Investment Law

Due to the lack of financial education, the majority of people have very few notions about how to invest their money well. They prefer to leave any decision about their finances in the hands of experts, whether the executives of the Bank or the stockbrokers. However, nobody is going to care for your money as well as yourself. Why it is so important to educate themselves in the field of personal finances and learn how to properly invest their money. Independent of you being a housewife, a retired person, a student or an employee with a secure job that satisfies you, it is good and necessary to acquire a basic how to wisely invest training. Think about the following: a person devotes a large part of his life to the generation of income. We educate us, work hard and dedicate the best hours of our day to the task of making money.

However, few people make the effort to learn about what to do with that money once it is in our hands. Most simply spend it or, worse still, are indebted by buying things that don’t You can pay. Goodbye money, goodbye producer more money servant. It is wise to leave at least 10% of all revenue we generate to invest. It is the only way to achieve our money to produce more money. There are many ways and options to reverse it. Yes, it is risky, but one can get to measure risk if one has educated. There is much literature on the subject and even more options and courses on investments on the Internet.

It is important to invest in their education before investing in anything else. Once you have chosen how you are going to invest your money, would not you like to have a quick and simple way to assess how this money is going to multiply? You can use the law of 72. Divide the number 72 by the interest rate that will get in your investments and will know in how many years will double its capital. For example, if the interest rate is 5%, will be delayed 14.4 years to double. On the other hand, if the investment gives you a 20% interest rate are only 3.6 years. This way you can evaluate quickly the investments you are doing. You will notice that only a few changes in the percentage of rates, mean big changes in the amount of time that money will need to be doubled.


Until now, you has been focusing internally that has the power to change. What happens when your internal self-government complies with the outside world over which you have so little control? In truth, you have more control over this world than you think. It has said that luck is what happens when the opportunity is the preparation. Imagine two men who were walking down the street on a windy day. A piece of paper lengthwise gives blows to the sidewalk in front of one man, then the other. The first man ignores the role, with eyes on the block later, gives the second man realize that is a twenty dollar bill and collect it. Is that more fortunate person? Lol The same opportunity crossed the path of both men, but only one of them was willing to take action. When it comes to financial matters, it is important to keep your eyes and ears open and know where is.

Then the opportunity to ground only when it crosses your path. A new Era in a broader sense, it is important to know where you are in history and the world in general. the Cristobal Colon of 1492 voyage led to the start of the industrial era, a momentous historical change. At the height of the industrial era was people like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison who became a millionaire. I believe that the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, some 500 years after Columbus hoisted sails, marked the end of that great era and the beginning of another equally dynamic: the information age.

Generations from now, people will look back and see what an exciting, tumultuous era must have been. The computer industry figures such as Bill Gates and Michael Dell are the magnates that characterize this new was. Henry Ford took twenty years to become a billionaire during the industrial era, Michael Dell only took three years to become a billionaire during the era of the information, and he started his business part-time. These are exciting times, and it is frightening for some. The adaptation fast economy to the demands of the information age has threatened the financial security of millions of people whose jobs have become obsolete or moved elsewhere. Take a look at the difference, for example, between an industrial-age old-age pension plan and a plan of retirement in the information age. In the industrial age, companies employed people and gave pensions of lifetime once their working days were over. Today companies are not giving the pension plans of the manner in which they used to; less generous with retirement plans contributions are more common now. And people retire earlier and live longer. The rules have changed. Retirees need greater financial security and therefore more sophisticated ways to build assets that were offered by the industrial age pension plans. Unfortunately, the majority of people – those who least can afford to keep their heads stuck in the sand, acting as if the rules not been changed. Take Note today retirees need more financial resources and more sophisticated forms of construction of assets that were offered by the industrial age pension plans.

Investment Funds

Investment funds, which sometimes also called them investment companies, are responsible for capturing, invest and manage the small and medium investors who have a desire to enter the stock market. Financial groups, through investment funds, become aid to small and medium-sized investors are seeking to achieve enter the stock market, because of that alone could not access all instruments that are possible using thanks to investment funds. One of the great advantages that you get by investing in mutual funds is that the person that the investor to acquire titles won’t have to suffer to the speculation of supply and demand, since you can sell their titles whenever you want and you can immediately do so according to the operation policies funds wishing to sell. You can find many financial groups that help you when investing in funds, but all of these are regulated by the National Commission of banking and de Valores (CNBV) who gives guidelines to follow. It is very important that financial groups will follow all the policies established by the CNBV, because this Commission has the power to grant or refuse authorization to make these groups work.

American Inventors

The importance of simplicity to make money working from home on the Internet with a business without investment and duplicable against more simple! Best! A few years ago a friend I told a story of what happened at Nasa.That suggests an anecdote that tells us about the risk of unnecessarily complicate your life. It is said that nearly a half century ago, in full space race between U.S.A and the U.R.R.S, both powers vied with each other to be the first to reach the moon. Vanity, dubious military strategic value, global recognition, scientific prestige and above all, Nasa’s budget and the contribution of the State to the Russian equivalent were apparently at stake. Technological findings, of course, was the key. Technology and development to solve problems, details, situations that would present. Older studies were at that time about the effects and causes of the absence of gravity and other controversies of life in space.

Finalizing details of the project are positioned a big problem. The objectives was two 1? do, what planned; and 2?, as important as the first, to leave a record of what was done. The astronauts would have to, if necessary, carry out accurate records live and written of each situation, problem, or discovery. Here came the new difficulty: without gravity, does not move the ink of ballpoint pens. This small and insignificant problem seemed to become indispensable for those times. The team that got this problem reportedly won the space race.

United States invested millions of dollars to fix this problem. After a tireless task time, American Inventors filed a topsecret project. It was a kind of pen that was inside a pumping system, which propelled the ink toward the tip. The contraption was almost perfect. This invention allowed first, expedite the trip to the Moon, and then produced a metamorphosis in the construction of pens (those known spray). United States ahead in the space race, but it was not because the U.R.R.S not I would have been able to solve the problem of ink. In fact, they had found the solution to that problem a few hours after presented them the difficulty posed by the absence of gravity the Russians just used pencils. Moral: In business MLM should be applied this maxim, as the basis of these businesses lies in cloning or duplication and excess we complicamos our system more difficult to prove we transfer knowledge to our members. For this reason against simplest is our system to make money with a business on the Internet!

Investment Grade

All of them had recently reductions of tariffs (e.g. durum wheat fell from 17% in 2006 to 0% in July 2007). It is true that tariff reductions were not as effective as expected. It is also true, as mark Campodonico, that in Peru there are appropriate from the Ministry of agriculture sectoral policies (there is a law, the 28.812/06 that gives incentives to producers of hard yellow corn, but expected to be regulated) which could relieve inflationary pressures. Perhaps in this aspect need to deepen the Government of Alan Garcia to mitigate inflationary pressures and be less vulnerable to the vagaries of international prices of agricultural commodities. And hand the increase in the inflation rate, it comes the Peruvian currency appreciating this situation, makes a few years ago, at least in Latin America, since the circuit going from the devaluation of the currency to the rate of inflation and a new devaluation then inflation and devaluation was unintentional nominal exchange rate they go hand in hand.

But with the monetary policy of inflation which requires clear rules and a strict quasi compliance goals a higher inflation data immediately generates the expectation of rising interest rates and is for this reason that we see the immediate appreciation of the currency. In relation to the evolution of the exchange rate, that everyone would take as very good news the fact that Fitch Ratings raised the rating of the Peruvian debt to BBB-from BB + yesterday, putting it this way in the long-desired Investment Grade, represents a new concern to the Peruvian Government since it may increase the volume of capital from abroad which will push even more to local currency making you lose more competitiveness. Is why the Peruvian producers are very Moody by this situation because on the one hand they see that inflation undermines their profits, while the appreciation of the Peruvian sol removes them competitiveness. And worse is the situation for those producing sectors of Food where import duties have been removed. Anyway this situation is no concern to the President of the Banco Central of the reserve of the Peru, Julio Velarde, who, for most of the central bankers like what you expect (and want), the possible desaceleracion-recesion of the American economy, will result in a reduction of international prices of food.

In the BCR inflation projections, inflation will continue to rise until may, month in which will begin to see a drop in the prices of food commodities and which will impact positively on the domestic price level. If this is so, then it should not expect the RCB to increase rates at the next meeting since it wouldn’t make sense given the backlog of monetary policy have an impact on the real part of the economy. You will have to wait until April 10 to confirm if what said Velarde, is what he thinks the BCR. A rise in rates can be a bad sign because it shows that the inflationary situation will not be calm in the coming months (or even, BCR being perceived effects of runoff in price increases).

Investment Fund

Monterrey is one of the most important cities of the Mexican Republic. It is one of the cities with more industrial and economic development, and all due to the companies and the support that people give them. Since Monterrey is a Community United, able to take risks to improve the economy of the city and its inhabitants, the results have been obvious and well received. One of the most profitable business for owners and the community are the investment funds in the stock market intermediaries. This tool of stock exchanges is not well known; However, the advantages are incredible. People who were tested for the investment funds have proved how easy that is to increase its economic capital with the simple fact of investing so that undertakings within the community can improve. Investment funds are formed by small investments of different people, they come together and are invested in a company, which can be assured of having that money for a specific time, causing that you can grow and develop for generate profits in the same company and investors.