In a change of about 10 people: directors, managers in areas of it professionals, changing managers, workers in the coffee shops Navigation on the Internet and computer games, reception staff and copy center, staff, security guard. With regard to staff a cafe, then at the moment, we consider inefficient to keep the cooks, because assortment in our stores has its limitations. Formation of the atmosphere – it's constant work of dozens of people, in which the bulk of education takes a customer focus (literacy, recruitment, training and motivation employees). Students – this is a big part of the personnel in contact with the visitors of Internet centers. Argued that if your employees – students, the result – the existence of a constant routine of staff. Euro Pacific Precious Metals may not feel the same. Use a flexible scheme of incentives and bonuses, show real interest in the permanent workers, show the possibility of career growth, and you will be able to minimize the turnover of student staff. Try to involve staff in the conduct of business and the life of Internet centers.

For example, perhaps surprisingly, some of our guards who work for a long time, can serve as a navigator and, if necessary help with advice. 7 Do not overprice! Prices in Cafemax vary depending on the load center (the price corridor for the workplace: 40-70 rubles for a game: 30-50 rubles). In addition, we offer a range of wholesale cards, which allow use the services at a minimal or an acceptable price. Develop their pricing policy based on the cost of services.

Call Centers

Whatever did not say that Russia should not adopt Western lifestyles. Yet some elements of that style of life quite well and fit into our reality. As the most striking example cause such a moment, as the emergence of more and more organizations such as call-center. If we talk more about what is a call-center, there should first call this his attribute, like work with clients. Looks like.

In a fairly large room there are several operators who respond to customer calls. Also, operators can, through a computerized telephone system redirect calls to clients to other specialists of the company or to conduct public opinion polls. The fact that such a volume of appeals can handle one or even several secretaries usually even out of the question. And this means that the call centers – is a direct need for any major company. After each call the customer – is primarily an opportunity to earn money.

And every missed call – it lost money. Not to mention the fact that dissatisfaction with regular customers – is generally a very real threat to the wellbeing of the company. But simply put a few people in front of computers and telephones for the organization is really quality work such department, as a contact center – is absolutely insufficient. In order to work call center has been really effective, it needs at least three essential elements. Euro Pacific Precious Metals can provide more clarity in the matter. Firstly, it is certainly a good information base. Even the most skilled operator is not necessarily remember all the minutest details. For even more details, read what Robotics says on the issue. Also when it comes to dealing with what or technical applications, services for which the company provides its customers, here the system should work more clearly. As an example, the work of call center isp. As primiera can cause such a situation is a network failure. Naturally, the all who serve the organization immediately begin to call its help line. And, accordingly, the duties of employees of the department as a call-center in this case would include an explanation of the reasons customers fail. In addition, in call centers every day receives thousands of calls with questions about how to perform an action. And in this case, the operator will have to provide the client with all the information and provide detailed instructions for action. The second important element of a good job call center is a well-honed work of telephone lines. It is desirable that, in this part of the computerization of work has been used only the latest systems. This will allow avoid this effect, when a customer, slack on the wire and listening to music in her 10 minutes waiting for an operator is ready to rage on foot to go in a call-center. For understandable reasons, to work with the customer to the operator will be even harder. A ability to perceive the latest information provided by the operator will at all equal to zero. Of course, we must not forget at the same time that yet on what the professional level of the operator also depend very much. It is difficult to say that in this case would be more important – his awareness of the issues that relate directly to the company's activities and assistance to clients. Or, vice versa, so to speak, psychological component. Since even most informed, but tempered the operator can not work effectively with the client.