Skoda System

Repair of electronic components (ABS) (BOSCH) (ATE) c follow quality assurance. Car Audi Bmw Opel Saab Volksvagen Volvo Ford Peugeot Skoda with a warranty from 3 to 6 months in the presence of exchange fund has been reconditioned abs Audi (A-4) (A-6) (A-8) Bmw 5ser – (E-39) 7ser – (E-38) X5 – (E-53) Opel (Omega) (Vektra) (Astra) Saab (9-5) (9-3) (900) Volksvagen (Golf) (Polo) (Passat B5) Volvo (850) (S40) (S60) (S80) Ford (Mondeo2) (Mondeo3) Peugeot (307) (406) (607) Skoda (Super B) (OCTAVIA) Repairs shall be made within 1-3 days depending on the load and complexity of the repair. For your convenience, the availability of a wide range of control units already repaired – (exchange fund) for cars first sign of a failure within the abs – abs lamp burns more than 6 seconds after power or lights up when driving and not turn off. For all systems, this means – the system has fixed some bugs in the their work and disable the abs. You are not left without brakes – they continue to work normally. But here we must be very careful – it is quite possible that tanned abs lamp indicates a fault in the brake system. You should immediately make a diagnosis system for identifying the causes of failure. In addition to reading errors and eliminate the causes of their appearance, is also necessary to erase them from memory block, otherwise the lamp will continue to burn

Champions League

Barcelona Pep Guardiola professes a similar philosophy – and completely successful. Rafah Benitez, by contrast, are often condemned in Liverpool due to the fact that he is too fond of rotation, not wanting it was the discrepancy, and in fact seemed to support a little shop profound, though led to a lack of class in the first team as soon as Gerrard or Torres according to some other factors not had a chance to get out on the field. Probably a sample such as the rotation has no effect. Finally, why because the rotation has become so fundamental? Prior to that, just from expansion UEFA Champions League matches the number many times growing up, though nepriklonno leads to fatigue the players and the impossibility of their publication in the starting lineup in every meet. (The eye-catching example of all those after Aston House with its 14 players in the composition: for the next season, they concentrated all forces on the ketch, and took the prize, really, but the championship went down to the 11-th space). If a team wants to compete on several fronts, it must be ready to live according to 60 games because of season.

Most of the players, including the most prominent athletes, unable to walk on idientichno highest level is so infrequently. But the basic premise of all because worth considering the increased zeal and activity of the best football that set unreasonable demands before the players. And in providing case 'fatigue' – not quite the right word, it carries a tinge such as if the players Tipo not fully trained, not completely ready to play 90 minutes .. Craft does not in any way if they are not ready to play or not in shape, and that if they did not have a physiologically all the chances to provide 100% efficiency in any match.

Lets Dance Shall

Thigh tightly pressed against his thigh partner. You keep it tight. Step forward – you are playing. One more step – and the rhythm of the dance itself makes its own rules. Nothing unusual, right? Except for the fact that on the dance floor …

Japanese! Still, land of the rising the sun makes me happy my film. The film "Shall We Dance? / Shall we dansu? (1995), "waited in the wings and take pride of place on my blog. What is lacking in the lives of the common man? He has a home, family and work. Just like everyone. But what he do if the soul asks of freedom besides it Japanese? Perhaps the title of the film immediately calls to mind the self-titled American remake with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez in the lead roles. Taken all from the same script. And those characters same, and the situation, and even the office environment, where the main character works. That's just have one fundamental difference.

It is a dance. Rather, in relation to it. Dance in America – it is a very easily. With anyone and in any condition. But in the dance Japan, an entire matter, the unknown and complex. Ballroom Dancing in Japan until that time were even something reprehensible. In public dance, cuddle up to your partner or your partner, which, moreover, is not your wife. It is incomprehensible. It is in this difference between the two cultures becomes clear how important a role in the Japanese film is dance. Our main character, eager for change, not simply finds a new passion. He is also terribly brave. Not afraid predosuzhdeny conservative environment. And let him hide owl new skill from her family, even dancing at a bus stop and in the toilet – it is worthy of respect and deserving of applause. Know how the Japanese still make you laugh. Humor them even if not "English", but even then, that on the surface – so simple, cute and good-naturedly. Sometimes do not even have words – look at the character. As he says, gesticulating, and most importantly – how he dances! Of course, the same character there is a remake, but it is not as charming as its predecessor Japanese. Gere and Lopez, despite his star status, clumsy look at the background Koji Yakushi and Tamie Kusakari – totally unknown to us, but much more pleasant and sincere. Although both films are identical to the plot, the Japanese look with great trepidation and a sinking. And even incomprehensible mumble, filtering through Russian dubbing makes the film even more immediate. Just watching both versions, you can finally come to a conclusion as the original better. Although it is not surprising. How many can you count remakes, surpassed the original? No, really? If you list at least three, perhaps I splyashu you jig … And finally. You can know how to dance, you do not know how. You can fully love dance, you hate him. But how is it nice when a man is right for you, so what is, and just like you have been familiar, says: "Shall We Dance?"


Horary astrology – one of the most interesting sections of practical astrology. Of particular interest is the fact that for the preparation of horary horoscope does not need to know not only the exact time and place of birth of anyone asks the question, and even birthday man! Astrological chart based on the time and location of the job issue, and now the time issue can pinpoint quite accurately. It would seem that as it may affect the question at the time human destiny? But if you look, we realize that the question comes to us also not accidental, but at a certain time. Often this time is connected with any event, for example, you have called and offered a new job and in your head ripe issue – whether to agree to this proposal? It turns out that the question you asked is not accidental. Questions in our minds as a discrete, but are not there permanently.

You, for example, not all the time thinking about something one. The second fundamental point Horary astrology is the assumption that at the time the job question answer already exists. True, there are times when horary horoscope is to be considered. These cases nonradical called horary horoscope. Of these cases, you can read in my article "Horary Astrology. Cases of non-radical. " Often, non-radical are questions that are of prime curiosity of people who are not too worried about the question asked. There are, however, cases where the horary horoscope shows that it is too early to ask a question, or, conversely, too late.

Internal Surfaces

Initial water used in power system, for various reasons a large set of corrosive properties that contribute to the formation of scale and deposits on the inner surfaces of the heating equipment (boilers, heat exchangers, pipe heating systems, etc.), contributing to the development of corrosion processes of metal. The rate of scale formation of carbonate increases depending on the hardness of raw water, and operating time of heat exchange equipment. The resulting scale deposits in pipes and boilers, reduces their heat output, increasing the coolant flow rate (fuel consumption, depending on the thickness scale: 1 mm. – 4%, 5 mm .- 15%) increase the temperature difference and, consequently, damage to pipes. Scale deposits in pipes and shell and tube heat exchangers (boilers) that are widely used in heating, leads to an increase in steam flow and as a consequence, reduce the efficiency by 30-50% due to a significant reduction in the intensity of heat transfer. Throughout the world, the urgency of this issue is extremely important and is reflected in the Fifth and Sixth Framework Programmes with the release of the European Union Up to 14% of funds from the general budget, ie 2 billion Euro per year. The mechanism of the formation of scale due to hard water of crystallization is mostly dissolved calcium carbonate in the form of calcite. The driving force crystallization process is the supersaturation, ie, excess of the actual concentration of the crystallizing substance above its equilibrium concentration in the circumstances. Crystallization consists of two stages: the formation of crystal nucleation and growth to a visible size.

Zakarniznaya Lights

Me as a manager and designer of the project redevelopment own apartment, it was decided (of course, after consultation with all its inhabitants!) Set in a kitchen-living room as an additional coverage light. It seemed a relatively simple affair, a situation, however, is complicated by the high ceilings in an apartment and a lack of knowledge of technological intricacies of the issue. Originally, it was necessary explore options for technical implementation of the required design – zakarniznoy illumination. After careful examination of the proposals has developed the following picture: Fluorescent lamps; Neon; led Rope; Lamps bulbs. Option incandescent dropped for two reasons.

Firstly, a significant heating temperature – thereby suspended ceiling, which was planned to establish backlight, very quickly would come into disrepair (patches, etc.). and I did not mention the very likely risk of fire throughout this construction. Second, the cost of its name has been impossible, and in our tough times each kilowatt-hour counts. Of the remaining cost-effective options for implementing planned – zakarniznoy lighting – I just do not like neon. Mainly because of the need to install long, gas-filled glass tubes, clear of fragility system inspired some fears. After studying the last two options was chosen led Rope.

He was much more convenient in terms of retention and did not ask for a high voltage (several kilovolts) as is the case with neon or fluorescent lamps. In addition, in the latter case, expansion joints could get uneven lighting. led Rope is a flexible plastic cord (often called flexible light cord), in which increments of about 2.5 cm placed LEDs. They did not warm up, for the same reason, this illumination is 5 times more economic than conventional bulbs, which we are so accustomed to. Power supply to such illumination – box a little more than a matchbox. We are, incidentally, is also used to regularly change the flat bulb, while the life of zakarniznoy backlit with LEDs, or as it is often called, led still impressive. On prices for flexible light cord desired color showed considerable scatter (when it comes to stores in St. Petersburg); prices, as always, depend on the country of manufacture and ambitions of the seller. As a result, had to stop on the led duralight Chinese production price of the light cord was 800r for 10m. In LEDs, however, have one serious drawback – very limited choice of colors glow. Most common now is the cool white color, and only recently began appearing in stores led Rope warm white glow. He is somewhat more expensive than the "cold", but the eye is more pleasant. Options with other colors (yellow, green, red) were not considered in principle. It remained to decide what to use as a ledge – it's lights. About this (as well as some finer points of installing it to stretch ceiling) – In the second part of the article.