Creating a Presence in Europe

The methods are incredibly simple, all you need to know the ABC and the machinery is in motion! Let me tell you more … You will master all in a clear, fully illustrated, quick and free of jargon, step by step. The Secret of 2008 is IN-VIEW-TIR. I wish you a great investment, and here’s a small technical article from one of our analysts for the last week. Update on the Stock Exchange of Spain’s Ibex won a new historic record at 15,895.4 points after rising 0.44% during the session.

The utilities recorded the best performance of the session, while crude oil continued its relentless climb to the future of Brent at $ 93.4 a barrel. American Writer often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In a day without the macro data services PMI, which rose in Spain and the Eurozone, the presentation of results from the meeting encouraged Natural Gas. Meanwhile, a rising euro was trading at $ 1.45. In Europe, the bags deflate after starting mid-session with notable spikes, but managed to finish in positive with the exception of Milan that was left by 0.07%. For its part, increased by 0.44% Paris, Frankfurt and London 0.27% 0.06%.

The financial and insurance sector again became a burden in Europe, with Alllianz the front left of the losses to 1.77%. By contrast, the largest increase was for Nokia (2.35%), boosted by the announcement of Google, which yesterday told plans to enter the mobile telephony market in 2008 through an Internet software, which could participate Nokia. After beginning to rise thanks to the technology sector, the United States would generate small losses.

German Bonds

Investors invest their money not always perfectly round ten percent of disposable income put German households according to the Federal Statistical Office on the high edge. This money is not always optimal attached: more than 1,000 Depot analyses of the VZ VermogensZentrums have shown that investors often no clear strategy and have too many Kleinstpositionen, bank-owned and structured investment products in the depot. Investors who neglect the management of their portfolios, taking high risks and exploit opportunities to little. While they could benefit from the upward trend in stocks, bonds and gold currently. Shares: Further increasing prices many investors are still skeptical and hold a large portion of their assets in cash or money market investments. Investors run to danger, to miss most of the rest, which has employed about a year ago. Learn more about this with Federal Reserve Bank. Although the VZ investment experts expect that stocks still moderate move because of the euro crisis and economic worries by the end of the year upwards. In the medium term the chances for more But good price increases.

Conventional bonds remain unattractive government and corporate bonds offer is still a low interest rate. The risk of exchange losses due to a rising interest rate environment has therefore increased. Investments in this area should be underweighted. Convertible bonds as an interesting adjunct In the current market environment, however, attractive are convertible bonds. Central banks have driven stock prices and thus also the convertible bonds in recent weeks clearly upwards. Who wants to invest in convertible bonds, better buys funds rather than individual securities. So is not a concentration risk as an investor and makes the management of its bonds in the hands of professionals. Gold is still attractive gold is and remains popular with investors because it is considered a crisis-resistant. Today, gold is so sought after as long since no longer. The reasons are obvious: investors can generate little interest with other plants, the confidence in the economic and monetary policies of States, and also the demand of central banks as well as by investors from China and India holds the High price of gold.


Structured ‘active’ nature necessary for the healthy development of children in AMSTERDAM, Netherlands. While are children and young people out there physically active have operated twenty to thirty years ago every day as part of the Schulwegs or after school by playing in the great outdoors, the conditions within a generation have completely changed: televisions, computers and mobile devices today form the core of all entertainment and leisure activities median require mostly the use of cars without (social) thanks to extensive urbanization. As a result, children rarely have opportunity to experience nature as such and to explore. The U.S. journalist Richard Louv has given even a clinical name the lack of any nature customization during the growing up of children: nature deficit disorder, based on umweltpsychologischen studies, which show that contact with nature the health, the urge of the game and generally the development of cognitive, emotional, social and motor skills of the children and Promotes young people.

One of the core concerns of the operators of the nature park AvTarZ provided in this regard in Oldenzaal an ECO forest high rope garden with various cable slides up to 180 m length as a complement the existing range of sports and play facilities, nature trails and mythologically themed hiking activities in order is as early as possible to give children a positive contact with the nature. Joining leisure activities in the great outdoors with some challenges deepen not only the direct experience of nature, but also creates an awareness for nature and the environment as such,”says Wim Doedens, owner of the nature park. The expansion of the Park focuses mainly on young audiences, especially children of aged 8-10 years, and is in the child-oriented extension of the existing forest of climbing for adults. The via ferrata for cool kids is part of a total system, which includes 8 courses with more than 110 individual obstacles thus,”Sandebud explains.