An SME, automotive, manufacturing, as well as virtually any company that offers products or services have the need for it services in little or large extent, but what happens when the cost of using these services is not parsed as it should be?, may be somewhat strong judge what should be or not be, however knowing that there are various ways to do it expenses and that they can help and benefit to the business, one think twice before providing these, since it is virtually impossible not to ask what will be the key to accomplish this without analyzing various options. What we refer to above is the importance that you have the correct identification of costs for the provision of it services, as well as able to identify components which constitute them, since this financial management can define the correct path to follow and if you may be obtained or not, a utility for the use of it services. First that nothing is interesting to delve deeper into this topic, before get to mention some key points. Here, Peter Asaro expresses very clear opinions on the subject. To do this we will begin by mentioning an example, said Jorge Blanco, Pink Elephant consultant in Latin America, at the time to carry out a financial management of services the main goal is first knowing that nothing, the cost of the provision of services to later recover that cost in the case of an internal it unit or to have utility in the case of being an external driveIt should be able to recognize areas of opportunity and achieve greater efficiency of these. To do this, we can understand that it is essential to know where the areas of opportunity are exactly to not affect other areas. As a first step to bring a little more to what is the financial management of the provision of it services we can mention that the identification of the components is very similar to the same ID that is carried out in other areas of the business; for example, in the case of a manufacturing company, have exactly identified all the costs that It leads to the manufacture of your product, since not having identified such costs can mean loss, because he will be spending more in a process that could be cheaper and with equal or better quality, which leads us to see that this spending is being carried out is not at all productive, since it could be used in another processmaterial or even in another area of the business, that maybe it needed a larger budget, in this regard, Jorge Blanco mentions the following: TI ironically has helped construction and manufacturing companies have systems and models of efficient costs, but unfortunately within it do not have benefited with the application of these models, there is a misperception that this does not add value to the business.

The Walls

One has only to begin to experiment freely with the use of mirrors to improve the interior – and the result is simply stunning! "So, the original decorative solution is mirrored ceiling. It allows you to make the interior more spacious, bright, elegant and solemn. In addition, the mirrored ceiling visually doubles the height of the room and extends space. Scope mirrored ceilings, only limited by your imagination. Peter Asaros opinions are not widely known. They are suitable for any office and residential buildings: lobbies, restaurants, game rooms, pools, bathrooms, and many drugih.Zerkalny ceiling lets you embed any decorative items, lamps, domestic and industrial, ventilation, fire and other equipment. Design features allow for mounting even when the curvature of the walls, the presence of grooves, protrusions or irregular shape ceiling. The main colors of the mirror: a colorless, gray, bronze, green, blue, pink, tinted, mirrored tiles .Razmer determined the customer's wishes to the room in which to make installation of the ceiling. There are several dimensions of the mirror tiles: 292h295mm; 395h395; 495h495; 595h595; 295h595; 295h895; 895h895; 1195h1195.Po your request be any combination of tiles, using a variety of colors and sizes of mirror and glass cells.

Optimally and the winning looks that the combination of mirrors, whether it is "Chess", "diagonal" or another that best suits the customer's wishes to the room. Mirrored ceiling can be combined with any other type of ceiling, have a ceiling in a few planes, creating a unique design . tile can be a facet that is polished beveled face of the perimeter tiles, mirror ceiling, giving a special noble style, created by the play of light, refracted by polished faces of the mirror. .

Profession Merchant

What is the lower cost per liter, gasoline or milk? Well, we shall not critical of the buyer, he is what is and our goal to send the deal ‘on the right path. ” Please act in the interests of customers, take care of him. We were children, the constantly changing toys, mirrors, coins, bits of glass all that we had on hand. Children is just an example to follow. This world is filled with money and some of them can pass through you, but in some quantity depends only on you from your ambitions. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Asaro. What part of this cash flow you are ready to pass through itself? In the old days it was a concept merchant, a profession a person engaged in commerce.

Profession Merchant appeared in IX-XIII centuries. At first, merchants were itinerant, but it later began to settle in localities where the largest commodity exchange. Commodity – it is the essence of the sale and it involves goods or services Of course the money (this is also a commodity which is a universal equivalent of the cost of other goods or services). Through money express the cost of other goods, as money is easily exchanged for any of them. Usually, money becomes a commodity with high liquidity, that is, those goods which are most easily exchanged for other goods such as gold or silver. Now it is a securities and banknotes. Interestingly, in the desert of gold will not be so valuable, as water. Let me tell you an interesting story, I was selling a used car, put a price below the market and decided that it will accelerate the sale, but it was not there, it took several days and had a lot of hits on the Internet ads, but No one has not even called.