Michel Foucault

For Michel Foucault the citizen of the contemporaneidade is a synthesis of the effect of the power of the institutions, good it disciplines as it, the monitoring and the practical corrective that if destine to the social control which had been shaping this citizen, ‘ ‘ When the speech contemporary defines repetidamente the power as being repressive, this is not one novidade’ ‘ (P. 175). To understand the practical ones of control used by the institutions it is necessary to analyze the speeches and the existing complexity in its essence. Foucault observes that the repression of the speech of the mass historically is conceived, with the intention to generate the control and to inhibit the action of change in the seio of the community. The power of the word must be withheld by the State and its institutions, all the order and control emanate of this device and its institutions. The contemporaneidade is conducted by a system of being able that if it establishs connection with the speed in the medias, the automatic information reduced the form world to investigate bringing it a new instrumental order of social control.

The propaganda is the main element of imposition of wills, bombing of information suffered in our daily one in the contemporaneidade is proceeding from the evolution of the practical ones of control cited by Foucault. The modern capitalism adjusted around in function of this logic of speed in the proceeding of information of the globe. It was in function of this economic system that the man reached a significant distanciamento of its cultural civility. The disciplined citizen became much more useful the system, as much politics how much economically. The citizen remains chained to one without number of subordination forms, which go generating an identity, in this way the individual is always being constructed for procedures to discipline.

Cndido Joo State

Pernambuco lives a new sufficiently favorable economic scene today, due to fond of new industries, expansion of the Port of Suape, refinery Abreu and Lima, construction of the oil ship Cndido Joo and many other investments that come being attracted for our state. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dennis Lockhart by clicking through. Making an analysis of the data, Pernambuco is the state that more grows north-eastern. In 2010, the pernambucana economy had its better performance of last the 15 days. The GIP had a 9,3% growth, being above of the index of Brazil that was of 7,5% and next to the one to China 10.3%. But what it is more in prominence in the medias in a general way it is the question of the Pantry of the World of 2014 that it will be hosted in our country and that is making one ' ' revoluo' ' in the question of the infrastructure and above all in the tourist activity that will be benefited directly with such event.

Still more important that the Pantry, public and private initiative will have to be worried about the after-Pantry, therefore the produced constructions however will have to be kept so that future generations can usufruct of the tourist, hoteleiros equipment, most important leisure and entertainment and the one of infrastructure of access that will be affected positively generating one better draining of vehicles and people, optimizing and reducing the trip time. Moreover, the biggest actors of all this activity are the people either the local population, are the visitors or the tourists. is of utmost importance that each one of them inside has its paper of the tourism. The awareness and the social inclusion are action so that all participate and contribute for the Pantry of the World, through courses of receptive qualification, foods and drinks, travel agencies, would hotelaria, courses of languages. This last one is essential for who wants to improve itself to improve the communicability with that they will not only come to attend the games of the pantry of the world, but also to know the beauties that our capital, cities of the region metropolitan and interior of the state.