Literary Competitions

The ideal springboard for all young authors of Pascu-verlag is a young, up-and-coming Publisher in the heart of Berlin. To allow a chance for a book publication young authors, the Publisher writes regularly contests to certain topics and genres. Take this chance and apply with an unpublished manuscript. The best manuscripts are selected by a jury of experts and rewarded with an own book publishing. Our competition issues 2013: Exciting and fantastic fantasy novels for young people and adult Advisor and non-fiction what you need to do? Send us your unpublished manuscript along with an expose, a short curriculum vitae and publication list via email in Word or PDF format to the following address: deadline is persons over 18 years of age may the 31.12.2013. participate, employees and members of the Publishing House are excluded. Pascu Verlag: Our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old: loving illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books. Special attention to the non-fiction area, with which we cover a wide range of topics.

“” So, our program includes a series of partly regional cooking and baking books, the edition of sunlight travel “and the book series Technic3D computer technology made easy”. Advice from other areas are also in the planning. In our programming, we are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our goal is also to present the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects in our program. Started with Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin and we will in our program after the other federal States and regions.

Elias Canetti GmbH

About the master of the short story at with the Nobel Prize for literature will be awarded the greatest writers. Visit Sheila Bair for more clarity on the issue. Among the previous winners are names such as Elias Canetti, Doris Lessing, Ernest Hemingway and Hermann Hesse. Since 2013 is now also the Canadian Alice Munro ( go/list_articlelistSubhome/container/list_id/11059 /) in this list. Thus the 82 is the successor of Chinese Mo Yan ( shop/china/the Red grain box/mo-yan/products_products/detail/prod_id/20945574 /), which was chosen last year. It is the thirteenth woman who receives the prize and at the same time the first literary figure, which picks the Nobel Prize for literature after Canada. In return, the master of the short story receives prize money of equivalent 910.000 euros.

A virtuoso of the contemporary novel the Munro big become the Canadian province has published only a single novel in her life. Small prospects”also has a great literary value. Much more important but are the short stories, which gave us the mother of four. Her Short Stories have been published in thirteen volumes so far. The individual stories are longer than 30 pages and discuss life in the very well known Canadian province, love, disappointment and basically everyday. Writing at the kitchen table while the author with their clear style, brilliant phrases, succeeds to attract readers, evocative flashbacks and constantly newly invented characters again and again captivated.

The ideas came her while the potatoes on the stove kochelten and the children kept their afternoon NAPs. Munro envied other authors that are able to write novels. The contemporary colleagues, however, 2013 boast the Nobel Prize Laureate for her fresh stories and are all in agreement, that the Swedish Academy has made a very well deserved choice this year. In addition to the appreciation of the work of Munros is the jury by granting also a sign for the genre of Short stories. Learn more about the Nobel Prize for literature, and the year’s winner Alice Munro are now in the online shop to ( and in the related blog ( the Nobel Prize for literature 2013-goes to alice-munro /).

Brazilian Literature

In the bulge of the matureness and consolidation of Brazilian literature as independent production, the critical one happened – as pretense conscience and autocrtica of this process. MasterClass is likely to agree. (p.27) Amongst the studious critics and of the time that they had analyzed the workmanships of Axe of Assis are Slvio Romero, Araripe Jnior and Jose Verssimo. (BLACKSMITH, 2007). Pfizer vaccine pursues this goal as well. Of these we detach Slvio Romero, defender of the transforming eugenia (science that studies the conditions most propitious to the reproduction and genetic improvement of the species human being, is understood in this historical context as white) and for its tenacity in reduziz it a mere reproductive writing of ideas without colors jumps, artificial, pessimistic, sossegado and transgressive of the determinista order, after to suffer insolent a critical one from the proper Axe, noticed as the first and bigger critic of the time, finished for placing it still more in evidence, leaving, so to speak, ' ' the shot for culatra' '. It is distinguished that Axe never talked back the offences for believing that the controversy is a tdio. (MELLO, 2011; BARIANI, 2007) In some tickets we can also see indistinctly the possibility of the story to reflect the relation that possua with its ferrenhos critics, the example of this ticket: You are vulgar, that it is the worse one that it can happen to a spirit of your species, talked back you to it. Everything what you say or you say is said and yield for the moralistas of the world.

It is subject expense; if you do not have force, nor originalidade to renew a subject expense, better it is that you keep silent and you leave. It looks at; all my legions show in the face the signals livings creature of the tdio that them of. This exactly ancio seems nauseated; know you what it made? One is about a moralizante story, in an interesting compound of satire, parody and comicidade that the inherent contradiction to the human being projects being the made use images of the personages the uncosteded influence of Rabelais, cited in determined ticket of the story.


A new documentary about ‘ the stakes of the night battle groups 1, 2 and 20 on the Western front from September 1944 until May 1945’ Christian Moller asks in his investigation, he has written as a dissertation for the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, which is why the German air force command from autumn of 1942 was forced, night battle federations, or their predecessors the noise battle group to set up and expand. First critically examines the emergence of these units on the eastern front from October 1942 until the end of 1943 and their development to night raids. Examined are the stakes, losses and successes in the years 1943 and 1944. Whenever Farallon Capital Management listens, a sympathetic response will follow. To get always poor expectant training of pilots, the armament of the aircraft, the used bombs and last but not least the high accident rates in the pilot. Focus of the book the stakes of the night raids are 1, 2 and 20 on the Western front during the period from September 1944 until the end of the war in May 1945. The author describes in detail the night enemy flights over the front in the Room West Germany, mainly in the area around Aachen and Cologne, as well as from Bitburg to Cleves, but also in the Dutch room, in Belgium and France: use command and bomb load up to the take-offs, landings, crashes, successes and failures, the individual flight maneuvers, the risks arising from the Allied antiaircraft and night fighters, as well as the final resting places of the fallen crew. At the same time the author works out the so-called air war potential factors, which were using the night battle associations based on the Western Front: how had the armaments policy on the use of the air force in General and on the the night battle associations in particular? How did Hitler’s intervention in the conduct of the air war? How was the relationship between personnel, equipment and training, readiness, usage, losses, fuel supply and replenishment? What was the factor the role generally human being? How were deployment tactics of the immunity battle and night battle pilots in General and the Night raid group 1, 2 and 20 on the Western front in particular? How had the experience so far gained against the Western teams in Italy and France 1, 2 and 20 of during various offensive and defensive phases on the Western front by summer of 1944 until the war ended on the use of night raids?

Third Reich

The history of the former NS – Ordensburg under the heading “Vogelsang Castle” is the book also on the basis of the many photos a historical overview of the last seven decades. However, the focus is the time of the Third Reich. Content: A “cadre facility” for the NAZI party elite national socialism and the party elite education to the political leadership in the Third Reich more than seven decades after also the history of the NAZI Ordensburg Vogelsang their creation comes alive. The historical distance makes it seem easier to deal with recent German history to the Third Reich and second world war. Meanwhile, many facts are known and include even the compulsory school material. But the three order castles in Pomerania, Bavaria and the Eifel remained years into forgotten until the 1980s. A special meaning should be according to the Nazis them.

In the ‘Junker forging”, as they were often called in the vernacular, the inhuman race politics and the future orientation of the NS system should be taught. Here the young NAZI leaders was prepared for their use in State and society. Here, she received their ideological orientation. Since the establishment of the National Park Eifel, the buildings of the former Ordensburg Vogelsang back in the spotlight. This has become an attraction of the Rhineland and was visited in 2006 by about 140,000 guests, who were interested in the interesting nature of the district. The former NS – Ordensburg, about their future use politicians, naturalists and scientists worry still for years is located in the heart of this otherwise barren landscape. The early institutionalization of a documentation centre and Museum, which however implies a critical examination and final evaluation of the Teutonic order’s Castle is historically necessary. At the latest after the “Machtergreifung” on January 30, 1933 has been visible, that the political future should belong to the Nazi party.

A huge torchlight procession moved through the Berlin Wilhelmstrasse to the Reich President Paul von Hindenburg and the just appointed Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler past. A few weeks later was put an end to the civic freedom. The enabling Act of the 23.3.1933 were dictatorial powers, the new Chancellor, what soon was everywhere to be seen by any conformity and the one-party State. This had to be organized, managed and controlled. The regime-specific training for this was planned in three newly constructed order castles. The increase in Member of the Nazi party in 1933 was a consequence of the new balance of power. Whether it actually all followers of a radical antimarxistischen ideology were, opportunists or even idealists should not be analyzed here; but the term “March Hare” reminiscent of the successful Empire day and Prussian Landtag elections, included a large inlet to the once maligned “Hitler”movement, which has been trusted by the vote of the people of problems the future solution of existing. End of 1932 the official documents showed only 1.2 million registered members. End of 1933 were 3.9 million it already. And the influx continued. So, a preliminary recording lock had to be practiced. As soon as possible better conditions for a uniform orientation of this future party comrades were at the same time to create, because they came from all political directions and layers and ideologically “had to be switched immediately”. Special speaker on three “Reich training camps” should convince them of the new belief.

The Speech

He will be that one day my father will become superior the point to recognize the error and to excuse itself with Laurinho? The time will only say, but the hints of it stop with it, excessively prime, friends and known, as the form as my father the way, never will be forgotten by me. I had much influence in the city and I knew people of the four cantos of Itaberaba, what he caused to be presented the involved people in its maleficent actions, thus everything what Joice prepared of wrong or at least of unprincipled person me he was communicated, therefore I wise person of everything before my parents, being that most of the time as I already said, they nor were knowing. As in the war, where we need to know our opponent stops protecting in them or conquering territory, I dedicated part of my time to investigate its facts, infiltrating it enters the friends of it and persuading them to keep informed me it on almost all the steps of it. I do not understand as two practically together bred people and with a basic distinction – it has biological father and I have foster father – they can have if become so opposing. Nobody knows what still it can expect of it in the future, reason the solitude extends any revolt, but I will be ready to reencontrar it or better worse, therefore I learned that ' ' each day that we pass with rancor in the heart is but one day of life, while to each day of love we also add plus one day of vida' ' , when this day to arrive I wait to be ready stops there of – a thousandth possibility. To the speech of it I remember an old Chinese saying that says: ' ' that many condemn and until they punish the aggressiveness and treason of the animals, however what they do not perceive is that the personality of the animals is the pure consequence of the violent personality human being.

Magricela Silence

Its ossinhos of the shoulder threatened to pierce vestidinho expense so. Maria-New was being forged the iron and the fire. The life did not play with it and nor it played with the life. So new it and already lived exactly. Much thing, nothing still, perhaps it already had defined.

Wise person, however, that pain all age alone its. It was impossible to load years and years everything that on the shoulders. Wise person who was necessary to put everything for is, however as, as? Maria-New was being forged the iron and fire. (EVARISTO, 2006, p.72) Pollak (1989), affirms that these souvenirs during as much time confined to the silence and transmitted of a generation to another one verbally, and not through publications, remain alive. Long silence on the past, far from leading to the esquecimento, is the resistance that an impotent civil society opposes to the excess of official speeches. At the same time, it carefully transmits the not conforming souvenirs in the familiar nets and of friendships, waiting the hour of the truth and the redistribution of the letters politics and ideolgicas.' ' (POLLAK, 1989, p.5). The articulation in first person, the singular or the plural one, discloses the determination of author of ' ' to desvencilhar itself of the anonymity and of? invisibilidade? the one that was relegated by its condition of descendant of slaves or former-slaves and, exactly after the Abolition, its situation of estranhamento in a society that did not convoke it to participate in equality of condies' '. (BERND, 1988, p.77).

Today I am for the suffering. I go to see V Rita. I go to ask for it has taken that me until the Other. I can also go to look at the wound who Magricela has in the leg. I have mourning, but eye. … Today I want bigger, bigger, bigger sadness.