The first in the 2011 UN climate meeting was held in Bangkok. New earthquake in Japan. As will be offset by cutting Khimki forest? News of "green" technologies: wind turbine, powered by a passing train biogas in the Penza region, and biofuels in Arkhangelsk. In the animal world: how crawling snail. Science News: East Africa dried up, the skeleton of an ancient whale. Health: tangerines from obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis, maple syrup – a powerful antioxidant. Our food: genetically modified cows in China provide human milk.

This is interesting: spiders so entangled web of trees, those that died from lack of sunlight. News legislation, and ministries: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chairs meeting on forecasting of natural hazards, the Russian State Duma adopted amendments to benefits for the use of aquatic resources. Photo fact of the week: "Cherry blossoms." Browse Events the week of 04/04/2011 to 10/04/2011. The first in the 2011 UN climate meeting was held in Bangkok in 2011, the first meeting of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change took place on April 08/03 Bangkok (Thailand), was attended by approximately 2.5 thousand Delegates from 174 countries. It was expected that the main agenda will be the implementation of the countries of the Cancun agreements, and prepare a work plan for 2011. However, the negotiation process within the framework of measures for long-term cooperation reached an impasse when the parties were unable to take the agenda of their work. The cause of dispute was the fact that developing countries want to continue to work on range of issues identified by the Bali road map in 2007, while Developed countries want to focus on the Cancun-making. (Not to be confused with northland!).

Medium Income

Let us imagine a life well normal of a typical young of medium income. When waking up, it brushes teeth with that dental folder. It takes one coffee-da-morning with milk and hamburger, among others foods. After that, it puts those clothes in fashion that are not expensive: a shirt ' ' made in China' ' , a imported pants southeastern Asian and those shoes of a great multinational of these, only part that required sale on credit. Home Depot takes a slightly different approach. It goes of car to the college, spending one liter of gasoline in gone and the one in the return. In the lunch, it eats that one picanha, it fries with the oil of a giant of the agronegcio, folloied for the cereals and vegetables of custom.

At night, it passes sabonete, shampoo, the conditioner, the cream of combing and the deodorant of known marks. It has supper to eggburger in fast-food with the friends, armed again of the shoe of the multinational and now dressing a leather vest. At last, normal and current activities for there of. You if question: ' ' What it has more of in this everything? I do not see nothing of wrong in this life that the youngster leva' '. I say, for its pasmaceira depending on its ingredients is more, much more exactly, exploratria, harmful and destructive of what you think. I do not speak only of what everybody speaks, on the ambient impacts (but I also speak of this part), but also of equally serious consequences in human beings and animals not-human beings. Each kilo of meat, each oil bottle of soy of certain marks, each imported product of the China and other violating countries of human and working rights, each liter of gasoline burnt in the engine of the car, everything this has an origin or consequence that nobody would like to know.

The Land

In 2008, until where if it can observe, this increase already it is powerful is doubting the nossainteligncia. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gen. Mark Milley on most websites. We have to give one is enough in this everything. The life of our children depends daatitude that to take, in case that contrary now, if to arrive up to 2050, will elesvivero in a true hell. Learn more at: Federal Reserve Bank. The Land will be so hot that to aqueleser itself that the God is contrary to want to come to live here,> it will be able to inhabit numaboa and nor it will need to set on fire thing some. Already we will have made this porele.

Metaphors to the part, the world and the life in it will be insuportvel. Increase of the average temperatures, rise of the oceans with dedesabrigados billions, food lack, hurricanes, become, cyclones, storms, each time more intense and frequent Millions, talvezbilhes of deaths the hundreds of thousand that already we had, only em2008, had not served to give the example of what in the wait if not mudarmosnossas attitudes? It is this that in the wait. we go to be inert dominant vendoos to destroy everything to only keep a sistemamaterialista and egoist supported in oil, coal and exploration danatureza? With rich, poor, dominant and dominated? For the love deDeus, we are all brothers, friends of day in one walked moral deevoluo and spiritual. That progress was this that nossahumanidade created? Progress that is in leading to the ruin? God is trying helping in them, the problem is does not want to listen to Its aid. They consider more intelligent queAquele that in it gave the life to them and believe to be capable to decide until mesmoo impossible, to any time We know that we must use clean energies and you renewed such as aelica the solar one. We have to stop to use fsseis fuels, comopetrleo and coal.

We must stop to deforest the forests and to initiate to arecuperar them immediately. We must make selective garbage collection, stop of poluir rivers, lakes, seas. At last we must take atitudesimediatas and effective that require comprometimento of all setoresda society, also of the government. This text is being well clearly on the future that in the wait. Vamosficar inert seeing the World to finish? We go to allow that the life if acabenesse Plan? To be sincere, the World will not finish. It will only react! The end to deexterminar its predators, that had not obtained to live in harmony comele. We are the predators. We are the parasites of the biggest workmanship of Deus.Em this fight of forces all know who will leave victorious person. Later, it exempts of us, the Land if> are wanting. After all what to think of a society that leaves its brothers morrerempor food lack and that makes war for economic questions

Mediterranean Malaria

In Asia emtodo is present the Indian subcontinent, Average East, Will go, central Asia, Sudesteasitico, Indonesia, Phillipino and south of China. The illness already existed, but foierradicada in century XX of the Mediterranean region, including South of the Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, south of France and Greece; in the South and West of U.S.A. Aotodo, lives 3 almost billions of people in endemic regions (that is, half dahumanidade) in more than 100 countries. It has every year, the 300 500 million cases of the malaria, dosquais more than 90% in Africa, the majority with satisfactory resolution, masresultando in weakness and loss of significant days of work. Elamata, however, about 2 million people in each year, about one milhodas which is children with less than 5 years. In the less serious Europe and, more specifically, in Portugal, cases somuito, having only some thousands. The great majority of the cases, and probably its totality, is imported of tropical people who visitarampases.

1,5 PREVENTION Photo 02: Dormitory covered for net anti-mosquitoprotege significantly against the Malaria Source: http:/ Not yet has an efficient vaccine against the malaria, havendoapenas studies of reach reduced on tests of a vaccine sintticadesenvolvida for Manuel Elkin Patarroyo in 1987. One is given credit that vacinapossa to be available commercially in the next years, that is, up to 2010. The best one measured, ato moment, is the eradication of the Anopheles mosquito. Lately, the use deinseticidas powerful more toxic, forbidden in ocidente, has increased porqueos risks of the malaria is very superior to the ones of the insecticide. The use of redescontra mosquitos is efficient in the protection during sleep, when the grandemaioria of the infections occurs. The repellent creams of insects also are efficient, masmais expensive that the nets. The clothes must cover completamentepossvel the naked skin of day. The mosquito does not have as much trend to prick the face or the hands, where the sanguineous vases are less accessible, how much to the legs, the arms or opescoo the sanguineous vases are accessible.

In Brazil

Thus, the man in the lack of survival looks for, its vision of more realistic form, alternative to supply its necessities and of the o minimum of comfort to its familiar ones. 2 REVISION OF LITERATURE 2,1 CHARACTERIZATIONS OF the TABOCA Between terrestrial environments, the vegetation presents an exuberant wealth of life, where if they can find diverse types of organisms. One of the characteristics found in the humid tropical forests is the microenvironment presence that provides the existence of innumerable species. In the Brazilian forests it is common to find great amount of bamboos amongst them taboca, vegetable that costuma to inside store water of its interior, which if called, scientifically, of fitotelmata. Taboca is a deriving popular name of the Tupi, its scientific name is Guadua weberbaueri, a hollow green pole of thickness of a thumb finger, found in the Brazilian forests, used in the manufactures of arrows, paneiros, skewers, hat, amongst others. The fauna of the bamboo Guadua Weberbaueri was studied in Peru, however, its dumb composition in accordance with the region. The bamboo was introduced in Brazil for the Portuguese who travelled for the territories Asian colonials and later for the Chinese and Japanese immigrants when they had come to work in the cycle of the coffee, bringing I obtain many Asian species of bamboo for Brazil.

It is for this reason that if finds as many underbrush of bamboos spread for the Brazilian territory. One knows that all the plants are part of the vegetal kingdom and that they are divided in families, subfamlia, species, sorts and other categories. The bamboo is the name that if of to all the plants of the subfamlia Bambusoideae, where, this subfamlia is part of the family of the grassy ones. In Brazil already 200 native species of bamboo had been identified more than that occurs of north to the south of the country. .

The Hose

Already I witnessed one lady playing water in the stroll, of parasol, therefore it was raining. It said me that he was to take off the adobe of the stroll! Some use the water of the hose as broom, to sweep the sidewalk! still uses to advantage to observe the movement of the street, to place the colloquy in day with some known that it passes. With on tap and the water leaving for the hose, being wasted and draining for the street. Innocent, but pparently doubly harmful behavior: it wastes water and it corrodes asphalt, provoking holes. Many people if worry more about the possibility of the oil to finish, of what with a future of scarcity of the water! Some until save the oil. Perhaps for being expensive! But to pay a water or light account, when it is wasted, also is expensive! to sleep with on television? Although the great device these majority currently to count on timer, that it makes possible the programming disconnect alone, exist people who for comodismo and or laziness, they are lain down in the front of this device, already premade use to sleep, and nor if they give to the work to set in motion timer. Peter Asaro often expresses his thoughts on the topic. How to classify this behavior? Some bind the television, they light the light of the room, and go to make another thing.

They say that it is habit, that if had accustomed to hear the sound of on television. Why does not acquire one radinho of stack? It makes racket also! What it characterizes wastefulness is exactly this: the use exaggerated and unnecessary of something. is undisputed declaration of egoism. To have conscience of that definitive behavior is harmful, and to insist on perpetuating it, are a significant signal of limited intelligence! I still believe that as well as I, many readers also desire to be this way in this world, for a good time.


‘ ‘ San Francisco de Assis (1182? 1226). With effect, much reason had that Saint Homem when composing, 800 years behind, little more or less, this poetical monument call CANTICO OF the CREATURES, where, beyond treating the SUN and the MOON as brothers, it also cites the WATER, as if it are an alive being, perfectly integrated in the set of the Supreme Creation, therefore, DIVINE CREATURE, as of remaining portion, also we, while workmanships of the SUPREME CREATOR. The three adjetivaes (humble, precious and chaste), are linked for the particle conjunctive and surely not to consider unevennesses of importance between them with rank of commas. It deserves analysis to the part, the application of these three adjectives of the form proposal. I will start for the last one, therefore, as already said, it does not have hierarchic classification of importance: -) The WATER IS CHASTE because we poluamos despite it daily, in direct contact with the land and for a natural process, it comes back to be chaste and to fulfill its mission to give life, to purificar and to feed; b) The WATER IS PRECIOUS because exactly unprovided of I smell, flavor or color, all the beings daily consume it to livings creature with great pleasure, for all the life, as he was cheiroso, delicious and beautiful of manjares, it circulates internally in the beings, it condenses, it removes toxins, it is expelled and it returns its natural, chaste or pure state.

Ecological Footprint Method

The Barometer of the Support is had as a combinatria tool of pointers pointing cocientes through indices. Such indices facilitate very in the agreement, and to visualize the situation accomplishes of the state of the environment and society as a whole. The support pointers must establish correlation between itself, always inside of the hierarchy and relevance, therefore its analysis separately would cause great difficulty of mensurao of the support as a whole. However certain recklessness can be perceived that, while a dimension inside of a set of pointers can be considered sustainable, another one not, exactly being inside of the same joint of pointers, from there to occur to the obfuscation of the identification of insustentabilidade of a system or subsystem because this can occur in the gamma of five pointers more than grouped, for example, and one or two inside of this five to be appearing as unsustainable it is thus a system running the risk of if extinguishing. barometer of the Support uses a well clear form indices goes of the welfare state to the ecological one, glimpsing ours to see the harmonization between environment and the man, looking for to delineate until where the exploration of the natural supplies is sustainable or not, however some pointers tend to mask others inside being they of one same dimension therefore the hierarquizao system must be used of form very multicriteria and guided front the relevance of the pointers. Therefore the pointer of bigger importance inside of the goal will prevail there and scales established. The Ecological Footprint Method the Ecological Footprint Method is a tool that indicates compensatory actions for each parcel of appropriate natural resources for a country, state, city and or governmental institution or not. Ecological footprint, the book launched for Wackernager & Rees (1996), Our Ecological Footprint Method, a bold work regarding this used system in such a way to metrificar as to divulge the development sustainable..

The EA

That is, a possible way to contribute so that the EA reach some of the objectives the one that if considers is through the art, of the education of sensible, since the humanity is living deeply a singular way of relation society nature, that for its peculiarity needs a particular form of reflection, of the aesthetic one (SHE HISSES, 2007). Saints (2001) ratify this necessity of a new reflection/action that is not based on principles of the rationality logical-instrument, and yes in principles as of the aesthetic-expressive rationality (of the arts). In this direction, FREIRE (2004) in it says that &#039 to them; ' a ontolgica imanncia of the participativo and creative impetus of the human being is decisive factor in the development of a critical and emancipatria conscience of the formation of the citizen moderno' '. MARIM (2006) also comments to this respect: The deep art new values. It opens independent perspectives and can take the human being if emancipate of those values that, for the reason or the imaginary heteronmia of a social one, to it are infused as necessities. Who lives deeply the phenomenon of the aesthetic experience ahead has of itself a much more ample and flexible world that one drawn by the consumption societies. (P.

286). That is, the art contributes for the change of the reducionista and fragmentador paradigm of the reality transposing its rationalization when working with the human being in a multidimensional way placing the individual in contact with the surrounding directions in its culture, being a necessity and challenge not only for the EA, but also for the formal education. Silveira (2009, p.379) when approaching what it stipulated to call ambient aesthetic education calls the attention for our union to the world, the inhabited place, the incarnate experiences, and adds that if we long for mature attitudes, ambiently correct and eticamente responsible, it does not have as to get leaving them solely of the science alicerada in the rational dimension.

Increasing Areas

But the fact is that to go to the purchases and to appeal to the services each more tiring time is becoming. 2.2.2? Increase of the number of unemployeds, beggars and subempregados In the great urban areas and metropolitans, of almost the whole world, has a growth of unemployeds, subempregados and of beggars. The people arrive of more behind areas? of its proper country or the exterior? unprepared and without conditions to face the life and for performance of the activities in the great centers. The apparatuses of combat to the crime and social assistance do not follow the increasing rhythm of people who arrive and if they concentrate in these centers. The entities and organisms of professional qualification do not hold the increasing volume of interested they search that them. The sprouting of new ranks of work does not follow the rhythm of the growth of offers of work, also for the hand of qualified workmanship. Therefore, significant parcels of people, not only amongst whom they arrive, but also those deriving of the great centers urban metropolitans and, only find alternatives of survival in the marginality and crime. 2.2.3? Bad conditions of housing the well located, comfortable housings, of satisfactory and situated dimensions next to the access and service and workstations or the main commercial areas, or easy fast they, present raised costs, almost unattachable for the majority of the population. The considered housings accessible, in terms of costs, for most of the citizens, are of irrisrias dimensions, present inadequate conditions, they are situated distant of the workstations and the places of commerce and services, or with difficult access they. E, many times, independently of the quality of the property and the partner-economic levels of some areas, them if confrot with serious ambient problems, as the caused ones for extreme rains, whose waters destroy everything what it has for the front, without distinction between rich and poor: if the housings meet in its way, the waters superficially pass and the diseases and the garbage if they install, without asking for license.

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