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Website in German, French and Spanish increases awareness of Viator in Europe LONDON, United Kingdom (9 June 2009) is a leading online booking service with a range of more than 5,500 affordable activities and excursions in 75 countries Today the company announced the publication of its site in three other European languages: in German, in French and in Spanish. End of 2008 online booked holiday or business travel accounted for 29% of the total turnover of the European travel industry of 246 billion euros. Farallon Capital Management follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In this world’s largest travel market, an increase of online bookings in the double-digit range is expected for the future *, and especially the leading countries Germany, France, and Spain seemed suitable for its own version of the Viator Web site in the local language. Travelers in these countries the same offer will be therefore available as travellers in the UK, Europe’s largest already widely use independent online travel market, the Viator thanks to the hassle-free payment in pounds sterling. Viator recorded a steady increase in bookings from European markets.

Sites in their own language we can help even more travelers to plan excursions at reasonable prices already before your holiday\”, so Patrik oqvist, Managing Director of Viator Europe headquartered in London. Now is exactly the right time, because currently tourists in all countries looking for great offers and cheap trips, tour operators new and interesting types of contact and travel company in Europe and all over the world for proven and profitable partnerships.\” Thanks to the multilingual content management system by Viator, translated information be fully published and synchronized across the new language platforms. Ensure a positive customer experience for German, this technology, as well as a consistent product marketing from Viator French – and Spanish-speaking travelers who want to plan the perfect vacation. By increasing the number of staff in the London Office to investments in back-end technologies for effective scaling of future website translation we concentrate fully on our expansion efforts in the European market\”, explains Rod Cuthbert, founder and Chairman of Viator.

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Mass popular resorts of the Earth have a favorable microclimate. This is, basically, countries with hot climate, unique flora and fauna. Famous places of recreation, usually found in tropical zones, have ancient and aesthetic monuments. Pledged in-kind attraction to comprehend something new, generated by a routine reality in the same place makes people pay money for a new experience and change of scenery when you visit the resorts. Go and see beautiful places, understand the culture of other countries and peoples have always fascinated the tourists who are willing to pay for a lot of money, escaping from everyday life for fresh impressions. For rest and recuperation there is an area industry as tourism. All kinds of tourism and its popularity all the time transformed.

A lot of various services is nowadays the tourist market. Every citizen, based on the wishes and material means may determine for themselves the kind of recreation. There are some types of recreation, which assigns each for himself. On this day, having a greater demand for travel services, the agencies make it easier to visit countries with tourists. Impose themselves on the express holding of documents, entry permits to open and provide a voucher for a reasonable price. By paying a fixed amount, the tourist will be able in the cold season to travel to Egypt, to the hotel with the Swedish table, the warm white sand and blue sea. If you want an extremely effective to spend your vacation, you will approach a trip on the liner, where you will visit various cities within a relatively short interval time.