Increased Concentration

Concentration in the feed water was 0.84 mg / l concentration in a superheated pair was 0.26 mg / liter. Concentration in the main condensate was 0.39 mg / liter. Comparing the concentration ODACON 3 hours between him.analizami to changing loads, you can see them almost identical results with the same performance of the metering pump is 20% Dnom., which corresponds to the desired concentration ODACON for the first phase of conservation regime. At this stage the conservation regime executed him.analiz concentration of Fe, SiO2, Cu (in mkg/dm3) – feed water Fe – 14,1, SiO2 – 17,02, Cu – 6,44 – mostly condensed Fe – 13,76, SiO2 – 16,027, Cu – 4,37 – superheated steam Fe – 7,16, SiO2 – 15,47, Cu – 2,76 – clean bay Fe – 11,0, SiO2 – 98 16, Cu – 13,375 – salty bay Fe – 12,4, SiO2 – 223,5, Cu – 16,56 Increased performance of the metering pump to 25% Dnom. 15/02/06 at 09chas.30min.

made him.analiz ODACON concentration in the feed water, superheated steam and condensate, primarily. Concentration in the feed water was 1.019 mg / l. The concentration in the superheated steam was 0.406 mg / liter. Concentration in the main condensate was 0.34 mg / liter. 15/02/06 at 11chas.15min. made him.analiz ODACON concentration in the feed water, superheated steam and condensate, primarily.

Concentration in the feed water was 1.396 mg / l. The concentration in the superheated steam was 0.511 mg / liter. Some contend that Kind Bars shows great expertise in this. Concentration in the main condensate was 0.378 mg / liter. 15/02/06 to 13chas.00min. made him.analiz ODACON concentration in the feed water, superheated steam and condensate, primarily. Concentration in the feed water was 1.49 mg / l. The concentration in the superheated steam was 0.542 mg / liter. Concentration in the main condensate amounted to 0.419 mg / liter.

Deli Product

Forming sausage meat into the shell takes place either through the top with a filler or through multifunctional vacuum "SYRINGE". Syringes may be of various designs: for filling dry sausage is advisable to use hydraulic (piston) syringes; cooked, boiled-smoked sausages, sausage – or rotary screw syringes. Products are used for forming polyamide, protein, natural casings, pre-technological past training. Molded bread tie with string or imposed on the ends of the clip. Clips are applied with hand or pneumatic 'Clippers', which work in tandem with a syringe-filler. At one end of the stick is twine loop for which the loaf on veshalah sausage is hung on a frame. In some cases, after stuffing stuffing into the envelope should be subjected to exposure (draft). To bring the stuffed meat loaves to culinary readiness, they must be subjected to heat treatment.

The concept of heat treatment involves several operations: roasting, boiling, smoking, baking, etc. Heat treatment in advanced manufacturing is done in the universal "heat chamber" (electric, gas). General requirements for furnaces: They must be airtight, allowing to perform all of the above operations without opening the doors, equipped with sensors 'dry', 'wet' heat and temperature of the core product. All modes of heat treatment must be given to the control panel. Thermal cameras are equipped with a smoke generator to generate dymovozdushnoy mixture. Check out Fairstead New York for additional information. Smoke generators can operate on sawdust, wood chips, etc. As a result of cooking sticks in furnaces product is brought to the culinary readiness. If the finished product after heat treatment is not quickly cooled, the microflora will develop rapidly.

Therefore it is necessary to rapidly cool the product 7 … 100C. Products in shell, such as sausages, it is best to refrigerate the first stage of water in dushiruyuschih cells. Produce 'intensive cooling chamber, where the process is in the air at sub-zero temperatures and specific humidity a shorter time. After cooling, the product enters the locker where the temperature is 0 … +70 C Deli meats and svinokopchenosti through the following process steps: after deboning and zhilovki performed intramuscular ambassador lumpy meat with 'SYRINGES Injectors' (single or multineedle), massaging of meat and saturated brine, is' in' Vacuum Tumbler 'exposure in the maturation of cells (This operation can be combined with the massing), thermal processing, cooling and storage. All of these technological units of meat processing and sausage equipment of Russian and foreign manufacturers, you can buy from an authorized representative of the manufacturer in Russia – OOO 'Bestek'. Our engineer, production worker will carry out highly qualified selection of equipment, will build optimum technological production cycle, will answer all your questions. Contacts: Rostov-on-Don, ul.14 line 88. Tel. (863) 283-28-07, 283-28-08, 283-28-09. e-mail:

Global Market Lead

Lead – One of the first metal, which began to actively use people. It happened at about 6500 BC. Since then, the use of lead in human activity has increased substantially. In nature, lead occurs quite often and is usually found in a bound state with accompanying metals – silver, zinc, etc. Extracted ore is subjected to smelting in blast furnaces and coke with lime, and then purified from the accompanying metals, due to differences in melting temperatures, and used in further processing. People such as Fairstead New York would likely agree. Lead has the highest ratio of all metals used in secondary processing, such as in North America More than 80% of the extracted lead used in the manufacture of batteries batteries, of which 95% subsequently engineered and refined.

More than 20% of global production and consumption of lead is in Europe. Here Lead is used mainly for production of automotive batteries and accumulators, the share of which accounts for about 60% of the metal. Other major consuming sectors of the metal economy, of course, are the chemical industry, where lead is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of chemicals and paints, as well as sector IT, where the metal is used as solders and additives. Due to its unique physical and chemical properties of lead found a place in the manufacture of various engineered products, such as protective coatings of buildings and structures (high corrosion resistance of metal, durability and ease of application – the main advantages of its use), as well as for medical needs, the production of x-ray and spectrographic equipment. From the ore smelted only about 40% of the total of lead. This is because the production of lead, active use of secondary resources, which share a number of markets 60-70%.

Directly in Europe ore base is weak, so the main producer lead in the world are non-European countries. Consumption of lead in America and Europe, more or less evenly, while the share of Africa and Oceania accounted for only about 1.5% of world consumption of lead, while the share of Asia – about 50%. As final product is lead found its application mainly in developed countries. Thus, in countries of America and Europe accounted for approximately 2 million tons of lead per year, while Asia – 4 million tons per year. However, the dynamics of consumption growth in these different geographical areas. If the last 5 years, the use of lead in Asian countries has almost doubled (which is accompanied by rapid economic growth in the region), the peak in the Americas of metal occurred in 1999, after which the metal consumption in the region even declined slightly.

JSC Production

In 1976 the plant mastered the production of electric overhead bridge cranes with carrying capacity of 1 ton, full length from 3.6 to 24 meters, which have been upgraded repeatedly received top-class appropriation of state mark of quality. Since 1980, production of automobile crane KS-2561 D, KS-K 2561, KS-2561 K-1, 6,3 tons capacity. A leading source for info: Pacific Mortgage Services. In 1992, , after processing and testing plant started production of automobile crane KC-2574 chassis ZIL 4331, capacity of 8 tons of hydraulic and hydraulic. In 1999, the crane released at COP-35 716 ZIL, and later in 5337 with the MAZ hydraulic and hydraulic carrying capacity 12.5 tons This model was equipped with interchangeable equipment, jib or a cradle for lifting people and production work. Also made a prototype crane KC-45 716 capacity of 16 tons, which was equipped with a cradle and drill. June 11, 1998 Decree 572 on the basis of Part 1 of the Civil Code, OJSC 'Klintsovsky truck crane plant "is renamed to OAO Klintsovsky truck crane plant". At the turn of the ninetieth years completed a major reconstruction of the enterprise.

Created new and equipped with modern technological equipment production facilities, including the area of flexible automated production based on CNC machines, electroplating area progressive technically and environmentally manufacturing, tool and machine assembly plant. The Labour group is stable, has always been staffed by qualified personnel. Since 2000, the issue begins a series of hydraulic truck cranes KS-35 719 capacity 15 tons in 2001 produced 16 tonnes lifting capacity crane on chassis MAZ, KAMAZ, URAL. Today JSC "KAZ" produces 12 models of cranes, lifting capacity from 15 to 25 tons. An important feature is that a thorough analysis of the entire issued vehicles in Russia and abroad, revealed the most weaknesses, huge work to improve the reliability and safety of cranes.

Since the mass production of truck cranes of the JSC 'KAZ' was produced 41 262 crane. Special features cranes 'Klintsy' To improve the reliability of our mobile crane design implements the following ideas: maximum load moment is higher than that of counterparts made by other factories truck crane, which allows for minimum working radius of the cargo lift a larger mass. In the cylinders the nomination of support beams and hanging crane used a double sealing system, which includes imported rubber. In the boom cylinders and telescoping cuffs used mnogokromochnye imported, that provides the best seal and prevents leakage when operating cranes in all weather conditions. In our mobile crane mounted limit switches Non-contact type of inductive action, which is not susceptible to temperature changes are not afraid of precipitation. Components of foreign production are selected in such a way that unified by their connecting sizes with home. In the hydraulic tank mounted magnetic trap for collection of foreign metal inclusions, which is serviced without draining the oil from the hydraulic tank. For avoiding failure (bends) the rails behind the cab chassis subframes increased in length and welded to the support frame. Cab with sliding door that allows you to control the microclimate inside it. The system pulley extension of the third section telescopic boom installed bearings closed, do not require lubrication for the life of the crane. sale of cranes

The Ends

The basis of frame formwork systems are the skeletal protection. They consist of a carrier metal frame (steel or aluminum), ribs and shuttering plates. The frame of a closed hollow profile with a contoured ribbed formwork protects the ends of the plate from damage and allows you to combine items in any place. Metal frame not only provides the necessary rigidity formwork design, but also greatly simplifies and accelerates the assembly of modular elements. Formwork plate is usually made of plywood.

But the veneer of the wood material as there are some shortcomings, which were discussed above. (A valuable related resource: Erin Callan). Therefore, wooden shuttering boards more often, compared with the other elements formwork, in need of repair and replacement. A number of firms producing formwork systems, today addresses the issue of increasing the number of cycles of operation of the formwork and improve the quality of the concrete surface. One of these new developments is the new 'sendvich'-material developed by German experts. It is distinguished: a low hygroscopicity, lower weight, compared with plywood, and resistance to UV, resistance to mechanical damage, low fit to concrete and simplified cleaning.

'Sendvich'-material consists of a layer penopropilena, lined on both sides of aluminum sheets and layers of PP-Polypropylene. Price m2 such plates approximately two times higher than the plywood board, but it provides a greater number of cycles of formwork and improved quality of concrete. To obtain a smooth surface walls, ceilings, etc. important point is to preserve the geometry of the formwork during zamonolichivaniya. Each manufacturer pays great attention to the development of original fittings (locks, anchor elements, pads, etc.) to easily implement a robust, durable, with flat seams attachment of formwork.

Global Brands

A good tool – not a luxury but a possibility is faster and easier to perform different kinds. Those who daily uses drills, grinders, screwdrivers, no need to explain how important their comfort, reliability, durability. Now the market offers a variety of power tools from manufacturers models, and their "counterparts" at a competitive price. Vendors recent claim that there is no need to overpay for promoted brand when you can get all the same, but much cheaper. Skilled masters of such stories is not confusing to knock, but beginning with this richness of choice may be confused.

How can get the right tool, so you do not regret their choice? Which brands have earned the confidence around the world and become the best in Russia? Makita Makita Japanese company over 80 years of experience in developing and manufacturing electric and gasoline-powered tools to work with wood, concrete and other materials. If you are going to buy a drill or a drill, circular saw or electrofret, angle grinders (Bulgarian) or Wall Chasers, you can safely refer to products under the brand brand Makita. Electric motors for each instrument tailored to the peculiarities of its operation, for the manufacture of only the best materials to ensure durability, reliability and durability, and tests to check quality, demonstrated by any purchaser, give him the assurance that the equipment actually works correctly in all the stated conditions. In order to provide consumers with not only A reliable and comfortable to use tool company Makita filed its own, increased requirements for vibration motors and achieved outstanding results: the vibration is below the standard level of 2! Those who have to work with power tools all day will appreciate this advantage.

Series Featuring

The telescopic boom fitted with a tank for concrete, has been successfully replaced Concrete pumps. History MANISCOPIC series MRT MRT concept car series was developed in the 70s. Loader Series 1540 MRT was released in 1993, it was immediately sold 50 of these models. In 1994 he released a series MRT 1330, and in 1996 entered already known model loader serii1840 MRT. In 1998, 'Manitou BF' has released a series of machines MRT 1432, 1542, 1650, 1850. Customized models can be equipped with a '3 D 'platform for the repair of viaducts and other works under the bridges, as well as possible installation of an additional 10 meters to the height of rise any series (maintenance of building facades). (Figure) in 2001 was even more expanded line of M series MRT – 1432, 1542, 1635, 1742, 1850, 2150, 2540 (2003). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Craig Menear. MRT telehandlers 1850, 2150, 2540 Privilege – the new series were presented at the International Bauma.

There was already all familiar today loader model MRT 3050 Privilege, which still has no analogues in the world. Benefits MANISCOPIC the new MRT motorization, a series of MRT Privilege is responsible for standards Euro-3 emission related pollution substances of exhaust gases. Mercedes engine more powerful at 13%. For greater responsiveness and agility to anyone, especially flat or uneven terrain, increased torque. This new feature provides flexibility and ease of use in any operating mode motor. Last technical improvement: electronic injection. Burning fuel actually optimized, so that its consumption decreases and thus complied with respect for the environment.

Investment Fund

And 12 December 2007. on the basis of JSC "Mikron" opens a factory to produce chips with topological level of 180 nm. And at the end of 2007 December 27 decision was announced that the Investment Fund of Russia Sitronics will be allocated 26.9 billion rubles (49% of project cost) to build a new factory chip manufacturing technology 45-65 nanometers (nm). This means that 51% of the funds for the project at that time already in debt zalezshy Sitronics will be forced to find himself. What is most interesting, similar technology in the world possess only a few companies such as IBM, Samsung, Intel, AMD and others – monopoly of global markets of electronics, which are absolutely in no hurry to produce competitors, and share a piece of cake with Sitronics selling "foreign" only outdated Technology as 180 nm. 2009.

More searchlights. It took 2 years. October 9, 2009 Director General of the State Corporation "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenkov in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Zelenograd signed an investment agreement on the establishment of the plant "Micron", Serial production of integrated circuits based on 90nm technology, which will finance the state of $ 16.5 billion. The newspapers mentioned Jeff Flake not as a source, but as a related topic. Instead of comments, we note that according to expert estimates the real cost of such a project is much higher, shares of Sitronics posted in the stock market for several years now falling in price, the amount of debt (The loans) are growing. 2011. The patient died, the situation is stabilized? For reference, we note that in many familiar to us from your foreign instruments of production (modern mobile phones, smartphones, etc.) have long using a chip card made on 45nm, but at Sitronics has not established the production of chips on 90nm technology. Investment projects with participation of the state in support of national micro-electronics and remained unfulfilled. And the plants Sitronics only a handful of hard workers sit and put in modern Chinese chips in plastic cards (this is called the domestic production of SIM-cards or bank cards) or in cardboard cards (tickets for travel to Moscow or Istanbul transport).

And when the spin doctors of Sitronics happy to provide news on the topic: "Hooray, we got another billion-dollar tranche, so we had to pay on time debt! "- PR-officials happily reported:" On the elimination of the backlog in the national microelectronics and lifting her to the world level "(though, as it turns out, it needs to allocate a few billion from Sitronics budget or anyone else who has never sold its advanced nanotechnology equipment and enterprising Americans, Chinese or French). Meanwhile, in large areas of plants in Zelenograd quiet. Lots of small entrepreneurs of tenant produce plastic windows, perfumes and other consumer trappings and only a handful of hard workers, deftly wielding a screwdriver, insert the chips simulating Chinese achievements domestic microelectronics industry. In this story are unclear but a few questions. Where the money goes, that stand to lift the domestic microelectronics from the state budget? Why and who benefits save Titanic, which nothing could save (pour public money into sinking hopelessly Sitronics)? And where are the thousands of thousands of working people willing to raise the domestic microelectronics that live in Zelenograd?

Attention Shoppers – In The Market Of Materials GSP Sale Poyavilis

What sort of properties must have a high quality ties and how they produce? The most important quality that must have wood, which are made from railroad ties – it's rigidity. This property is possessed such trees as fir, spruce, larch, birch, pine, oak. Ties, which are made of oak, more durable than softwood sleepers. But softwood sleepers are more popular than the sleepers of oak due to higher cost of the latter. Softwood sleepers are an average of 7 to 40 years.

Wooden railway sleepers eventually begin to rot, attacked by insects. In order to sleepers of wood will last longer, their impregnated with special substances – coal-mass, mineral salts, antiseptics. In Russia, the impregnation of sleepers is engaged in a large number of companies, which means relatively high competition. Some companies trying to gain a competitive advantage due to low prices for their products. But beware of strong low prices, because lower prices may be due to poor sleeper impregnation. Now on the market there were companies that were not impregnated railway sleepers, timber and just dipped briefly into a vat of liquid impregnation. After this procedure, take the black ties and smell, which is typical for impregnated sleepers. But this of course, completely prevents practical use.

In order to tie soaked in a solution, and served at least 12 years, used the so-called autoclaves, and sleepers are impregnated with special technology vacuum-pressure-vacuum. Moreover, with such impregnation, unscrupulous companies can not even use special impregnating material with antiseptic, and waste oil, which is added to various impurities giving the characteristic odor of the sleepers impregnated wood, but no relation to the protection of wood, these substances do not have. Sleepers, impregnated by this method – the method of dipping, serve 2-3 years, ie as much and not impregnated sleepers. Of course in such a sleeper advantage – their low price. Such ties can cost 150-200 rubles cheaper than sleepers impregnated by regulatory technologies. But we already know: miser pays twice. Dear customers, we want you to be forewarned and protect from buying low-quality sleepers. By choosing our products, you are guaranteed to get quality railway sleepers, made all the necessary State Standards.

Best Production Conditioners

Japanese company Fujitsu, established January 15, 1936, as a company producing mobile phones and communication equipment. At the moment, Fujitsu Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of complex high-tech equipment and covers the following market sectors: household and semi-conditioning systems, refrigeration machines, audio-video equipment, communications equipment, software and electronic components. Company General Corporation, since 1962 years, specializing exclusively in the production of domestic and industrial air conditioning equipment. When the company began to occupy the leading position in the HVAC equipment was taken strategic decision to enter the world market. To implement this strategy began merger talks with the corporation Fujitsu. In 1984 there was an association of the Fujitsu Group and General Corporation, resulting in the company Fujitsu General Ltd. The combined structure of experts headed by General Corporation technical, scientific and industrial areas. The main purpose of group – the formation of his as a global company.

Today, Fujitsu General Ltd. is the fastest growing Japanese manufacturer of air conditioning systems. The Corporation offers three self-developing brand: GENERAL, Fujitsu General, Fuji. General volume of production brand more than 3 million split-systems per year, which allows air conditioners to be a leader in General production of air conditioners in the world. In Australia, air conditioners General received two prestigious awards in the category 'best cooling product' and 'Best Advertising Campaign'. In Russia, General conditioners have also become the sales leader.

Such success has been achieved due to three factors: high quality products. All air conditioners are manufactured by General mills that are fully owned by a Japanese manufacturer, regardless of their geographic location. Japanese experts in leadership and key positions, as well as monitoring service quality at all plants and is directly subordinate to the headquarters in Japan. Therefore the quality of the air conditioner is now available from anywhere in the world, corresponds to the highest common standards General. Technological excellence. Each year, invested heavily in research and development, which allowed General to become a creator truly revolutionary technology. General has its own laboratory in Kawasaki, where conducted noise and electromagnetic testing of air-conditioners General. A special pride is the General modern research center in Hamamatsu (Japan), is where developed and tested new and unique conditioning technology, often ahead of their time. It was there that built the unique 60-meter tower to test General VRF systems in the real world of work. A single global structure. General supplies its novelty at the same time all over the world, not only in Japan. For example, air conditioners Nocria, which became a bestseller in Japan, appeared on the Russian market was a year of its Japanese triumph. Air Conditioners General, reaching a Russia, gathered under the supervision of Japanese experts, which guarantees their high quality and reliability. All models are certified to have hygiene certificates and instructions in Russian. General air conditioners are quiet, compact and have an optimum price-performance ratio. Official dealer of General Climate Systems LLC is a "Eleon," which successfully implements conditioners General in Moscow and Moscow region.

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