The Acuaponia is the productive activity that combines a production of fish and plants of commercial value in a system of water recirculation (Aquaculture + Hidropona). This system takes advantage of the remainders generated by the fish to nourish to the plants that release the water of these compounds as well doing it available again for the fish. It is for that reason that acuaponia takes advantage of to the maximum the generated water, space and remainders, reason why one becomes a form of viable production for the atmosphere. The general principle of acuaponia is that the remainders produced by the organisms in the culture units, are profiteers by the plants for their growth and therefore, the water is released of diverse solids, which represents an increase in the quality of the water. The nitrates, that are the end items of the biological filtration, represent the nitrogen form more used by the plants.

In acuaponia the amount of nitrogen of the unloading effluents is reduced in other words or, extends the use of the water, which implies also a reduction of the costs of operation by water transport to the system, coverall in zones where the supplying of this resource is a serious problem. This activity increases the yield of the fishery farm since the vegetable production with this system acquires considered a greater commercial value to the being like ” products saludables” (free of chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) and extra expenses by fertilization of plants are not had because the nutrients are contained in the water flow that circulates around the system Another advantage of these systems, is that nutrients like ammonium maintain one better quality of the water when eliminating, carbon nitrates, dioxide, among others. The integration of plants and animal is a type of poli culture that increases the diversity and therefore it offers stability to the system. In addition, the plants when using these nutrients and requiring solar energy, avoid the proliferation of the phytoplankton. The design of the system of acuaponia is realised on the basis of the system of recirculation with the addition of hydroponic beds and the possible suppression (or diminution of capacity) of biofliters or of devices of dissolved and fine solid removal.

This suppression of components is feasible if the relation between the area of the plants and the one of the aquatic organisms is the suitable one. ACUAPONIA COMPANY, Acuaponia is a company that comprises of the organization BOFISH and who of equal way shares the philosophy to promote the Farming production of Viable way with the Atmosphere, thus obtaining to produce Healthful foods and of high Quality. Acuaponia focuses in productive systems that have the objectives of eficientizar the use of the resources: Water, Space, Energy and Remainders, through the application of biotechnologies that can be applied to the specific conditions of the site. The company is dedicated to the qualification of the systems related to acuaponia by means of the planning of courses and congresses, as well as the diffusion of this one novel productive activity. ACUAPONIA, offers estor courses like an alternative for the viable development to your hands.

Distribution Key

The Bundesgerichtshof decision of the Federal Court has made a decision about the claim on modification of the distribution key for independent consumption costs. The Court rejected the claim of an apartment owner on this key. The real estate portal reported the verdict. Sen. Jeff Flake has much experience in this field. Cause of action was the conversion of the flat of an owner. Considerably more living space available than before was that after completion of the renovation work. The plaintive co-owner then demanded a change of the distribution key. Rather than how so far on the basis of co-ownership the distribution of consumption-independent cost should be set in the future on the basis of the respective living space.

This way would reduce the cost burden of the plaintiff by 13 percent. The Court decided, however, that the claimant, taking into account all the circumstances is not entitled to change the distribution key, because there is no serious reason for a corresponding adjustment. Changes should serve therefore only for the removal of significant burdens that would occur by maintaining the existing key. The overhead of the owner of who calls the change was crucial. Any benefits that an another co-owner of the distribution key draws, are irrelevant here.

Only a deviation of the ratio of the residential areas to the co-ownership for the apportionment of the costs by more than 25 percent would justify such a change. The 25-percent limit serves only as a guide and is not a fixed minimum. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


Quality plays a major role in StudyLingua, and many of the affiliated schools are personally known to the Organizer. The respective language Institute on the spot must both on a national and international recognition and be have been accredited by the respective educational institutions. The selection of the offered language schools according to very strict criteria for selection and a carefully created catalogue of requirements. The staff of StudyLingua have completed itself at least a language and are familiar with the procedure and the content. A leading source for info: Farallon Capital. Also it is StudyLingua a matter of course, that problems with the accommodation quickly under the arms is accessible, a permanent communication with the schools belongs to the day-to-day business. Foreign language program for students just young people learn a foreign language easily and many times accent. However, a study conducted by the European Commission in 14 EU countries during which pupils or students in the teens were tested, revealed that only 42% can easily apply the first foreign language, and only 25% confirm to be proficient in a second language has.

However, 14% of the tested pupils and students don’t even have basic knowledge in the first foreign language, in the second foreign language, this percentage rises to 20%. Therefore, students and children language courses represent a focal point in the range of StudyLingua. The program is tailored to the respective target age and includes usually a language lessons in the morning, afternoon is complemented by excursions and activities of the respective language courses. Sometimes even in the evening community activities such as for example discos are organized, there is the opportunity with peers of the destination country in contact to come and the newly acquired language skills equal to apply on the spot. The courses can be booked over a period from one week to five weeks each during the summer holidays, or sometimes in the Easter and Autumn holidays.

The Investment

The selection of strategic accounts can also depend on the presence that the organization wants to have in a specific segment of customers. You can also select strategic accounts based on criteria of the influence that some customers may have about the market in general. There is a golden rule to define the strategic accounts, this depends on the priorities and needs of each organization. What is important is having clear criteria and be consistent in its application. Additionally you should assess whether the process of attention that you give to your strategic customer will be somehow reciprocated by such customer, i.e.

If the investment to your company held to allocate special resources for attention to this customer strategic will result in the short, medium or long term results for your organization. An example to illustrate this point that exists today is the fact that an undertaking producing goods of mass consumption, such as food, consider one of these large chains of supermarkets, a strategic customer. SMEs often considered strategic to have a large chain of these as customer and devoted great effort and resources to enter as a provider and then to maintain as such, at the expense of all impositions and demands that these chains demand. Personally I think a high cost and may not necessarily represent an excellent Alliance. This undoubtedly depends on each company’s strategy, but in this example I want to illustrate that not necessarily big or important to say that it is a strategic customer.

Perhaps devote efforts to work with smaller chains with other distribution channels, etc., can be more strategic to an SME. The final message is to define very well which are the fundamental variables of According to its strategy, to select strategic customers or their accounts. Finally, one of the fundamental concepts so that the key account strategy can work, is that the entire organization must be aware and must be committed to exceptional service to strategic accounts.

Male and Female Relationships

Men afford such "luxury" can not afford, and where is it, lame duck, you can relax? Where you can be yourself He comes home to his woman, close to the he wants to rest, relax, take off the mask and be themselves and here again, "should", again "must" endless accusations, tantrums, scandals The psyche does not rest Sooner or later it passes a failure Most men find out their negative feelings in sports, "individual therapist – mistress Every man child lives – lost, scattered, uncertain self-righteous, evading responsibility. However, if these childhood traits are sometimes attached to the charm of a woman, they are absolutely not endorsed by the society of men. Involuntarily rush phrase "So it's – a big kid," carries a sense of deep-laid male psychology and a hefty dose of outright neglect. Therefore, adult male, in which he lives a boy compelled to hide this part of his personality for a wide screen hobbies, interests and hobbies. Frequently Attorney General has said that publicly. Even serious scientists and businessmen transformed into lovely, charming and sweet boys, these clever and naive when stretched out his hands to his "favorite toy". Women who do not interfere with these "games" and even participates in them, it is easy to win men. Men close to these women feel safe. They allow them to stay children – a bit naughty, play, pobezobraznichat, hooliganism, that is to stay a little boy who lives in his soul, when these children's properties meet the approval of their identity, men willing to pay for it with gratitude. Peter Asaro has similar goals.

Marketing Business

Esendex offers a service via SMS mobile marketing. Our Services Mail SMS, Web SMS, PC SMS, Voice SMS SMS API and allow you to get the most out of your marketing campaigns Push-SMS. In this paper, we present the main advantages of marketing campaigns via SMS. Did you know that in Spain there are more mobile lines than fixed telephone? The cell phone has become an element of personal communication that is always with us. Would you like to be in the pocket of your clients? Through a mobile can communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere by sending SMS to their mobile phones. Promotional strategies via mobile: SMS Marketing Push There is a massive growth in the use of mobile as a communication medium and therefore many companies use SMS communication with its customers to be constantly updated and move from traditional mass media to personalized communication. The Push SMS marketing is the creation of a message from a company by sending an SMS application.

These messages can be allocated to a specific audience of high volume or as a personal response to requests from individual users. Euro Pacific Precious Metals has similar goals. With the actions of Push Marketing via SMS, the recipient of the message, may respond to SMS to another SMS, telephone contact with the sender of the message, visit the company website or visit any of the points of sale and purchase an item or service promotion. Through the use of SMS services for existing suppliers, companies can keep customers informed about the activity of the same (restaurant, clubs or sports clubs etc.) to keep them informed of the status of your account or its loyalty program (airlines, banks, …) to generate sales through promotions, and to create visibility and differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition (health professionals, machine shops, banks). All these companies seek to reach the widest audience possible with the least cost. Benefits of using SMS as a marketing tool Universality: there is almost a mobile phone per person in Spain..