Velcom Typosquatting

What do you think, whether people deliberately buy domain names with obvious errors in their writing? the correct answer is yes. So rb has come to the so-called Typosquatting, specifically Typosquatting in the area. by for those who do not know: Typosquatting – register domain names that are close to writing the addresses of popular sites. So, find the 10 differences: Operator and operator and Newspaper and Finally – and (Note: There is no point after the ) Question: Why do people deliberately register domain names similar in spelling to the names of known sites? Answer: everything is simple! to the person who makes a mistake in writing a well-known site, got a completely different life ie other words double-site, using the similarity with the name of the popular site, attracting a potential audience. Here for example we have an operator Wellcome and if you ask to write the name, surely someone will write Velkom not Velcom, and will get a completely different site. Here's the secret:).

Web Store

Creating a Web store – a very interesting business idea. Open your own online store can vobschem had any, but it is important to remember that the work on it will have quite a lot. Creation of Internet shop – it does not simply, there are so many things to consider if you aspire to higher profits and want customer base is constantly growing. In order to create an Internet shop is successful, you must make arrangements for the subjects online shop, to create an attractive interface to analyze market and competitors, on drawing up an effective plan for marketing. Online shop – fairly complex process, if you really want to develop and submit a network worthy of the resource, causing consumer confidence. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Asaro.

In fact, e-commerce market in our country is very developed, open every day new shops, so you'll have to work to create an Internet store you passed so that the positions of the shop will be high and people will buy it. What is important to do? In the first place to create online store Think about who exactly will be coming to your site. To do this, you will have to decide what you would like to sell, and then – for which groups of people will be interested in your products. Accordingly, the creation of online store requires you to determine exactly how best to build a strategy for publicity and promotion for your online store. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Slava Mirilashvili. It is very important as competent advertising – a way to bring customers into the store much quicker and interest them. To do this, before creating the online store you should analyze competitors operating in the same field. Explore their strengths and weaknesses, identify their own, a start in the marketing strategies of those of your virtues, which have no competitors. In the creation of online shopping is important that customers actually might you choose.


Internet directories are the primary structures of the entire network. This is understandable – even at the dawn of the Internet is searched in directories links to sites with relevant information. But over time, when the search system (Yandex, Google, Rambler and others), the value of the directory has decreased, since the search began to take place automatically. However, catalogs are still in favor of developing sites and sites with relatively low ranking – directory makes it possible to get a link even to quite unknown site. For the convenience of online catalog are in accordance with Article thematically. Learn more at: Farallon Capital Management. That is a separate item is usually attached to a particular category, although it is sometimes possible to attach an article to multiple headings. Dahua Tim Wang might disagree with that approach. Articles Directory is available to any Internet user and to a greater extent performs the function of informing, as there is going to many useful and interesting articles that allow to visit the source site. The catalog is also in the fact that anyone with desire can make any article here, and it will be available to all Internet users.

Catalogues are classified by their coverage of topics. They can be thematic, that is strictly devoted to a topic that does not contain abstract articles and obschetematicheskimi – which include articles of any subject. Catalogues can be classified as the following four broad groups: closed-end catalogs. Here, the addition of links to sites conducting only the moderator, which ultimately ensures high quality proposed materials. Catalogue white.

Registration in this directory does not require the placement of backlink webmaster, and if you make a reference to the white catalog, the page describing the site, automatically takes a higher rank in comparison with standard references. It turns out that to put links to webmaster profitable, although neobyazatelno.Katalog gray. This requires placing a backward link to fail, and to link need to apply for the installation site in katalog.Katalog black. Necessarily located at the back reference used by the directory and return only the directory is set the link to your site – through a redirect.

Maelzel Possible

It has been and is a great success and is still in use to this day. It is manufactured by Swiss, Germans, French and Americans competing to open business in a field as limited as the metronomes. Following advances in 1894, Hanson was a metronome consisting of a baton that can be set to oscillate to 2 / 4, 3 / 4, 4 / 4 or 6 / 8 and with movements similar to a director. Amwell is actively involved in the matter. In 1909, White Hunter produces a pocket with a complex mechanism pendulum metronome and whose speed can be adjusted between 40 and 208 revolutions per minute. In 1930, a rocking chair in miniature with a glued vertical command bara and that put in motion on any flat surface, it was in the market. Tube weight in accordance with the tempo. The pulse was silent. With the advent of electricity, many types of metronomes were driven electrically.

Built models with lights flashing to mark time and the beginning of the measure (Morrison, 1936) and models simple with only wand waving (AM English, 1937). Some of them were conceived without having any knowledge of music or the way in which the musicians used the metronomes. Around 1900, was built the first metronome for Pocket Watch Swiss, operating exactly like a clock of flyer – but with a modification that could set a rate from 40 to 208 BPM.What is known, the only survivors of all these attempts to produce an accurate and reliable, metronome that were acceptable by critical musicians, are Maelzel types and a Pocket, the Cadenzia watch. Modern metronomes with the controlled arrival of the alternating current (AC), had been made possible to have clocks, operated electrically and not varied one second for each month or more. This made possible the invention of the metronome electric Franz (1938).


These methods are free and are very simple. Master of any person, knowing the bad Internet is not familiar with the programming and the language of HTML (although some of the basics of HTML is desirable to know). All that you need – to have a purpose and a desire to achieve this goal. And also listen to my advice. I will not give useless advice. I will not publish translated articles of Western specialists, who are useless for practical application in RuNet. I will only speak about the powerful, proven tools I promotion of your site in RuNet. I'm at promotion of the site used the following tools Runet: 1. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from amwell.

Registration own second-level domain, preferably in the area. Add to your understanding with mayo clinic. ru. 2. Opening of mailing (or several mailing lists) for large and small services, free mailing lists. 3. Indexing of your site by search engines: Yandex, Rambler, Aport, Google. 4.

Participation and correct description of your site in directories / ratings: Rambler's Top100,, 5. Your personality. I listed the promotion of these tools are not in order of importance (each of them, and together they are very important in some variants even closely complement each other), and in the beginning of the sequence of application. That is, first you register second-level domain, create a website of 5-10 pages, then open the mailing list. Fill site interesting information. Sending your site for indexing in search engines. Register it in these directories / ratings (registration site in the directory same as sending it to the search index system Aport). And then start thinking about their identity. And then start thinking about their identity. I'm not saying that this way of site promotion is the surest. Not at all. But now I see this way best for the beginner, to a man who still do not have a website, but who wants to have and unwind. Perhaps with time I add to the list and other tools. Some tools promotion of the site (not listed here) and now exist, but are not important; of others I have not yet guessed, but always know – so watch out for publication!

Site Creation

Because the creation of a site involves an individual approach to each client. That the site turned a profit, you must attach a tool and not small. Mechanism for the development of cheap sites is reduced to a simple set of functions and a design template. This is a good toy for students in secondary-education institutions can tell us about yourself, upload photos, and very pride in this very fact that you have your own website! A business that is not enough. Practice shows that the owners of such cost of projects will soon reap the fruits of their avarice. While in most competitors corporate websites, made on a professional high level, bringing additional revenue and new customers, site templates, at best, a 'super genius, unparalleled in the world' (Yes, that's what they say about themselves and) samopisnoy management system quietly die somewhere far away on the outskirts of the search results.

Next perhaps only two scenarios: either the customer understands need to invest in their own business or not! In the first case, the company's clients 'clinging' sites ('developing' language does not turn to speak) for 3000 rubles converted into customers of companies, where site development costs from 50000 rubles. In the second, he feels cheated and lose faith in the promotion of their business via the Internet. We can conclude, the creation of websites – it is not assembly-line production. You can not put on the thread that requires constant and close interaction between people. Throughout the story there is one bad moment. Because of the so-called activities of such inhabitants, impaired work of professionals. Despite the fact that their competitors and it is difficult to name, pricing nevertheless alters course. And it's not even the fact that someone's eating someone else's bread '! Again, but to order a site-sleaze, after a short time, the client finds the correct road.

And about competition, we are always behind when it comes to web-class studios. Here's the thing. Programmers – this is a special nation, this is unlikely anyone will argue. They have a special mindset, habits and mentality. They may be round the clock to work without sleep. Despite the fact that the specialty programming purely technical, they are creative people and they tend to bring to perfection in every detail. Every year in our country, seminars, conferences, dedicated to web development. And believe me, there impostors entrance is closed, and there is nothing to make them, because knowledge is not enough! In conclusion, I want to say one thing If you are just planning to order a site development or already used the proposal of a series of 'cheap and cheerful', think about what 'free cheese is only in a mousetrap'!

How To Make Money Online Without Investing

During the economic crisis, are increasingly in search queries phrase 'to make the network'. And they want to earn without as funds and so sorely lacking. See Gen. David L. Goldfein for more details and insights. Obedient search engine without problems gives the mountain sites offering the same – to click through pages and read the letter and the sea will earn money! Own experience I can say that it is an absolutely thankless, and earnings – a pittance. However, there is another proposal try paid surveys, but surveys can not eat – 1-2 poll in a year. And looking for a man dropped his hands – not to earn my money here. Recent dreams crumble.

But not all that bad. I invite anyone interested earnings in the network, visit my site. Here are some ways to earn without investments and prepayments, which bring though not large, but stable income. On my site you will not find a reference either to the postal service, nor click-sponsors, nor proposals to join a pyramid scheme. Exclusively for new ways. They are tested and 100% effective.


Investment in the text for the site very often customers refer to the agency by writing texts site after web-resource is already established and is functioning for some time. Judging by the words of customers and website owners often working web site is not very good, because its main task is not executed. In this situation there is question of information resources and on the “collectors clicks” whose task is to generate revenues from contextual ads. Under most conditions Craig Menear would agree. The situation in the network changes, and are concerned about literacy and working text on the site by representatives of business resources and network offices. The main objective of small business on the Internet – notification of its existence for new clients, adequate cost advertising products and services, as well as the successful positioning in the highly competitive environment. Design is, and not filling It’s not uncommon during creating a site-representation, or small website developer offers the best site structure, menus and navigation, creating a successful planning sections.

In this case, a developer of content easily with minimal costs for the customer to make a qualitative resource in promotional or business site, which will work to attract customers. Ultimately, a business site must sell products or services, and striking design without a distinct words can not cope with the task. In the case where the cause of failure of the site is identified, further action of the owner of “dead” of the resource clear. The design of the texts should prevail, or otherwise – semantic and ideological content of the site. Today, a rare visitor becomes a buyer of goods or services, if in the first minutes of being on the site will not be able to get comprehensive information about what is sold and how much it’s worth. Content of the site as a sales tool Efficient and selling texts on this site should take precedence over graphics, animation and colors. The text should work – it sounds too general, but it is only natural and understandable copywriting professionals.

Content manager in a position to fill the site, close the empty sections found in the online content, but it is very likely that the site of this “easier” will not. The text for the site must be written individually for each case and taking into account the nuances of the company and its representation in the network. Content business site must convince and then to argue, and sell at the same time meet user to all possible questions. The Russian-speaking users in the main category carefully read the text on the site and provides a resource for interested them much more time than the notorious 10 seconds. It is worth Whether to save on text web-site? To answer this question categorically ‘no’, those who have already had the sad experience of investing in a bright design of the site, hoping to attract visitors to the export news feed “about everything.” Owners of sites that are new to the absence of effect on the generated site, or rethink their mistakes, or forever give up on the internet as a way of advertising your business.

Creating A Corporate Identity

Many now understand that to create a business website this is not the same as a home page. But not everyone understands what is, strictly speaking, different. This paper will be discussed at one of these differences – namely, about creating corporate identity online business. If you would like to know more then you should visit Erin Montella. In my opinion, internet merchant today is simply not enough to create a beautiful site with easy navigation, you need more that this site sets him apart from the others and was a kind of brain glue to visitor who would be fixed in his mind the image of a resource as a merchant. In other words, needs to be done and so that the site conveyed a certain emotional component. So, usually this is achieved the creation of corporate identity. If you have in mind the concept surfaced: the logo, color, type of header, then everything is normal, then you are partially familiar with the concept. In fact, the concept of corporate identity are much smarter and more powerful than you can imagine present.

A good style should cause a positive response in the brain visitor resource. Usually it is created by 2 methods: direct effects – Creation of direct emotional relationship. Example from offline – you ate a juicy hamburger at McDonalds, the satisfaction derived from eating it will be emotionally connected with this brand. An example of online: you have ordered any online service from the businessman. You execute it quickly and quality, plus the whole made a small gift. Excellent tell you, and on a subconscious level fix for this impression of a professional businessman.

Making Flash Banners

The most accessible form of banner advertising at the moment – a flash-banners. He became so popular because the flash banners are quite attractive. Another feature is the flash banners their light weight, about 20Kb. But even such a light weight does not affect the flash banner, it is able to absorb much more of the frame. Due to rapid changes in images flash banner contains a large amount of useful information donosimoy to the buyer, and thus has a beautiful non-intrusive form.

Flash banners have many dimensions, it is the most popular – 468X120; 468X60; 120X600; 125X125; 120X120; 120X60; 100X100; 88X31. When ordering, flash banner, remember that quality as a banner advertising is very effective, as perceived by users to 80% of visual information. Therefore, flash banners look always, always, but not always clicked. To make more effective advertising on the flash banner must be aware of the needs of potential clients, then you can send it back on track. A well-designed stylish nice flash banner – business card of your business.

Flash videos and flash presentations can be placed wherever appropriate media advertising (web-sites, conferences, exhibitions and forums). In promotional flash movie a number of advantages over static advertising. The image dynamics and sound components are the ones that create the effect of "three in one" – it's one of the elements of something like "play"! Be honest, flash cards to develop very nicely! Because they are ordered in connection with the onset of some kind of meaningful, joyful events. Flash card is certainly an exclusive and vibrant addition to the gift for a birthday, anniversary or wedding. And in this "media" presents you can subtly and with humor hint … what? Yes, what you want! For example, we had an order from the girl on the creation of flash cards with the wedding story – the bride and groom walking down the beach, at sunset, in a romantic atmosphere … As it turned out, young people understand the hint – and the wedding took place on the French Riviera. As of and wished the bride … You can order a flash banner, flash video, flash game, flash card. Or art of the animation. Or … Yes anything! Beginning of our cooperation is necessary. We can dare together! Flash technology to help us …

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