First Civilizations

Dhiogo Jose Caetano Graduating of State UEG-University of Gois Word-Key: Evolution, Civilizations, Paleolithic period, Man, Monkey, Feminine, Brain, Years and Techniques. Holdas and Villages of the Men At this time if detach the first civilization, where it considers the men of the rocks in first place, that is, making commentaries on the Homo-Sapiens saying that it is habilis and erectus. The Sapiens appeared to about thirty million years. Small primates that if called Aegyptopithecus; they were different of the monkeys. Another family appeared in Africa, the Homnidas that was precursory of the Home-Sapiens which they had passed for some adaptations. The Homo-Habilis for having a erect position, to make tools and shelters was considered homo; but not attributing as Homo-Erectus that dominated the fire, therefore sugiramh two million years and this phase are particular between itself. Soon they had appeared some differences between them and the animals, therefore already it had cortex that it had the weight and the volume related with ' ' brain reptiliano' '. Under most conditions David Rogier would agree.

Also they had suffered genetic changes, that is, mutations where they had in contrast adopted 46 chromosomes of the monkeys that possua 48 and had thus obtained to populate the continent cincos. The Superior Paleolithic period does not have abundance of document, but it is a period that comes portraying the way of life in society and has discovered and domination of the fire, which was used as a defense instrument. The paleolithic period is known by art and to draw in the walls where it used the feminine figure as deities, not being only painted, but construa also rock statues and bones. This idea dominated the imagination, allowing the use and new techniques and the advance in the domain of the nature. The Neolithic Revolution Detaches the agriculture and the domesticao of the animals the invention to ceramics, where appearing faster in Egypt, next to the east.

The Armed Forces

This was one of main motes for the installation of ‘ ‘ foco’ ‘ guerrilla. The militant ones of the PC of the B believed this thesis, and make an analysis of the conflict in the field in a pamphlet: ‘ ‘ The Armed Forces give covering to the action of the grilheiros. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Federal Reserve Bank by clicking through. Feeling that the hatred against the arbitrary expulsions grows, the General staff of the Army programs a spectacular military maneuver in the region of the Araguaia and the Tocantins, thing never seen by there. 5.

In this point already we feel the indication of the existence of a breach between the past and the future, a space and a time in which our old references are esgaradas and dissolved in official memories ‘ ‘ meaningless ‘ ‘ , that they look for to continue denying any possibility of inquiry on the guerrilla. This if must to the fact of that the memory while a way of the thought becomes inefficacious without a picture of references that allows it to hold back the knowledge. These references are the finishing that all lived event must have, its reflections, questionings and souvenirs. So that the gift can usufruct of this inheritance of the past is necessary that the memory is articulated and retaken, I look with to construct it a history. During the moments hardest of the dictatorship, to think still more and, to act in defense of the democracy, it was a dangerous exercise, an expression of the desire to fight for the democratic freedoms. Today, in the construction of the democracy, to think about what it was and it meant the military regimen for the gift also if finds in the field of the yearnings and desires, therefore it has the ones that fear that this recent past can threaten the democracy.

Industrialization Brazil

Brazil was living in process of Industrialization of national history. For one it cuts weather, we initiate our analysis from the third stage of the industrial development in Brazil, with the following justification: the Brazilian economy already had implanted some years before with the Program Goals of the government Juscelino Kubitschek (1956-1960). With the phase of Industrialization Brazil presented summarily, one deliberate politics of substitution of importation, forming itself in Brazil a strong industrial domain. Since the first phase of industrialization the field started to feel a strong exodus agricultural, the coming of agriculturists for the great cities, in the search of better conditions of life. At amwell you will find additional information. During the military governments (1964/1985), Brazil was remained directed to palco politician of the nation, that is, it would become necessary to keep ' ' good appearance of moo' ' , one of the characteristics of the military governments gifts in its speeches were of well-being, translated the access the basic questions, such as: housing, education, work, leisure and security. However this dialtico process caused by the System, will cause of the governmental point of view the gradual expulsion of the local populations, dislocating the people who liveed to entorno of the center for the regions peripheral of the city. 1 of April of 1964, Brazil enters a phase of deep transformations, as much in the area politics how much economic, that is, the military regimen appeared for ' ' transformar' ' the Brazilian society, the main objectives of the regimen was to keep a good image is of the Country, due to the international investments in this period. In accordance with Barros: The alternative of the coup-minded ones for the social reforms was a modernization conservative, who moved away pressas to the masses and in general allowed to the expansion of biggest the associated economy the freedom for the external capital and the great property.

Cultural Patrimony

in the end of the decade of 90 came the world-wide recognition: Diamantina receives from UNESCO the heading of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity. Diamonds the botocudos indians had guided the first explorers for the region, in gold search. Mines not yet had disclosed all its fascinating world golden when, in 1714, teeny shining rocks had been found in the Arraial of the Tijuco. Precious and rare. The diamond until then was only joined in India.

Of the one to understand the rebulio that the discovery caused at the time. The diamantfero period served as a period of great growth for Portugal. The rocks transladadas for the Kingdom fomented greater investment in squadrons and diverse trips for ' ' entrances and bandeiras' ' in the rinces of Brazil. The ballast of diamonds, made in that the Portuguese opened trails, tracks and shortcuts that had taken them the de Piratininga behind new lodes, concomitantly to the inverse way of Are Sebastio of Rio De Janeiro. The tropeiros, diamond transporters and dealers, had of course created ways for the draining of these values, and that it came if to call Real Road; binding to the city of Serro and Diamantina the Parati, in Rio De Janeiro. Currently tourist point of great repercussion for the city of Diamantina.

Rocks precious, together with gold, left the ports of Rio De Janeiro. The ships loaded vine of Portugal with common rocks, that served as ballast. Gold and diamonds came back with. They were the common rocks as payment. In contrast of the Cycle of the Gold, that declined in the end of century XVIII, the Cycle of the Diamond, kept its exuberncia for more time. Still in 1831, year where the arraial passed if to call Diamantina Village, the diamond extration and commerce originated great wealth. The requintada elite of Minas Gerais had space more, while the cities of the gold amarguravam exhaustion of its deposits.

Average Age Literary

The magical cantos, later soadaptados for the Church as preces. These adaptations that are made pelocristianismo are some revealing elements of this universe literary sincrticoreligioso. CONCLUSOAs two epics treated in this article disclose elements that can serutilizados as base for the understanding of the dosgermnicos processes of convention, a little differentiated of excessively due to resistance of algumasprticas at the beginning of this process. Written literary compositions perodoem during it that Scandinavia already was Christian still displays the existing force of paganismona Scandinavia, not abolishing its mythical beliefs, that involve the magic, deuses and heroes, that exactly diffuse in literary ways, being literature umgrande instrument of conservation of the memory of a people, the countries nrdicostiveram this conservation literarily displaying this camouflaged sincretismo, existing that exactly not accepted for the Church. Where in century XI they are retomadaspara the formation of a cultural identity. This article is an assay quealmeja to awake bigger studies on the religiosidade Scandinavian and Christian, being investigated as these had been configured in Scandinavia and the influence queainda today is exerted in the society through the neopaganismo of contemporaneidadee of practical the Christians carried through by a great mass of Christians espalhadospelo world..

Environmental Review

Some point with respect to the attitude of the man front to naturezatendo if modified, imperceptibly, in last the one hundred years, while they call it to outrosobservadores as ' ' the most important revolution in sensitivity human being since World War II ' '. recognizing the work of Nash ede Samuel P. Hays. 12 the Annales, In 1974, launches the magazine, histoireet environmement, dedicated especially the thematic one of> history ambient.In 1976, it would be born the SociedadeAmericana de Ambient Histria, followed of the European Society of HistriAmbiental 13 and the magazine Environmental Review. However, in 1990, namesa round one it would be organized by the American Periodical of History, that would come definitive oreconhecimento of this new field. 14 August Jose Drummond, one of the biggest names dahistria ambienta in Brazil, points that social sciences for much time, since its origin, had finished for adopting one ' ' paradigm of the immunity humana' ' (human exemptionalism paradigm) to the natural facts. 15 Such conjectura made a social science disintegrated ecological dosfatos.

This strong trend in thinking the nature about opposition aohomem or the culture comes since the end of century XVIII e, to this thought deseparao, much would go to contribute the idealismo and the German romantismo of sculoXIX, that they had forced an absolute distanciamento between culture and nature. 16 This vision finished for poisoning social sciences, forandoa one dissociao man/nature, society/nature and culture/nature. The paper of the ambient historian, then, would be to breach with this dichotomy. Millenium Management wanted to know more. Namely on: methodology, subjects and sources Under the metodolgica optics, Donald Worster, professorda University of Kansas, detaches three points where ambient history seconcretiza, or three questions that it faces: a first one that it deals with doentendimento the nature properly said; as that it deals with relaesentre the partner-economic domain and the environment; finally, the analysis of the interaomais intangible and exclusively human being.


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White Renewal

But these objects and citizens invent history, in the same way that the edges constitute non-separable part of the river, that inventam' ' 2. The art and/or its ' ' atores' ' if they brag on a constant renewal and, with effect, to the measure of possible the certain renewal in the half musical comedy it has happened, mainly when one is about renewals in the questions of ' ' roupagem 3 ' ' musical comedy properly said (some changes in ' ' roupagem' ' of certain musics it has brought significant improvements), however when if it deals with discursivas renewals, literal, we see that the letter of Rubens F. Days, still consists as thematic most current, effective and paradigmtica for many composers; the question drags that me stimulates and me to write on this subject passes for the following ones investigations/inquietudes: 1. Because subjects as implicit and the explicit ones in the more frequent letter had become each time in the popular songs? 2. Because the composers, although to speak in renewal, continue following the same thematic and discursiva logic? 3.

As the white public ' ' recepciona' ' or they assume themselves of the speeches of these songs? 4. How we, historians are dealing with such event? I think that the reply to these four questions will not deplete the quarrels excited in the statement, but it allows in them to understand very of this universe, this in the case of I to give account to answer I content them it, as I said previously, I am trying. Speaking of the first questioning we can say that subjects as these (passion, pardon, treason, declaration of love), even for being subjective, human subjects demasiadamente human, perhaps the public ' ' consumidor' ' of these musics if they see represented in these speeches, therefore these speeches leave of facts and estimated that they make part life of each independent human being of race, color, religion, etc.

District Headquarters

Relief figures had contributed for the progress of Belm in its primrdios, among others, Antonio de S Arajo, Manoel Oak Alves, Joo Avelino de Carvalho Dando and, admittedly, the lieutenant colonel Hieronymite Saucers of Oak. Belm was raised to the category of Clientele, for the Provincial Law n 1885, of 12 of October of 1835 and provided canonic in 1910, with the nomination of its first vicar, the Priest Norbeto Phalampin, even so the population of Belm already had been raised to the category of village in 1902. The waters of the river great San Francisco in its full one, in 1919, had almost destroyed the totality of the city with flooding, compelling its messengers to construct in the high parts. One counts that only the Church of Ours Lady of the Sponsorship, padroeira of the city, was of foot. The city needed, then, to change itself higher up for a part of the edges of the river. By legislation, the city of Belm of the San Francisco was created in the same date of emancipation of Cabrob, in 11 of September of 1928.

In 1972, in another great full one of the river San Francisco, the church of Ours Mrs. of Belm, was destroyed, remaining its rubbles as initial landmark of its history, being this place, for coincidence, in front of the church of the Boy God, in firm land, the current Belm of the San Francisco. Of the settlers of Belm, the city values the main figure of its founder Antonio de S Arajo who inhabited to the time of the population of Canabrava. District created with the denomination of Belm for the provincial law n 1836, of 12-03-1885 and municipal law n 2, of 01-12-1892, subordinate to the city of Cabrob, was raised to the category of village with the denomination of Belm, for the provincial law n 345, of 1305-1854, desmembrado of Boa Vista. Headquarters in the village of Belm consisting of the district headquarters and installed in 08-11-1854. For the state law n 597, of 07-05-1903, transfers the headquarters of the village of Belm de high Cabrob to the city condition. Em1924, the city of Belm started to call Belm de Cabror and the state law n 1931, of 11-09-1928, determined the denomination simplified for Belm.

In referring administrative division to the year of 1933, city is constituted of the district headquarters and in 1938 adquiru the district of Itacuruba of the city of Floresta.Em the period of 1939-1943, the city was constituted of 2 districts: Belm and Itacuruba. In 1943, the city of Belm started to call Jatin and in territorial division of 1950, the city is constituted of 2 districts: Jatin and Itacuruba, starting to call Belm of San Francisco. In 1955, the city is constituted of 2 districts: Belm of San Francisco and Itacuruba, thus remaining at1960. By the municipal law n 129, of 26-09-1962, is created the districts of Ib and attached Riacho Small to the city of Belm of San Francisco and for the state law n 4939, of 20-12-1963, desmembra of the city of San Francisco the district of Itacuruba, being raised to the category of city. In dated territorial division of 31-12-1963, the city is constituted of 3 districts: Belm of San Francisco, Ib and Small Riacho.

First Republic

The economic conjuncture, according to Loyal, was the economic decay of the farmers. This decay caused weakness of the power politician of the colonels face of its dependents and rivals. The maintenance of this power passed, then, to demand the presence of the State, that expanded its influence in the ratio where diminua of the land owners. The coronelismo was fruit of alteration in the relation of forces between the agricultural proprietors and the government and meant the reinforcement of the power of the State before the predominance of the colonel. The historical moment where if it gave this transformation was the First Republic, that lasted of 1889 up to 1930.

For Jose Murilo: the coronelismo is, then, a system national politician, based in bargains between the government and the colonels. The state government guarantees, for low, the power of the colonel on its dependents and its rivals, over all yielding the control to it of the public offices. It is the phase of longer process of relationship between the farmers and the government. The coronelismo did not exist before this phase and it does not exist after it. It died symbolically when he gave himself arrest of the great bahian colonels, in 1930. Definitively it was embedded in 1937, after that to the implantation of the New State and to the falling of trees of Flowers of the Wedge, last of the great caudilhos gauchos. In the coronelismo, defined for Loyal, ' ' the control of the public office is more important as instrument of domination of what as empreguismo. The public job acquires importance in itself, as income source, accurately when the clientelismo grows and decreases coronelismo' '. In its conception, the coronelismo: it would be a particular moment of the mandonismo, accurately that one where the mandes start to lose force and have to appeal to the government.

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