Tourism Business

Mass popular resorts of the Earth have a favorable microclimate. This is, basically, countries with hot climate, unique flora and fauna. Famous places of recreation, usually found in tropical zones, have ancient and aesthetic monuments. Pledged in-kind attraction to comprehend something new, generated by a routine reality in the same place makes people pay money for a new experience and change of scenery when you visit the resorts. Go and see beautiful places, understand the culture of other countries and peoples have always fascinated the tourists who are willing to pay for a lot of money, escaping from everyday life for fresh impressions. For rest and recuperation there is an area industry as tourism. All kinds of tourism and its popularity all the time transformed.

A lot of various services is nowadays the tourist market. Every citizen, based on the wishes and material means may determine for themselves the kind of recreation. There are some types of recreation, which assigns each for himself. On this day, having a greater demand for travel services, the agencies make it easier to visit countries with tourists. Impose themselves on the express holding of documents, entry permits to open and provide a voucher for a reasonable price. By paying a fixed amount, the tourist will be able in the cold season to travel to Egypt, to the hotel with the Swedish table, the warm white sand and blue sea. If you want an extremely effective to spend your vacation, you will approach a trip on the liner, where you will visit various cities within a relatively short interval time.

South Asia

Unfortu-minimalist tendencies and manifestations are those artistic movements like abstract art, Dadaism, Suprematism and bespredmetizm has taken the concept as a basis for denial of objectivity. Victor Sizov painting depicting the "Yellow Square" marking the beginning of Theory and practice areas where the principle of "negation of objectivity" expressed in the film "Yellow Square" refers to the principle of "absolute simplicity" as the extreme case of the essence of minimalism. Referral painting and sculpture, art, minimalism is reduced to its basic essence, it is purely abstract, objective and anonymous, devoid of external decoration or expressive gesture. Paintings and drawings by minimalist monochrome and often produce mathematically correct grid and linear structures. At the same time, the minimalism is able to awaken the lofty sentiments and feelings of being. Minimalist sculptors used for industrial processes create a spatial sculpture and materials such as silver, sigippo-rubber or bolt, to create geometric shapes, and often large series. A similar sculpture, does not resort to any tricks illyuzionisticheski, but is designed for tactile perception of the viewer.

Minimalism in the literature that the aesthetics of small forms. In the Far East, it is the foundation of the national poetic tradition haiku. Japanese and Chinese belong to birthright in the aesthetics of the small. As for European small form, as an epigram, epitaph, aphorism, it may be, and not less ancient than the eastern, but is quite different. In principle, open, unfinished, fragmentary lyric utterance, to the same syllabic-tonic unstructured, has long been considered exotic, oriental motifs. And today there are miniature verlibricheskaya in Russian poetry is more Western than Eastern origin. Minimalist music is a modern compositional techniques, adhering to create musical structures of the principle of the minimum number of elements and a simplified connection between them. The term minimalism refers to the music, which is characterized by certain common features, such as repetition, often short musical phrases, with minimal variations over long periods of time, or resting state, often in the form of drones, and bass zing.

"The music is not minimalist in order to listen to her, and to not pay her any attention," said Erik Satie. The smallest is the criteria for minimalism. By the time of playing such works in certain Composers lasted for several hours. Minimalist music is often meditative character gets and has similarities with some layers of the traditional music of the Middle East, Central and South Asia. Minimalism is not just the aesthetics of small forms. Forms can be arbitrarily cumbersome. But the minimalist aesthetics of small, low. Minimalism is a special type of artistic behavior, it is an updated postmodern era, which is the basis for all post-modern artistic strategy. The bottom line is not in circulation to a minimum, and the minimal use, in a minimalist setting of the writer. This not only spoken language, and the whole language practice is a living, fluid process, weave functional styles. Word of distinction and refused before the futurists, but here's the opening of direct aesthetic functionality konkretistam belongs. And it has become possible only because of purely minimalist reduction, non-lyrical monologism from organic expression in favor of the alienated, like a self-organizing dialogue polyphony of functional styles and languages. In terms of overall aesthetic interpretation as an artistic strategy of minimalism refers to a much wider range of authors rather than as a tactic specific elements of poetry. The transition from modernist to postmodern minimalism extremism is the most important realities of the postmodern situation, but without an understanding of these realities, it is difficult to perceive the current art.

Corrosion Protection

It's no secret that annual losses due to corrosion of 10-15% of the total steel produced. In some cases, the metal structure or its separate parts can simply be replaced with time. However, such a procedure cost to the customer in a rather tidy sum. Moreover, in most cases, the design simply can not be replaced or its installation is expected that it should last for 20-30 years without a substantial overhaul. Most of such a problem faced in chemical industries or areas with a fairly aggressive environment – for example, if the object is located on the coast.

In such cases, to save the situation may be the optimal selection of corrosion coatings. Anticorrosive materials and coatings designed to prolong the life of various structures and protect them from aggressive environmental influences. Are useful for the effective protection corrosion materials for epoxy or polyurethane with special fillings. Type of binder and filler type, suitable for this environment are well documented in the standard ISO-12944. There are all types of environmental divided into groups.

And for each group recommended certain materials. If we talk about protecting structures from the external environment, for such purposes are best suited materials based on polyurethane. For areas with not very aggressive conditions suitable anticorrosive primer based on polyurethane, which dries quickly, can be applied even at low temperatures and has excellent protective properties. The top layer can be used in polyurethane enamel or anticorrosive material "liquid plastic", is also based on polyurethane. Such a system – polyurethane primer plus polyurethane enamel – is the simplest, but at the same time, effective enough. But there are situations where the protective properties of the materials should have higher performance. For these purposes there is a material that is called "cold galvanizing". Material for polyurethane with zinc powder performs a function similar to hot dip galvanizing. Zinc in this case acts as a sacrificial metal. "Cold zinc is applied to the prepared metal surface as prime paint. After drying, it is recommended to close the zinc coating with polyurethane enamel to prevent access of oxygen to zinc. Thus all the zinc will only react with the metal. Such coating is ideal for protecting metal structures and equipment in hostile environments.

PRP Insulation

These days, hard to water mains, sewers and other elements of civilization without tubes. Pipes are everywhere, including big and small countries, cities and even villages. And with the latest technology is incorporated in the tube different kinds of modern transport, energy-efficient and durable design, and so dalee.Odnim of the most used in the world today insulating material is polyurethane foam (PUF), which is used in As a material for a wide range of industrial and household insulation in general, and thermal insulation of pipes and pipelines for various purposes in chastnosti.Penopoliuretan or cut – foam can be up to 20 percent of the heat. There are several ways to the current insulation – installation of thermal insulation shells – technology "pipe in pipe" – spray foam on the assembled pipe – pre-insulated Polyurethane flexible tube type ISOPROFLEX, izofleks, kasafleks.Takie coverage allocated a low thermal conductivity (0, 027, – 0, 032 W / mK), minimal water absorption (Vol. percent 1, 4 – 2, 1) and a satisfactory adhesion to the heterogeneous materials. Therefore, PRP also serves as thermal insulation, corrosion protection of metal and other materials – from external destructive vozdeystviy.Preimuschestva use foam (PU) insulation for pipes for various purposes (including domestic, such as houses and cottages) – is obvious. With careful attention to the selection of the pipe manufacturer benefits to consumers will be uncontested.

The rule here is not complicated: the closer to the source, the better. Dealing with agents is not prohibited, but why pay more? Why, and pipe manufacturer may be different: the geographical proximity of the producer tells you nothing about the quality of its products. But if you buy the pipe from the enterprise which is engaged not only in production and installation of pipes, but also manufactures, supplies and installs the equipment for the production of pipes – that there will be a perfect choice for purchase of pipes and pipelines – and quality, and on the Internet using a web stoimosti.S anyone can know any interesting information on the website -. mht-ppu. ru. Among other things, on the site due to special form, you can order the product at any time convenient for you.

Beer Brewing

When we talk about Zhigulevskoe brewery, then, of course, have to say that his glory, he is equally obliged to technical managers, who were the major brewers. This is a story about them. Start with the necessary reports that the main office building of the plant burned down in 1919. Blown and archive. And only from the correspondence of the plant with the Samara city government, the Soviet authorities were able to establish the names of the major brewers. Probably not all. First among them should be called Charles Pink, whose signature is on many drawings of constructed factory buildings. Who is he, where, how long worked in Samara, the documents are silent.

It is very likely You can only say that its first gold medal, received the 1896 All-Russian industrial exhibition, Zhigulevsky brewery indebted to him. Unfortunately, it is unclear for which he received a medal. For exemplary statement of affairs or for brewing some beer. Several years in the State Archives of the Samara Region, the Regional Scientific Library Foundation pre-revolutionary newspaper unsuccessful. After receiving recognition for Russian domestic market, Zhigulevsky brewery entered the international.

Again, the highest award: Paris (1900), London (1902), London (1903), Rome (1903). By 1914, our factory has already 15 gold medals and top awards of Russian and international exhibitions of brewing. Beers, which were issued in those years are known, "Vienna," "The Nightingale", "Export", "The March", "Bavarian", "pilsener", "Lada". Such a high international recognition Zhigulevsky brewery is associated with another major brewer – Karl Karlovich Strauss.

Ukrainian Republic

Tens of millions were entitled to free creative work, wealth, mastery of the heights of culture. The first country in the history of socialism – The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – labor and genius of the people, has been converted to a powerful world state. There is a new historical community – the Soviet people. Fraternal family of equal nations did not know mezhdunatsionalnyh strife. The advantage of socialism, the power of the Soviet system, the friendship of free peoples, convincingly demonstrated that the Soviet people's victory in the Great Patriotic War over fascism. Extraordinary efforts Soviet people, without any outside help, when a fierce against the world capital for only 4-5 years old, has been built was destroyed during the war economy.

Our country came to the forefront in the development of the industry, science and culture. The Ukrainian people, for the first time became masters of their country in this subject of the historical process. Ukrainian Republic – made possible the simultaneous solution of the tasks of socio-economic development and national revival and creation of a modern highly developed industry and a large, mechanized agriculture, the flowering of Education, Science and Culture. That's when socialism was unleashed historical task – to reunite in a single state of the Ukrainian people, its age-old land. The inclusion of the Ukrainian SSR in the states – founders of the UN was convincing evidence that the international community has recognized its real state. Initially, in 1993 Wang reported that the Soviet Union revived in the first quarter of the twenty-first century, and Bulgaria will be in its composition.

UPS Desktop

It should be noted that these disadvantages of inline elements are quite natural for mobile devices, and they can easily compensate for connecting external components (monitor, keyboard, mouse), but this increases the final cost of the laptop and slightly reduces the mobility of a laptop. The increased likelihood of failure. Another ode to the problem of mobility generates a laptop, which is also sometimes will wear in the disadvantages of portable computers – A large chance of breakage compared to the PC. Laptops usually drop them. There is a chance to break the notebook display when you close the lid (if the keyboard and the display gets a foreign object). If you pour the laptop keyboard any liquid (eg cola), it is likely out of the laptop down (while in a desktop computer failure will only keyboard). However, the chance of breakage Secure Notebooks are usually much lower than that of desktop computers and is comparable to industrial computers. Desktop computer.

Pros Cheaper than a laptop. A fully equipped desktop computer (complete with monitor, input devices (mouse and keyboard) and sound system) is equal to the cost of the laptop will be more productive. High performance. In desktop computers have no problem with the size of so they can at any filling. Therefore, the power of desktop PC any demanding task such as computer games, three-dimensional modeling and design, rendering, engineering analysis, etc. Topics more from a PC, as opposed to a laptop is almost no limit to the upgrade. Cheaper repair. In the desktop much easier to replace a failed motherboard or much simpler and cheaper to buy and replace the monitor or keyboard.

The laptop would cost several times more expensive. Assembling the system unit to your specifications. A desktop computer can collect yourself. Or you assemble it to experts to your needs. Nothing more. It is thus possible reduce the cost of the computer. Choose your operating system, etc. In a notebook to change the operating system is not easy, sometimes impossible. Cons Do not Moves mobility desktop computer to another room / office is often a problem, not to mention moving to another city. Mandatory connection to external devices. Such as a monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected separately. It is not possible battery life. A desktop computer can operate autonomously very short time and only with UPS. And it is also a separate unit. And it is desirable to install, unless of course you love your computer. Now, comparing the pros and cons you can easily determine the choice between a mobile, compact laptop, or cumbersome, but powerful desktop computer. Many counselors, but the choice is yours! Related articles topic: What are the laptops? Online Shop –

Recruiting Agency Jobs

Whom to entrust the selection of personnel? How to choose a recruitment agency? By what criteria to estimate it, so as not to be mistaken? Here are the concerns of employers. Agency of the Association of the regional employment agency ARKA, regularly conduct surveys of their potential customers – the employers in order to determine what criteria are most important to managers when selecting a recruitment agency? Here we have from the very beginning we have in mind only those recruiting agencies (hereinafter – CA), who take the obligations and, therefore, receive a fee only to employers. These agencies are called himself, as a rule, recruiting or recruitment agencies. Agencies that lived at the expense of job seekers and employers to declare a "free choice of personnel" in this review, we do not consider as "free services" in the business can not be determined. As The survey showed, to varying degrees are important for consumers were 24 criteria: the criterion for assessing post mentions a% Record of service in the market 92 2 The degree of fame / reputation Recommendations 90 3 87 4 Number of peers and the level of previously closed vacancies (the "client list") 79 5 Smart presentation, a personal impression 68 6 quality, attendance and frequency of updates on the Internet 65 7 guarantees to meet deadlines for selecting candidates (optimally 2-4 weeks) 58 8 55 9 Reliability guarantees Clear algorithm (technology) search, selection and presentation of candidates 52 10 51 11 Fees Flexible payment 46 12 Experience the closing of similar vacancies in recent years 43 13 Systematic and quality of advertising in the media 41 14 Membership Professional Associations 36 15 Demonstration of a good knowledge of the market wage / personnel 34 16 The availability and quality of publications in the media 32 17 Possession of methods of "target search" 27 18 The volume of database professionals 25 19 The presence of affiliates / partners in elsewhere 24 20 Modern office, friendly negotiation and interviewing candidates 19 21 Privacy policy cooperation 17 22 Ready for Customer Specific Solutions 16 23 Adequate office equipment (fax, e-mail, computers), the presence of at least 3 phone lines, 13 24 The proposal related services (training, salary survey, outsourcing, etc.) 10 now comment on the choice of customers: how a particular factor is important, worthy of trust, what are the nuances and tricks, how to "measure" these factors.


Configuration and assembly, msi did not limit his model only configuration, and we should look for when buying what parameters have any particular instance. Under the guise of variables can serve as a hard disk capacity: 160, 250 and 320 gb, can be additionally installed Bluetooth-adapter (but the default is usually absent.) Too, under the guise of the battery can be installed 3 or 6-cell. The amount of ram in our If installed 2 gb (DDR2-667, the actual frequency of 640 MHz), but judging by the specifications, quantity and frequency of memory also is variable and can be installed up to 4 gb DDR2-800 or 667. In principle, 2 gb, of course, enough for a laptop, so more, this compact and used on the go, but presumably someone will want to add a second bar for two-channel memory access, which should further improve performance. Good memory is now inexpensive.

And, maybe, in commercial samples of 2 gb and will be recruited initially by two straps. Graphics core in the amd 780M chipset is not new to users of desktop platforms amd, in fact it is the same 780G, performance which is enough to decode HD-video, and games at low quality settings in not the most recent, or simply not demanding 3D-games. Choosing a laptop is very good, and perhaps it is by adapting the chipset for notebook platforms, recently came out so many laptops on the amd platform from different vendors. Laptop very pleasantly surprised by virtually every objective and subjective evaluation criteria. Actually, why the surprise? The author is in no case has any bias to one or another brand, but still when in all respects a nice notebook gets from the firm, long-established exactly as the manufacturer of laptops, whether it be hp, Acer, Toshiba and so on, it's taken for granted. Possible and developers of msi can also be when they want, in any case, an example of this notebook, we have visual confirmation. Must only to notice that belongs to a series of Wind should not be misleading, but rather a full-fledged subnotebook, which may well be considered under the guise of a serious partner for the dynamic traveling employee, rather than glamorous notebook, suitable only for the order to dismiss the mosquitoes at the beach.