Labor Code Training

This will be taken and others, as a rule, the law, and soon you'll hear: 'And so we've always done! " When you as a manager will want to still demand that the subordinate decisions on how you look at the tyrant and say, 'chef today is not in the spirit' – probability of making wrong decisions. Remember what happens to you when you are in the middle of an important negotiation (for example) bring another cycle 'we did not know that it happened, and now it is urgently needed to address, otherwise we will not ship the goods. " How do you respond? Usually with exasperation, anger, and sometimes even a kind of fear ("Oh, what will?"). In this state you do not normally take the best decisions, and they are directed more to destroy than to creation of your business. There is a rule, and it has proved its right to exist: the general emotional mood of the group can not be higher than the emotional tone of the leader or manager. What results can be achieved organization in a state of anger, fear, etc.

– the probability that the decision is not made. How often, in recommending a solution, you are faced with the fact that an employee instead of rejoice for your help, begins to search for, find and tells the story of why your proposed solution will not work, why it does not fit? You can send staff to the side right decision, but did not recommend him more so I do not solve this problem for them. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve, especially if you had already taken over the tasks of employees. But you can start to do it, respecting the principle of gradualism, and the result will not take long. " Do It Yourself 'principle' resolutely himself 'very clearly visible in the field of personnel training.

I've been doing practical training of managers and staff. The most successful sellers are training and managing salespeople. And here is clearly possible to distinguish between those he decided that he needed to learn to sell, and those who are 'sent' to the training. Those who choose to itself – and this is usually or partial tuition, or signed in accordance with the Labor Code of the agreement to be bound practicing after the training, or something else that speaks of the desire of staff to be trained, and so, after training these people bring to the company a great income and many earn themselves. And those who were 'sent' without his desire, something like persuaded, after the training said: 'Yes, I already knew it all', and find a reason why it will not bring results. Usually – this is our right – we do not take seminars and training this group of people. Pay attention to this and start ask the magic, I believe the question: 'Do you have a problem? And what are you going to do about it? What will be the solution? " Then the money, free time and health will certainly be more. Sincerely, Andrew I. Sizov, Founder CH 'Empire of Business "When using a reference to the author!

Tax Code

As a rule, cases of sale of a real operating business at the price of a nominal value of the share or shares in the share capital of the Company are rare, and the formation of the market value of the transaction depends on several factors, most important of which are indicators of forms 1 and 2 of the balance sheet. Real business usually sold at a price much higher than the face value of the share or shares of authorized capital. "Income from sources in Russia include revenues from sales in Russia shares or other securities, as well as stakes in the authorized capital organizations "- Sec. 1.5 Art. 208 of the Tax Code.

In accordance with Art. 204 Tax Code, income from sale of equity stake in the organization is taxed on personal income (PIT) at a rate of 13%. In our case, the sale of shares above par, tax base for personal income tax will be the difference between nominal value and the selling share capital of the Company. EXAMPLE N 2. In the Company "Daisy" one parent – an individual Ivanov II, who made a 100% share capital (10 000 rubles) for registration of a company. After a certain time, Ivanov II decided to sell his stake in the company LLC "Buttercup" for 100 000 rubles. In this case, the taxable base for Ivanova II will be the sum of 90,000 rubles (100 000 – 10 000), with whom he will have to pay 13% income tax to the state budget.

Market Investment Consulting

With the adoption in Ukraine of a new Tax Code and specialists working in the investment consulting market, it remains only to thank the government for their actions. Azarov citizen could do what the proved incapable of even the global financial crisis – to ensure the rapid changing market investment consultants. Rather, it came qualitatively complement the crisis started it. Namely, to produce complete reformatting of the Ukrainian market of professionals providing assistance to companies to conduct pre-competitive research and development of the project pre-investment documentation (business plans, feasibility studies, memoranda). We are not talking about the Big Four firms, or powerful investment – industrial groups. They live by their rules.

But here in relation to local markets, with their heterogeneous audience members, a change business environment is directly affected. The main feature of the local markets – in the absence of the network capital and the high proportion of small companies, independent consultants and other "free shooters". Audience investment and financial advisers rather heterogeneous. Among them are professionals with extensive practical experience, made the decision to conduct business independently. There are yesterday's students finance higher education institutions There is also a former mediocre project managers, fell during the crisis of the holder or, rather, is simply not capable of an enterprise system to cover up their mediocrity with the phrase "I want to work for themselves." All such local investment advisors in my mind are united by one thing. Their activities are not perceived as a business process, while proudly call it their "own business".

Russia Can Develop Without Inflow Of Foreign Investments

Russia’s economy is able to recover their funds for domestic investors. Meanwhile, the benefits and positive results from many foreign investments is very doubtful. This opinion was expressed Rosbalt Elena Rumyantsev, professor of finance and industrial economy of the Russian Academy of State Service under the President of Russia. “The Russian Federation will be able to stand up from a long restructuring and many mistakes reformers who are restricted from foreign investment. Otherwise, for example, a company like ROSNEFT could be the main sponsor of the Olympic Games in Sochi? “, – The expert said. Large investments overseas investors, according to experts, is not planned. “A development of depth of Sakhalin – not good for Russia – she explains. – Manufacture of food products through the installation for domestic refineries and Enterprise outdated equipment and technology of foreign investors leads to a significant reduction in the release of quality food for the population.

” According to Rumyantseva, due to very low efficiency, which is carried out to date, the state investment policies, Russia, according to UNCTAD, a country that receives foreign direct investment more than anyone else. The main ways to attract them is the registration in Russia of those enterprises which operate entirely by foreign capital, by reason of joint ventures or through the sale of various foreign firms to large blocks of shares owned Russian joint stock companies. Another way to attract foreign direct investment at the expense of establishing free economic zones in certain regions of the country. Another way – the basis of concessions and agreements on the division of products. However, the latter method is not widespread in Russia, while in others it is very popularity. To a lesser extent than in other countries, in Russia the free economic zones. The main objectives of the State Government in this regard, according to experts, is to prohibit the exportation of money from Russia, the maintenance of domestic and not foreign, capital, and the fight against corruption in the investment sector, hurt by a significant and identical to the size of the consolidated budget.

Investment Funds

At the same legal form of investment fund may be a contract, and trust or company. Thus, in essence UCITS strongly resemble each other U.S. funds. Share of UCITS assets currently in the assets of all funds of the EU countries is around 80%. At the same time, Britain and Germany in terms of organizing the activities of investment funds in these States differ substantially from other EU countries. Investment Funds in the UK are divided into so-called unit trusts (or mutual trusts) and investment trusts. Unit trusts are, in fact, closed-end funds.

The meaning of such a fund is that the investor transfers in trust their cash contributions. Share price is determined by dividing the total value of securities held in portfolio of unit trust, the number of issued shares. With increasing demand for managers decide on the issue of new units. Unlike those institutions associated with the intricacies of legal rights. In the UK there opportunity to transfer the ownership of the money to another person, ie, after the fall of investor money in unit trust, its trustee is a so-called guardian (trustee). In the U.S., this principle does not works, so mutual funds are in the form of joint stock companies. Investment trusts, unlike unit trusts, has the right to permanently produce or buy their own shares. He has a permanent share capital, which can be changed only from time to time in connection with the adoption of the shareholders decide to increase it.

Also, in recent years to replace the unit trusts in the UK are beginning to come to open-end investment company. Investment arrangements in Germany even more specific in comparison with other countries. This is due to the special role of banks in which they play in it. According to German law equity firms are credit institutions, and they subject to all legislation relating to credit facilities. Another important characteristic of the German investment fund is the depository of their specificity – structures that are responsible safekeeping of securities and monitoring of the Management Company. Depositories of funds can only be all the same jar. As a result, in comparison with other countries in Germany through the issuance of shares funded by the markedly lower proportion of investment. By the share of capitalization to GDP (20-25%) in Germany for more than two times lower than the U.S. and five times – the UK. Most of the needs of large enterprises in long-term capital satisfy the banks. Another result of the dominant role of banks and banking legislation in Germany is that German regulation of investment companies is considered one of the most stringent in the world when it comes to legal protection of investor interests. In general, the amount of assets of public funds as a whole in the world in 2006 amounted to almost 22 trillion. dollars and the total number of such funds totaled approximately 61.5 thousand. The U.S. share of global assets under consideration funds amounted to approximately 48% share of the European Union – 35%. In Japan and other Asian countries, investment funds are underdeveloped, and the population of these countries is not so active participant in the investment process, such as in the U.S. or Western Europe. When comparing the assets of the types of funds between the U.S. and Europe can provide yet another interesting feature. If the U.S. more than half all open-end funds are equity funds, in Europe the number of equity funds is only slightly greater than the amount of bond funds and money market funds.

Middle Worlds: The Validity Of “The Birth Of Tragedy And Philosophy Spirituality “

Julio Fernandez Nietzsche begins his book The Birth of Tragedy (1872) establishing a responsibility on the world of dreams. the dream is the true subject of art: its capacity predictor (as symbolic analogom) makes art a paradigm of life, a life that only art is possible and worth living p. 43. Although it will be in its posthumous On the truth and falsehood in the sense extramoral (1873), where Nietzsche inquire about metaphor and on the ability of images to form the essence of reality, already in The Birth of Tragedy we can see a clear critical position with regard to harmony, as appropriate, understandable and logical features that hitherto were the cultural basis of what was art. By an exercise in allegory, and through the analysis of Greek tragedy, Nietzsche we will be taking to the field of semiotics in order to investigate the essence of things, the importance of the symbol in its original state, which is below, her being, her silent and invisible violence will say almost a century later Foucault in The Order of Things -. It is relevant that Nietzsche attributed to a character in Greek tragedy as a mediator between the divine and human is beyond conscious understanding and willingness to own apprehension. This “middle world”-which in origin was represented by the chorus-dithyramb satirical to the sublime shapes and save the art of its inherent absurdity. Just as Wagner, Nietzsche art to plague him all and all, because the sap is the same way that waters Dionysian life.

Where To Start Work On A Ph.D. Thesis

Everyone knows that the thesis should provide scientific information in the most complete form. it necessarily revealing the results and progress in research and describe in detail the methodology and the course of the study. Completeness of scientific information should be reflected in the fact that lead most detailed factual information, including detailed studies, hypotheses, broad historical excursions, etc. In general, before starting the actual work itself over the thesis, we recommend you develop a kind of logical scheme of work. Itself, this scheme consists of the following: 1) study the relevance of the topic chosen, and 2) setting goals and specific objectives of the study, 3) definition of the object and subject of study, and 4) the choice of methods (procedures) for the study; 5) a description of the research process, and 6) discussing the results of the study; 7) formulation of conclusions and evaluation of results. This logic circuit, as you can see, is not only a description of the study, but also a kind of skeleton of the abstract (which, in our opinion, it is written, of course, at the end of the work). In fact responding to submitted by 7 points and we get ready summary. We now turn to a detailed consideration of each item separately. The first stage of any investigation, whether a degree or Ph.D.

– is study the relevance of the chosen topic. Lighting relevance should not be too wordy. Also, do not start a conversation from a distance. Enough within a page, highlight the main thing – the essence in the title problems out of it already and will be visible to the relevance of the topic.

Cutting Wood Front

When introducing the tool into the wood on the surface of the working area (contact surface) apply normal stress (pressure) and tangential friction force. The normal stresses occur in all cases, when two rigid bodies come into contact, sent the voltage (pressure) is perpendicular to the contact area. When sliding one body over another, as we know, there are friction forces directed tangential to the contact area (for tangent to the contour of the working area cutter at a given point). The force of friction at the point determined by the normal pressure and friction coefficient. The question of extending the normal pressure and friction forces on contour cutter working area – one of the most important cutting wood. From knowledge of the distribution of these forces depends on the accuracy of the cutting forces, tool strength, the best mode of treatment. To determine the direction and value of the total force with which the cutter acts on the timber, the working surface of the tool is divided into sections and considering the forces acting on each site and on the cutter as a whole.

Worktop cutter prof. Resurrection divided into three sections: the front face, rear face and the blade. Given the assumptions about the form of diagrams and numerical values of the pressures on stations cutter Resurrection theoretically investigated the influence of the main factors of Cutting to the magnitude of the forces acting on each of the sections of the working surface of the cutter. Forces acting on the side of the rake face. When introducing the tool into the wood surface of the front face of the impact on a detachable piece of wood with some effort.

In order to determine the magnitude of this effort, we must know the pressure distribution pattern of wood on the working surface (contact surface). From pre-existing assumptions about the form of diagrams of pressure hypothesis prof. Tim on the uniform distribution of pressure on the chip from the rake face was confirmed data on the behavior of wood under compression in a closed space. Following the initial stage of elastic deformation of wood front edge with a slight movement of the tool is the destruction of the cell walls of wood. In this case, the specific pressure on the surface contact the front face of the timber immediately reaches the limit of resistance of wood curl. Crumpled the front face of the wood during the subsequent promotion tool presses are not yet broken the ranks of neighboring cells and destroys (crushes) them. This failure occurs when an unmodified strain, so the average unit pressure on the front face remains constant and does not depend on the depth of penetration. With the addition of geometric obtain total force exerted by the tool rake face in the wood. For practical purposes the effect is conveniently represented as two components (the projections on two mutually perpendicular directions): a tangent to the absolute cutting path and the normal to her. From equations will be seen that the forces on the front face depend on the properties of wood chips in the friction coefficient on the rake face and the contact area of the front face of the timber.

The Lie Of “I Have No Time “

Who has never received the response “I have no time” to requests such as when do we meet? or why do not you write?. The denial of adequate time is probably the most widely utilizada.Todos lie we have time, but this is the arm of our priorities. Perhaps more than lie could be called unfinished sentence y. .. starting. Not that he has time, is that I have no time for you! It is a cruel denial. One wants to believe that maybe (please!) Such person is so busy that you really can not stay, but no. No, no and no.

In other words, you might say, is that you’re not important enough, you know? Above you is take a shower, drink a beer while watching TV, going to the gym, read a while, chatting, hanging out with my friends … and only, after that only if I still wanted a space of time and I do not know how to fill, you go. So flat, it is very difficult for you to touch. And the example applies not only to that piece of hot guy that leaves you breathless as you see it. Also applies to your best friend, for your neighbor, for your mother, your sister, your boyfriend …

If you hear I have no time to answer some of your proposals or requests for favors, you know that you have considered: low. To them you are completely expendable, and you invest so low on their list of priorities, rather than priority, heads the list of nuisances. Although it sounds hard, give back to anyone who tells you. The downside is that an arch-used excuse. Also for such despicable reservartelos leisure time you do not know who to fill. And you say when you want, hold it against all odds and rain and tornado hurricane rivals. Do not believe me? S memory. Insurance is something you do for someone who do not merely postpone and postpone. Until you have time. That is, until you’ve had enough to do whatever pleases you and one day you find yourself staring at the ceiling thinking what the hell to do and suddenly occurs to you man, I’ll call menganita. And begin with Ayyy typical … sorry to have spent so much time. It’s that been very busy. If you? Ahhh! What is truly decipher the language? .

Senior Consultant Department

And it is important, that all communications will withdraw gradually from the road. The main task of administration – the modernization and reconstruction heating networks. As the old, and patched many times lat, ineffective. Hence the high rates of heat: the structure of payments for communal networks account for about 50%. At present, the administration of the heating season poses the problem – to make the project a complete renovation of heating systems. Peteraytis said: “We will participate in all competitions and programs for regional and federal funds and seek private investors “. Priorities, they say, are defined. Kurylin said: – We really worth all of the investors.

Many of those who are ready to go (in the city – approx.) And completely withdraw all the networks. Your task (SRS deputies – Approx.) – On the legislative level to limit the willingness of investors to raise prices. Our task – to give them a payback for us – tariff reductions. However, Denis Abarinov – Senior Consultant Department of the Ministry Construction and Housing of the Samara region in the bright prospects for attracting investors hesitated because of that sum to bring the entire heating system of the city (boilers, network – approx.) in order – a few billion, and annual turnover of urban housing about 300 million rubles. But agreed that in general, should help the city.

It was still quite a lot of speeches, but remember to separate: Anatoly Gontar: I agree that selected a team of people infected with optimism, but it smacks of opportunism. On money we do not belong, but there is a desire. Victor F. says: we will support this, consider. If we take a decision, then not now. Gennady Markin: – As a member of the Urban District , Viktor Yanukovych, asking those objects that we have seen, we should by all means try to do. Let this be a showcase city, where you can bring any delegation. The value of z is such a conversation that had taken place before the 1957 birthday of the city. And who knows, maybe in five years we will hear from a visiting tourist: “I want to live in !”. T. DIMURINA.

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