Universal Messianism

The text announces a hostility between the woman and the serpent. The devil is placed in opposition to the man and its descent, and the text intui the future victory of the man. In this text we have a first vision and sample of the divine Salvation, is the Proto-evangelho call. In the Proto-evangelho a Universal Messianism exists, the humanity all is not become fullfilled without the overcoming of the current period of training. Messianism that appears in the text, always was interpreted by the Church since the origin, of individual sense and if it identifies ' ' smen' ' descent of the woman with the person of the Messias. The Proto-evangelho already implicitly says of the redentor Jesus Christ. So Paulo in the letter to the Romans if relates clearly to the Proto-evangelho. ' ' Therefore the God of the Peace will not delay in jamming the Satan of yours underneath ps' ' (Rm 16,20).

The promise of God the Abrao and its descent, that appears in Gn 12,1-3, shows a descent with national, but also universal substratum, and still a messianic character. Iahweh said the Abrao: ' ' It leaves your land, your kindred and the house of your father, for the land that I will show to you. I will make of you a great people, in you I will bless I will engrandecerei your name; either a blessing. I will bless the ones to bless that you, will curse the ones to curse that you. For you all will be benditos the clans of terra' '.

Abrao is blessed, and in consequence of this blessing all the peoples. It could to say that Abrao would be the Messias, before, however the great patriarch would have to become a great nation. As consequence of this the descent of Abrao is an instrument of Universal blessing. The tradition catholic always saw in this descent ' ' smen' ' of Abrao, instrument of universal blessing, the person of the Messias.

Sousa Seminary

so that they do not feel difficulty with tempo' '. (Ligia Sousa) ' ' Trainings and reading in voice alta' '. (yulli Mescouto) ' ' Today, in the age I find that me to make orality courses, but the schools must adhere to one discipline that if it portraies the verbal language placing in the grating curricular' '. (Claude) ' ' She would have to brighten up in the hour of a person when trying to explain, many not to aprestar attention when calling attention you are without notion where you you stopped to explain and thus she makes with that the nervousness comes and is difcil' '. (Elaynne de Paula) In accordance with BOCK et al (1997) the motivation this present as always desencadeadora of the action, wants either for physiological necessity, wants either for affective or intellectual necessities. (p 81) the feeling externado for the pupils was of motivation lack, for not having been it accustoms of the one for the school to speak in I also publish and this sample that it did not have incentive on the part of the professors, and the done analysis that with only sufficient external trainings and course to improve this practical. The deposition in classroom the pupils say as if they prepare for a defense or a seminary.

' ' I do not obtain to prepare myself to defend itself in a seminary, because I to me do not have capacity to ask and to answer without fear, I do not obtain to think fast responder' '. (Elaynne de Paula) ' ' I sufficiently read the subject that anger to be debated, landmark the main parts, later I make a summary on what I understood and is alone to study and to face medo' '. (Claude) ' ' Generally I look for to organize the material with antecedence and to study what he will be repassado' '.

China Bats

The Method Bats was developed to help to children in scholastic age to absorb major knowledge without tensing and forcing its eyes. Today it is used by many people to improve the view naturally. The Dr. Bats learned that the worse habits and ocular problems begin in children in scholastic age. The children have a natural curiosity to learn new things.

Nevertheless, when it is put under to them too material and they are forced to memorise amount of little interesting information, the mind gets tired and the eyes begin to tense themselves. In the same way, to analyze new information cause that the eye is tightened to be able to memorise it. All the day the children are themselves forced to absorb new material, he is to them or noninteresting. The possibility that does not occur them their eyes relax, and rest. It is there where the Method Bats conducts battle.

The Method Bats is in fact quite simple. He created a great table of common forms and letters. The table was placed in the frontal wall of a hall classes, and it motivated the children to them to see the table when they felt surprised. To only watch the table three minutes to the day eliminated the tension of the eyes. The Method Bats was implemented in some few schools, and the teachers noticed an ample improvement in the concentration and the progress. The eyes could relax, and the tension was eliminated. Unfortunately, the scholastic committee felt that the method was too distrayente, and took off it of the practice. In fact, China is the unique country that teaches to the students training for the vision. The Method Bats can be used by any person. It can create his own table and place it in his office. It observes the table several times the day, parea that their eyes relax and the tension in its eyes is alleviated. To train to its eyes to relax will help him to improve the view today, and for the rest of its life.