Investment Guaranteed

If you’ve thought more than once about the possibility to multiply your savings without risking them, I have here the solution precisely I am talking about guaranteed investment funds. Guaranteed investment funds, emerge in the year of 1994 as a result of a battle between banks to withhold money. The great benefit of these investment funds, is that they are funds that guarantee up to 90% of the main investment, in addition to its profitability. Its liquidity is restricted on the basis of the warranty period as the case may be. The disadvantages of this type of funds is that they are funding in the medium and long term, so it is not recommended to remove the investment before the period established, since if this happens, you must pay a cancellation fine species.

This type of funds, the most recommended are those that do not pass 5 years, because interests so that they offer, they will be on the basis of the current situation and future prospects. With all this, I would like to invite you to that you decide once and for all, to invest your savings in funds of investment. I guarantee you that they are the best option that you can find if you want to increase your savings and Furthermore, will ensure your investment a 90%, so it is almost impossible that you arrive to lose money.

Investment Opportunity

The investment opportunity is called JBS (BVSP:JBSS3) 21 September 2009 to the beginning of the 90 Brazil imported meat from the Argentina. Today the story is completely different and in a short time Argentina will be importing Brazilian beef. How is that you came to this situation it? Brazil still partying. Its economy has recovered and in an exceptional manner with a historical record of 242.126 formal jobs employment generation. In so far this year, the economy of Brazil generated 680.034 formal jobs. This translates into an improvement for domestic consumption to improve not only the purchasing power of the population but also the perspectives. Investors are returning to the country to take advantage of opportunities and the companies are preparing for an international expansion strategy.

There are many Brazilian companies with ambitious international expansion projects. The strength and stability of the economy of Brazil represents a very good springboard to launch head to conquer of global markets. In this scenario, several food companies continue with its expansion to the trend of improvement in the purchasing power of the emerging world that will enable the population to change their consumption habits. Since the beginning of 2008 project came telling them both of Marfrig (BVSP:MRFG3) and JBS (BVSP:JBSS3), Brazilian companies of the meat sector who were conducting an attractive (and with very good prospects) of internationalization and which have continued despite the inconveniences caused by the impact of the international financial crisis. Marfrig has been consolidated as poultry processor to acquire a few days ago to its rival domestic Seara (one of the major exporters of chicken in Brazil), US $900 million. The ambitious of Marfrig policy is evident with the following data: the company has made 37 acquisitions in the past three years. In the case of JBS, the largest processor of beef from Brazil and also in the world (and also owner of six plants in Argentina, among them, those of Swift), agreed to merge with its rival and compatriot Bertin, the third meat group in your country, through an exchange of shares.


Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the slogan of Alfonso Martinez Dominguez transform from being a dirty city, Monterrey chaparra and ugly with the works of the Macroplaza. But there was something that not materialized: large buildings of the big corporate Monterrey at the sides. The crisis of 1982 sent to the pillory to the large industrial groups they had to resize sizes and focus on cash flow business. Today, in the Paseo Santa Lucia, in what is considered his second stage, entrepreneurs from Monterrey have before them the huge opportunity to build luxury hotels, buildings with shops on the first floor, offices on the middle part and departments in the top. It would be the true urban detonator of downtown Monterrey, such and as Martinez Dominguez dreamed one night of 7 December 1984 opened the Macroplaza, the lighthouse of the trade, the source of life, buildings, Congress and Infonavit and the Teatro del Pueblo. Progress, despite the crisis, that is what characterises us Monterrey, inhabitants of the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

European Union

1. By their economy – very good economic health: 2003: 305.000 billion GDP, GDP 2008: 742.000 million, 7% of average annual growth of the economy – very attractive country for foreign direct investment – 5th largest economy in the world. 2 Population – 72 million people – with the largest number of young people from 27 European countries – average age of 28.5 years – 61% of the population has less than 35 years 3. A qualified and profitable – labor more than 24.7 million young professionals – about 450,000 college graduates in 2008 4. Investment climate – dynamic private Sector which increased by 179% their exports from 2003 to 2008. -More than 21,000 companies of international capital – equal treatment to all investors – 5 international arbitration. Infrastructure – maritime transportation cheap and highly developed facilities.

-Established transportation routes and direct deliveries to most of the EU countries. 6. Central location – natural bridge between East and West. -Easy access to 1.5 billion consumers totaling 25 billion USD GDP (Europe, Middle East and Asia) 7. Energy corridor and connection point of Europe – point of the power connection that links East and West – Turkey can now carry 121 million tons of petroleum. After completion of projects in progress you can transport 221 million tonnes. 8. Reduced taxes – tax on the income of the companies was reduced from 30% to 20%.

-The individual income tax ranges from 15% to 35% – numerous tax advantages and incentives which may include partial or total exemption from tax on income from grants, the allocation of income or subsidies of up to 80% of expenditures on S.S. of enterprises. -New law on support for innovation and r & d 9. International trade treaties: – part of the Customs Union of the EU since 1996 – have already signed 12 agreements of free trade (FTA) and other 11 more are in process 10. A large internal market (2008 data) – 30 million users of Internet – 66 million mobile users – 44 million users of tarjetas de credito – 79 million users of airlines – 26.5 million of 11 international tourist arrivals. Excellent relations with the European Union is being processed its access to the European Union since 2005 – this has made that trade relations with the EU are now 47% of the total of foreign trade relations.

Pay Investment Funds

Start in investment funds can be as simple or complicated as you propose it. Here some tips that can bring you many positive results when it comes to choosing the best investment fund and the best strategy you teach. Two factors involved in the ease of use of investment funds are funds supermarkets and Internet usage. But the truth is that there are few people who know the tricks to be able to succeed in the funds as investors. To accomplish this, you must keep in mind some principles that could be called fundamental and which apply in any type of investment funds. Number one, you must know that that an investment fund has had excellent performance in the past does not mean that it will repeat in the future. The key at this point would be that positive profitability is not always a guarantee of future success.

To meet the objective data about the profitability of a company, you have to buy them with those obtained by the same type of funds of Investing more or less in the same period of time. This will help you to have an approximately objective reality rather than your decisions are more viable and positive. Another thing that may seem complicated, is the choice of an investment fund. You must always take into account assets that currently form the Fund’s investment portfolio and the commissions which are charged at the same. Depending on commissions, are investors in the Fund’s investment gains.

Another important tip is to always prevent losses. Even if you invest in the best investment fund, this will not be so always, by what the best is invest in different funds of investment to reduce the risk of loss and thus be able to obtain the best results. Another thing essential before putting your money in an investment fund, you have to ensure that you have all the information available from the investment fund and to understand it. Analyze that investment funds are in accordance with the investment policy of the company is something fundamental. It most important here is to compare the profitability and risk of the company compared with other similar. The last tip that you would before making the decision to purchase, would be to know the own risk limits. Each investor must know what so ably feels to invest and how much you are willing to put depending to the temporality and the risk you want to take. Considering all these tips, you can make the best decisions as to what kind of investment fund you want for your money. Do not stay with any questions regarding anything and try to make decisions based on facts, not leave everything to chance it.