schindlerhof.

Pan Advertising

The advertising agency of Bad Salzuflen is on medium-sized companies front already the automobile manufacturer Henry Ford coined the saying: “who stops advertising to save money, can stop his watch, as well, to save time.” Many entrepreneurs but follow not the example of Ford’s, but try to minimize their spending in times of crisis or out of season, the advertising budget is drastically reduced or even cancelled. But who sold its products without having the client is aware of their existence. No one! But good advertising need not be expensive, that proves the creative full service Agenturadgency.de in Bad Salzuflen. It offers its customers the full service. Dedicated team tried every customer’s request and he was still so failed to comply. Here to start no ready-made advertising for the customers, but the goals are set together and individually implemented. Whether the customer is seeking a special advertising, the agency there.

If the customer needs a new business facilities, the Agency also designed. Whether the customer Direct marketing wishes the agency designed a mailing and cares about the settlement. Hire many specialized agencies, the customer should choose instead prefer an ALLROUNDER, who brings the same performance. In addition to the creation of media strategies and the Pan-European showing ads the Agency on public relations specializes in the Internet. The Google position of the company can be enhanced by continuous promotional use. And who would not as far above finding via Google? On the home page to get an insight into the work of the Agency. Individual requests to the team call 05222-3690614.

We are an experienced advertising agency in Bad Salzuflen. With our creativity, freshness and reliability, we offer the full service your company happy. We introduce more detail our range, which extends to online marketing media strategies, on a different page. For failed requests we are also always available, because… …mache the impossible possible, the alternate, simple, and elegant simplicity. Contact: Adgency GmbH Sarah Tilgner Castle Street 4 32108 Bad Salzuflen 052223690615

Outdoor Advertising Best Solution

Currently, the scope of advertising purchased just enormous proportions. TV advertising, Internet advertising, advertising in the media has become an integral part of our lives. And what a whopping finance companies and business spending corporations for advertising. That’s just imagine – a second advertisement on the television channels on the rating is about 2.5 ths. And advertising banner on the popular 240h360 news site on the Internet costs about 14 thousand UAH. a week.

But this ad could afford major companies and corporations, and, of course, politics. Now very actively began to develop other types of advertising: advertising on mobile exhibition stands, banner stands for, advertisement bigboards, firewalls, various bulk structures, advertising signs and decorations, etc. Why is a growing interest in these types of advertising? The answer is simple – this advertisement is accessible even small companies, and second, These types of outdoor advertising by means of visual information in a special effect on people, both due to large size, and because of the bright and colorful interior design. An important and special role in these types of Advertising plays a large format printing, through which all of the above forms of advertising get rich, vivid, attention, processing. Large format printing is the external and internal (Interior), but it differs primarily by application to the surface and the sensitivity to atmospheric effects. Become especially popular outdoor advertising and large format printing in Kharkov. Print banners, print posters, printing posters, printing on fabric and canvas – are just a few applications in large-format printing outdoor advertising. Due to high competition, it has become quite affordable. A private entrepreneur is able to express themselves and their products, ordering, for example, a banner stand or promotional table, and even participate in presentations, using mobile booths. And I think that the companies providing advertising services will always work, because the advertising – it is the engine of commerce, and, finally, our company realized that its use should be at 100% and do not spare the money. And one very interesting fact, the world known, Coca-Cola spends on advertising 90% of its profits.

Sales Promotions

Sales promotion – a system of measures aimed at stimulating consumer demand, accelerate the process of goods movement and sale of goods. Sales promotion includes working with retailers and Encourage consumers. Promote retail competition provides for vendors or their staff, provide special promotional support, and additional bonuses when trading the condition of achieving the planned sales volume. Promote direct buyers is to: provide free samples, discounts, gifts, conduct various contests and sweepstakes. Budget royalties on sales promotion company grow from year to year, because this method is gaining in popularity among marketers. Nevertheless, read in Russian on the theme of 'sales promotion' (sales promotion), until recently, time was almost nothing, except a few articles in specialized media. In 2006, there were two good books on this subject, which offers you a website kniga.biz.ua.

The book "Sales promotion" Image advertising of the budget manufacturers pushed promotions, discounts and an infinite variety of presentations, contests and lotteries. What's really effective – challenging, commercial or branding? And how to make and sales increased, and the image was fixed in the minds of your target audience? This book answers these questions using a large number of 'live' examples. Shows the range of marketing communications in its modern interpretation, are described 39 classes of methods to stimulate. The author demonstrates a strategy for the integrated interaction between branding, product, price advertising, branding, brand promotion, events, PR Public shares of sales promotion. Book 'Promotion. How to launch an effective promotional campaign 'Zes details the experience of sales promotion (sales promotion), acquired companies in the UK: content, structure and stages of a promotional campaign, specific methods and strategies, financial and legal issues, as well as methods of assessment results by using appropriate tests and studies. Examples dealt with 30 cases of the most successful practices of the author. The book will be useful to those involved in the promotion of goods and services – brand managers, merchandisers, marketers, managers or employees of trade, advertising agencies and PR-agencies, promoters directly, as well as students and teachers with a degree 'marketing'.