Brazilian Citizens

After one soon description on the main types of maltreatment against children and adolescents, this chapter to analyze as the protection to the right of the child has been treated in the Brazilian constitutions and the institucional laws that had exerted and exert the guardianship, as the Code to Minors, the statute of the Child and the Adolescent, as well as the Federal Constitution of 1988. The first Brazilian Constitution, Empire, granted in 1824, the child did not make reference to reference to any type of protection and the adolescent. Heading VIII that it deals with the General Disposals and Guarantees of the Civil laws and Politicians of the Brazilian Citizens: In what pertine the content of article 179: XIX, we observe that, since already are abolished the whips, the torture, the mark of hot iron, and all the cruel penalties; XXXII the primary instruction is gratuitous to all the citizens. Valley to point out that the guarantees are directed to all the Brazilians, not having, therefore, any reference to the children and the adolescents. To follow, it came the first Republican Constitution, of 1891, that also it did not make any reference of protection to the child and the adolescent. Only the Constitution of 1934, for the first time, brings protection and support norms to the child.

In regards to article 121, interpolated proposition ' ' d' ' we have that: Prohibition of the work the minors of 14 years; of nocturnal work the minors of 16 years, and in unhealthy industries the minors of 18 years and the women. 3: The services of support to the maternity and infancy, the referring ones to the home and the feminine work, as well as the respective fiscalization and the orientation, will be charged of preference the qualified women. No longer article 138, we observe that: It charges to the Union, the States and Cities, in the terms of the respective laws: c).


Some dislxicos, for being forced to think and to learn of differentiated form, many times become more creative and innovative that not dislxicas people. E, exactly not being cured, the people whom dislexia has rights assured for law as: to remake parol evidences, to have one hour more in the written tests and to use calculator freely. The above-mentioned author detaches that dislxicas children when treated early they surpass the riot and if they are similar to the not dislxicas ones. Others who may share this opinion include mayo clinic. Moreover, this delay in the learning of the reading does not prevent problems with low autoestima, exactly lacks reliable in itself and pertaining to school evasion, that relation ahead enters the difficulties of learning with low autoestima and acceptance of the room colleagues (LINHARES and COLS., 1993). The positive feelings in relation itself proper reflect in the motivation and answer the learning demands (OKANO and COLS., 2004). (As opposed to MasterClass UK). The handling of the difficulties of learning in the pertaining to school environment is not an easy task. It includes the rank of the child in special programs of education, as rooms of reinforcement or recovery, providing to the pupil to surpass the difficulties found in the daily pertaining to school (OKANO and COLS., 2004).

These symptoms can present of isolated form or combine, disclosing themselves of different forms, varying of individual for individual. The presentation of some symptoms does not mean that the person is dislexia, but that she presents a picture of risk for the riot (RICHART and BOZZO, 2009) Methodology This research bases on a descriptive methodology of the type case study. For if dealing with a case study, the objectives can have an immediate reply or not, will be carried through through readings of some workmanships that deal with the dislexia subject, interview with psychologist, the current teacher and the director of the school. Accompaniment of the child will be made who frequenta a normal school for the comment of the treatment that the teacher, the pupils and employees of the school give it. .

Literature Professor

A professor gotten passionate for Literature and that it respected certainly the moment of literary enjoyment would be contributing for the formation of readers and they would not have only pupils that they read for obligation, or that nor they read, but they search summaries of the Internet to fill reading fiches stops to acquire notes. The distanciamento that exists between the professors, the pupils and the texts necessary to be excluded from the school, so that as much the lessons how much the texts make some direction for the pupils. Lajolo (1997, P.

15) still informs: Or the text of the felt one to the world, or it has not felt none. the same if can say of our lessons. It is hour already passed to give one is enough in this distance that if imposes between the professor and the pupils and also enter the reading of both. To establish a dialogue and to give life to the text. It is the moment opportune to allow that imaginary of each pupil recrie the literary text making with that it gives a direction to the world, to leave that the interaction reader-book really exists, therefore is in this after all that it really consists the reading. It is pertinent to evidence that to leave that the interaction reader-book exists is not synonymous to diminish the importance of the professor in classroom. The professor is the intermediary between the sender and the addressee.

Still the functions fit it to handle the didactic procedures, to know the universe of expectations of the pupils, to instigate its interests, to deepen its knowledge, etc. To teach literature are not scrumbled to compel the book reading already canonizados and to apply tests and tests. The professors need to acquire knowledge that its pupils also are active elements in the process of literary communication, in view of whom its changes in relation to the workmanships modify the course of production of the same ones.

Brazilian Providence

The payment of the main one and the interests if of only in the date of maturity. NTN-B (Note of the National Treasure series B): heading with entailed yield to the variation of the IPCA, increased of interests defined at the moment of the purchase. It is not something Euro Pacific Precious Metals would like to discuss. The payments of the interests are made semester and the payment of the main one is made in the expiration. Main NTN-B (Note of the National Treasure Main series B): as well as the NTN-B, it has entailed yield to the variation of the IPCA, increased of interests defined at the moment of the purchase. The difference, here, is that the payment is only done only in the date of maturity. NTN-C (Note of the National Treasure series C): heading with entailed yield to the variation of the IGP-M, increased of interests defined at the moment of the purchase. The payments of the interests are made semester and the payment of the main one is made in the expiration. NTN-F (Note of the National Treasure series F): heading with predetermined, increased yield of interests defined at the moment of the purchase.

The payments of the interests are made semester and the payment of the main one is made in the expiration. On the prices of the headings it sees the article of Prof. Elisson, having access this site: Private providence x DiretoPrevidencia Treasure? As described the private providence snake two taxes. These taxes ‘ ‘ comem’ ‘ part of its patrimony. Bigger taxes of administration that 1.5% minimize its profits? The banks apply great part of the resources in public headings. The risk of the insuring bank exists/to break and to bring damages to the customer. He makes with that the customer has that to load resources all month, practically compelling the saving. ‘ ‘ salrio’ ‘ pay in the period of the benefit daily pay-is stipulated.

Direct treasure? In the case of the direct treasure the taxes do not arrive 1% at the year. The risk of it breaks is practically inexistent, since the resources are loaned to the Brazilian government. In this in case that it is necessary disciplines of the investor, since it does not have an application obligation. Also it has the question that in the case of the private providence it is possible to draw, but of a little more than work of what the direct treasure, which makes the repurchase all the Wednesday. In the case of the direct treasure, it does not have one ‘ ‘ salrio’ ‘ , being the responsible investor for managing the resources.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Antonio Rodrigues de Melo Grandson 1, Aline Mirely Blacksmith of 2 Souza Bernardine Manuela Chamber Barbosa 3 1.Discente of the bacharelado course of in pharmacy of the Maurcio College of the Nassau, 2.Co-person who orientates, Mestranda Druggist of the UFPE. 3. Person who orientates, MsC, Professor of the course of bacharelado in pharmacy of the Maurcio College of the Nassau SUMMARY the cleanness validation has importance to guarantee that the cleanness of the equipment, after a production, is really in accordance with the necessary one to be able to make another production. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Federal Reserve Bank has to say. In such a way the objective of this research was to show that the validation is previous condition to guarantee the adequate cleanness of the equipment of industrial production, and, consequentemente, the production of absent pharmaceutical products of crossed contamination, that with this guarantee will result in products with quality, security and effectiveness and for this was carried through a bibliographical survey from the databases Scielo, Medline, Lilacs and also in books specialized, where articles published until May of 2011 had been selected and that they had been adjusted to the objective of the research. For the recital of this briefing study, it was counted on the estimated theoreticians of Paolino and Alencar, beyond the parameter of REVERSE SPEED 899, of 29 of May of 2003. How much to the objectives, one is about analytical research in authors of reference in the treatment of the validation of cleanness systems, of qualitative boarding, whose interpretation if of the one for the acurado look of the investigator. As result of the research, he was demonstrated that the validation of the cleanness is sine qua non condition for the industrialization of pharmaceutical products what, consequentemente, it makes possible the quality, security and therapeutical effectiveness.


From then on, one consisted, despite ‘ ‘ heterognia and vacant, a category of rights that if destines to assure the human values and amongst these the valuation with the ecological movements in favor of the right of living in an environment not poludo’ ‘ (BOBBIO, 1992, p.06). From this, the conservation of the environment and the control of the pollution had equally become a question of international interest, rank that the protection of the human rights and the ambient protection go beyond the private domain to the States (TRINDADE, 1993, p.39). Therefore, the normative corpus of the international law of the human rights if extended, accumulating of stocks a great number of treat, ratified in regional and global orbit, with changeable fields of application and covering the protection of human rights of some types, and in different domnios of the activity human being (id and ibid, p.40). In such a way, in relation to the ambient protection, some treat mechanisms appear and in order to speed the performance in search of a healthful environment.

Amongst them it is the Protocol of Kyoto created with the purpose to diminish the emission of effect gases greenhouse. In Brazil this protocol was ratified in 2005, but the great challenge of the country still is to fight the deforestation of the forests, is standed out that this annihilating action still ‘ ‘ she is one of the main causes of the erosion of the ground and the loss of the diversity biolgica’ ‘ (DAYS, 1994, p.152). The spite of this formularization, the present article will investigate the influence of the Protocol of Kyoto on the legal protection of the forests in Brazil. For this, one becomes necessary to instrumentalizar as sources of studies ambientalistas doutrinadores, constitutionalist and to enclose to the ambient legislation. Thus, by means of this study, to optimize a reflection concerning the performance of this mechanism of ambient protection, as well as demonstrating if has effectiveness in the Brazilian context locating Brazil in the debates of Kyoto.


Legitimacy in the application of the alternative right 1 Fernando Muniz 2 Rayssa Amorim Summary: Introduction; The 1 silogstica interpretation of the norms; 1.1 The Tpica interpretation dialtico silogism; 2 Alternative Right; 3 legal Legitimacy to apply the alternative right; 4 Consideraes final SUMMARY The Alternative Right suggests a judgment form that favors the opressos of the society, that is, looks for to fill lacks that the positivada application of the right leaves, making, in such a way, an inversion of the critical marxist when analyzing the right as an instrument the service of the ruling classes. The practical one of the Jurist to apply the Alternative Right in its sentences has gained much force in recent years. However, such practical, in measure where it gains adhesions, also gains critical and questionings concerning the legitimacy of the judges to make its use. Legitimacy, Judge, Alternative Right, Legality. During all the historical process, we can perceive the diverse frames that the right assumes ahead of the 0ccasional necessities of each time.

In this direction, the right has been object of study of some doutrinadores, that they search to give to an accurate formula for its production and application. Of certain form, with the modern State monopolizing the right and positivando it, a formula was reached. Such model of production and application left as inheritance to the judge, a paper of ‘ ‘ mere detainer of frmula’ ‘ , this repassed it through all a pragmatic system, and with this, imported of the positivado right the reduction of its powers and its independence, losing, for example, the observed rational capacity in the jurisprudentes of the Roman law. Destarte, the search for the accurate concept of justice or one mold, is still, so vehement how much to the search for the one of the right.

Average Ensino

The work and the citizenship are foreseen as the main contexts in which the capacity to continue learning must be applied. The basic formation to be searched in Average Ensino will more become fullfilled for the constitution of abilities abilities and disposals of behaviors of what for the amount of information. A curricular organization that answers to these challenges requires, to unfasten the resume enciclopdico, means the curricular contents with expression forms and communication to adopt diversified strategies of education that mobilize little the memory and more the reasoning and other abilities etc. the interdisciplinaridade must go beyond the mere juxtaposition of disciplines, the same also is involved when the citizens that they know teach and learn feel procedure necessity that in an only vision it disciplines can seem heterodox, but make sensible when called to give account of complex subjects. It is important to emphasize that the interdisciplinaridade assumes axle integrator, that can to be the knowledge object, a project of inquiry, a plan of intervention. In this direction it must leave of the necessity felt for the schools, professors and pupils to explain, to understand, to intervine, to change, to foresee something that defies one disciplines isolated and more than attracts the attention of a look perhaps several. The centers of interests of Decroly which, leaving of a motivador thematic nucleus for the pupil and following the process of comment, association and expression integrate different areas of the knowledge.

Diverse educators had considered methods that leave of a situation or subject that can be motivadores, but ovide Decroly (1871 1932), applies a method based on the evidence of the fact of that the people over all interest to satisfy the proper necessities natural. Decroly uses different arguments, established in its experience as man issuingly sensible programmarian and to the problem of the society. The same it says ' ' The education has that to be for the life it is based on vida' '. Concluimos saying that the methods many times are alone in the theory because in the practical one it is different. The professor in century XXI passes for a period of revolution in the education area, where the same the all moment is charged, but does not have investment, thus becoming difficult the correspondence between pupil and professor.