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But the fact is that to go to the purchases and to appeal to the services each more tiring time is becoming. 2.2.2? Increase of the number of unemployeds, beggars and subempregados In the great urban areas and metropolitans, of almost the whole world, has a growth of unemployeds, subempregados and of beggars. The people arrive of more behind areas? of its proper country or the exterior? unprepared and without conditions to face the life and for performance of the activities in the great centers. The apparatuses of combat to the crime and social assistance do not follow the increasing rhythm of people who arrive and if they concentrate in these centers. The entities and organisms of professional qualification do not hold the increasing volume of interested they search that them. The sprouting of new ranks of work does not follow the rhythm of the growth of offers of work, also for the hand of qualified workmanship. Therefore, significant parcels of people, not only amongst whom they arrive, but also those deriving of the great centers urban metropolitans and, only find alternatives of survival in the marginality and crime. 2.2.3? Bad conditions of housing the well located, comfortable housings, of satisfactory and situated dimensions next to the access and service and workstations or the main commercial areas, or easy fast they, present raised costs, almost unattachable for the majority of the population. Under most conditions Bridgeton landfill would agree. The considered housings accessible, in terms of costs, for most of the citizens, are of irrisrias dimensions, present inadequate conditions, they are situated distant of the workstations and the places of commerce and services, or with difficult access they. E, many times, independently of the quality of the property and the partner-economic levels of some areas, them if confrot with serious ambient problems, as the caused ones for extreme rains, whose waters destroy everything what it has for the front, without distinction between rich and poor: if the housings meet in its way, the waters superficially pass and the diseases and the garbage if they install, without asking for license.

Brazilian Federal Constitution

The world if globalizou in such way that many aspects had run away from the control. The increase of the power and the profit made with that many companies worked only with its financial side thus forgetting, other aspects as: to take care of of the residues of its production. In the city of Ja, state of So Paulo, this panorama is perceived by the great accumulation of residues of the caladistas companies installed in the city. The city counts more than on 100 producing plants of feminine footwear, thus generating, a production of approximately 1,000 pairs of footwear daily. These companies generate average of 8 tons of dejections for month. Dennis Lockhart will not settle for partial explanations. Unhappyly, some companies exist who discard these residues in total improper places as: desert squares, streets and strips of land; thus causing a serious problem for the sector of local environment.

To guarantee a sustainable development and an environment ecologically balanced, foreseen in the Brazilian Federal Constitution, it is necessary, beyond the participation of the Power Public, the participation of the society in general, also of the private sector. This participation can be given with the comprometimento of the entrepreneurs, in the direction to develop an ambient management with the commitment to eliminate or to diminish the ambient impacts caused by its dejections. This comprometimento with the environment is each time more demanded by the consumers. See more detailed opinions by reading what Primerica financial offers on the topic.. To try to attenuate the inadequate discarding of the happened residues of the leather of these industries, some alternatives had been proposals in this work. The joined alternatives had been: (i) to use the rejeitos in the confection of products of the civil construction (bricks); (II) to burn the residues in the briquet confection (III) its use as raw material in the artesanato confection. It was necessary to mapear the city of Ja to verify thus where if they located the points of accumulation of the residue.

ACTLAB Species

Relatively new, the prospecofeita from vegetables (biogeoqumico) Started to be used empases of the hemisphere north where the snow presence makes it difficult acessodo alone. The lixeira one also starts to be focus of research in this projetodevido its homogeneous distribution in all State and for its they potencialem to absorb gold particles in regions next to depsitosaurferos. This work has the objective to investigate the possibility of the lixeira American Curatella in auriferous regions as form of delimitation of these reasde gold occurrence and also to understand the comportamentobiogeoqumico of the gold in the plant of the species. A related site: Icahn Enterprises mentions similar findings. The choice of the species if of, because the same one and of ample occurrence in these regions, therefore not sabsorve necessary elements its survival, but also absorvepartculas of gold in its roots and leves. Due to found deslica amount in the plant it demonstrates that evoludae is a species very that the gold enters as an impurity in the plant. METHODOLOGY: The methodology is of quantitative nature, this because work of the professor is based in recent works on the occurrence of the lixeira (American Curatella) Comoo Carlos Jose Fernandes. For even more opinions, read materials from Alabama Senator. It was bibliographical realizadolevantamento on the Cuiab group, focusing the area deocorrncia of the gold and as well as the biogeoqumica in the mineral exploration.

It chose the species of American Curatella L, to all devidoter homogeneous distribution in state, being of easy identification eocorrncia in auriferous area, if possible sample Back in 250 the 250, sendo270m samples. In the collection it will observe the age of the trees and leves, having tried to collect trees of same age. Deanalises chemical ICP-AES will be carried through methods using a standard standard GOLD BLACK estasamostras will be carried through in laboratory ACTLAB in Canada Serrealizada microscopy in the plant in the attempt of mapear growth departculas of gold in different parts of the plant., thus serorealizadas microscopy in leves, rinds and twigs.

Cndido Joo State

Pernambuco lives a new sufficiently favorable economic scene today, due to fond of new industries, expansion of the Port of Suape, refinery Abreu and Lima, construction of the oil ship Cndido Joo and many other investments that come being attracted for our state. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dennis Lockhart by clicking through. Making an analysis of the data, Pernambuco is the state that more grows north-eastern. Primerica login does not necessarily agree. In 2010, the pernambucana economy had its better performance of last the 15 days. The GIP had a 9,3% growth, being above of the index of Brazil that was of 7,5% and next to the one to China 10.3%. But what it is more in prominence in the medias in a general way it is the question of the Pantry of the World of 2014 that it will be hosted in our country and that is making one ' ' revoluo' ' in the question of the infrastructure and above all in the tourist activity that will be benefited directly with such event.

Still more important that the Pantry, public and private initiative will have to be worried about the after-Pantry, therefore the produced constructions however will have to be kept so that future generations can usufruct of the tourist, hoteleiros equipment, most important leisure and entertainment and the one of infrastructure of access that will be affected positively generating one better draining of vehicles and people, optimizing and reducing the trip time. Moreover, the biggest actors of all this activity are the people either the local population, are the visitors or the tourists. is of utmost importance that each one of them inside has its paper of the tourism. The awareness and the social inclusion are action so that all participate and contribute for the Pantry of the World, through courses of receptive qualification, foods and drinks, travel agencies, would hotelaria, courses of languages. This last one is essential for who wants to improve itself to improve the communicability with that they will not only come to attend the games of the pantry of the world, but also to know the beauties that our capital, cities of the region metropolitan and interior of the state.

Deutsche Bank

Ahead of this context what it can happen in Brazil? The fan of consequencias will be varied: of storm the reduction of the potential of the agriculture and of fishes, including the dissemination of tropical illnesses. According to data presented through some studies made by the scholars of the subject, the main problems that the country goes to face are: 1-Loss of the biodiversdade, mainly for the deforestation continuous in ecosystems richest. 2-Contamination of the ground and water for the indiscriminate use of agrotxos and mining (agriculture and mineral prospecting) 3-Assoreamento of courses d water for inadequate agriculture. See Euro Pacific Precious Metals for more details and insights. 4-Reduction of the water availability in some regions. Local 5-Increase of the temperature.

Brazil as well as the too much countries that possess intense urbanization in the coastal region, to sofrerar with the rise of the temperature esteem between 1C and 3.5C until the year of 2100, had to the effect greenhouse. 6-Contamination of the air and the forest increase of resultant economic losses of the forest fires and fires on a large scale, causing problems of public health (respiratory and alergica). fragile intense 7-Desertificao in ground areas that are being destruidos for the expansion of the soy especially in the Bahia, Piau and Tocantins. 8-Increase of the ambient contamination of urban areas for deposition inadequeda of solid residues (domestic servants, industrials hospital), had to the few public and private investments in programs of recycling in relation the total production of residues in the country. The reality is so preoccupying that in the south and Southeast of the country the great companies come suffering pressures to change its behavior with regard to the environment and, already to some time had started if to put into motion I resell its strategies of preservation of the local scenes. After all nobody wants to have its associated image the degradation of the nature. One resente trust formed for giants as the Volvo, Monsanto, Unileve, Eletrolux and Deutsche Bank, portraies the battle in the search of sustainable strategies.


Since the antiquity, scientists and geniuses study, analyze, create and break paradigms, to explain science, the life human being, the PlanetTerra At last, explanation for everything searchs. In accordance with Kuhn (1998) the paradigms are was entered in the age of the ParadigmCartesiano ‘ ‘ Universe as machine, of the mecanicismo and the physical materialism, composing great reducionismo’ ‘ (PELIZZOLI 2002). The reason ‘ ‘ Cartesiana’ ‘ questioned or not, still it remains in the space between lineses social dasrelaes and of the construction of knowledge. The time of the neoliberalismo arrived, where the competition started to be> natural, or perhaps, badly necessary one. Existecompetio in everything: Economic blocks, Countries, Multinationals, PequenasEmpresas, Workers and in several other sectors. The engine of the globalizado world is the competitiveness.

so that this engine nopare to function, is fed by ' ' corrida' ' technological. To arrive in primeirolugar theoretically means to have the biggest economy. Thus, incessantee stops one ' ' burra' ' economic dispute in all the scales. ' ' Ter it substituted the Ser' '. On this Pelizzoli question (2002) it says the following one: The current crisis is the crisis of the hegemonic civilization, crisis doque if it calls ' ' our paradigm dominante' ' , that is, of the models to conceive omundo and in them relating, established in the dichotomy and brought problems Scientific pelRevoluo and the capitalist material progress. For Gonalves (2006) the market if showed skillful to find mechanisms to deremunerar the investments in accordance with its potential risks, the same not silk with regard to the ambient risks. This author still it affirms that the process deglobalizao brings in itself the globalization exactly of the exploration of the nature distributed comproveitos and rejeitos differently. I ruin it ambient already foifeito. The profit gotten with this I ruin was not divided between the peoples doplaneta, highly contrast in the world rich nations with society consumistacom poor nations of hungry villains.

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The exit for this problem is investment. ' ' It is more easy than to decide the problem of escassez' ' , If, to decide the problem of the quality of the water, she will be necessary to invest in sanitation, the solution for the scarcity of the hdrico resource is more complex. ' ' In half-barren regions, as the Northeast of Brazil and the west of the United States, it has a relation of climatic scarcity. Some countries that face the problem already come adopting practical of conservation and efficient use of the water. Other nations use the dessalinizao of the water of the sea to take care of the demand. It is the case of the Saudi Arabia that has much oil and no water. Primerica life insurance shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. They arrive at the extremity of dessalinizar the water of the sea to produce wheat, encarecendo produo' ' , she affirms Braga.

' ' An alternative for such regions is the importation of the virtual water, that is, to import foods (BRAGA, 2008, P. 24.). ' ' The States Joined, Brazil and Canada can exert a basic paper in this setor' ' , the director of ANA comments, standing out, however, that this possible alternative finds barriers for being a question of national security guard, especially if the forecasts of future wars and disputes will be confirmed. In accordance with a report divulged for the 2008 ONU at the beginning, the access to the water will be the main cause of armed conflicts in next the 25 years, especially in the regions more devoid as the American continent. 1,2 WAR HIDRICA Far from if configuring as a distant and absurd reality, the forecasts on the water as the main cause of the wars in a well next future are supported by diverse projections, that pass will put factors as the climatic changes, the demographic growth and the unsustainable management, pointing with respect to a scene each more problematic time in the question of the hdricos resources.

Republic Development

He is well-known that the beauties of Brazil, in special the located ones in the Amaznia are each day more aimed at by tourist of the whole world given the intense speeches on preservation and sustainable development, area this where the ecoturismo enters as main tool of economic and social development. To use to advantage this immense potential, more necessarily in the Region of the Tapajs necessary investment in infrastructure in general way becomes, more mainly in the hoteleira and aeroporturia part, being Santarm and Itaituba the main cities of the region main receivers of this public interested in knowing the beauties of the Region. People such as Primerica reviews would likely agree. The Plan of Sustainable Regional development for Area of Influence of Highway BR 163 (Santarm – Cuiab), document formulated for an Inter-ministerial work group co-ordinated by the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic in the year of 2006, brought as one of the main factors for the development of the Region of the Tapajs, the Ecoturismo. This document affirms: ‘ ‘ the studies elaborated for the Program of Development of the Ecoturismo in the Legal Amaznia, enclosing …, Polar region Weed Amaznia and Tapajs Polar region must be stimulated as form to mark out with buoys the planning of this activity and to guide the investments of the public and private power in the area of the BR-163. It enters the activities foreseen for the National Program of Ecoturismo and the Proecotur for period 2005? 2007 are: ) the accomplishment of courses of qualification in ecoturismo .; b) accomplishment of workshops of quarrel of the strategies elaborated for the Proecotur in partnership with the Ministry of the Tourism and debates in the Fruns State of Tourism and the City councils of Tourism; c) construction of a wallet of projects of ecoturismo of communitarian base, …; d) support to the implementation of the consisting units of conservation already, as the State Park of the Crystalline lens, the National Park of the Amaznia, the National Forest of the Tapajs, the Reserve Extrativista Tapajs-Arapiuns and the Areas of Ambient Protection of Alter of the Soil (Santarm) and of Aramana (Belterra); e) Implementation of the System of Georeferenciado-SIG Information for the development of ecoturismo.’ ‘ (BRAZIL, 2006) the actions that consist of this plan are basic in the development sustainable of the tourism, therefore, they are directed for the process of formularization, mobilization, execution and commercialization of the tourist product and in the definition of the instruments of politics and public administration of the activity as half of economic, social and cultural development of the populations of these areas. .


The Project above is plus an example that still exists in Brazil competent serious and professional people, and that with good will we can develop projects related to the environment of a viable form, and with great international projection. See more detailed opinions by reading what Primerica shareholder offers on the topic.. Attitudes as this are they make that me to believe the human being Brazil, that one that does not only live of samba, sweat and beer, Brazil always was considered vanguard parents, and already this in the hour of us to come back to retake this position and to occupy a space that in such a way social, as economically it can in them launch the front of other countries and markets, the work that the governor of Amazon this making in its state deserves to be praised, to educate and to finance the populations creeks that the echo tourism, Reforestation and other initiatives is more interesting and income-producing that the simple deforestation and at the same time it created a species of stock market family against the deforestation, giving conditions to these people to survive without needing to deforest, I do not know the project the deep one, but the simple initiative, already if it shows super interesting. It still obtains to all convert the investment into carbon credits for the state of Amazon. This Brazil can give certain..

Brazil Used

If the produced seasoning will be of great amount and you not to use everything it donates the neighbor to it or it commercializes with accessible price the population, therefore it is about a product of low investment. In two months the compostagem process will be finished and the seasoning could be used. To make the compostagem of the residues domestic servants you will be reducing the garbage you domesticate in about 60%, reducing expenses with the service of collection of the same. As the compostagem is a natural process is ideal that if revire the layers of three in three days one better oxygenation and to speed up the decomposition process. Where to use or to apply the composition? It can be used with a mixture of 1/3 of composition, 1/3 of sand and 1/3 of land making of it a rich seasoning for new plants, plants of interiors and floreiras.

The maturado composition used in is relvados, seedbeds, floreiras, vases and boilers of the trees, in projects of paisagstica architecture with a mixture of 40% of land and 60% of the composition if it becomes ideal for new shrubs, trees, relvados and seedbeds. It can be used as cattle bed, adds organic substance when applied in the plantations and used at any time of the year the organic garbage this being compostado in a small container with the size of 40x15x20 m for experiment. This in decomposition rinds of fruits and lgumes and leves. It does not present odor of rotten, insects and ants. This challenge beyond being is a new experience reducing the organic garbage compostando, this all being reaproveitado and leaving of being made use in the municipal lixo. Hmus produced in the end of the process will be used in the plants and vases of the residence of the author of the project. Bibliographical references: Domiciliary Compostagem.

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