Natural Masks Wrinkle

Natural masks antirrugas by: Claudia Arellano 1.-Pope’s mask. This mask returns the good aspect to the tired skin and erases wrinkles. A medium Potato Bake and make it pure. Below grating other raw potato and mix with the puree. Spread this mixture over face, neck and decollete and leave 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

2. AVOCADO MASK. Return the brightness and hydrate your skin is very easy with this mask. Grinds medium avocado with a tablespoon of lemon juice, cream and 2 tablespoons of carrot juice. Gives you the mixture, leaving to act for 20 minutes, then rinse with water.

3 Mask ANTIPATAS GALLO to prevent wrinkles around the eyes, soaked bread in milk crumbs and add a few drops of sweet almond oil. This achieves a paste, wrapped in gauze, applied hot over their eyes closed for 15 minutes. 4.-Young skin cucumber mask to maintain youthful skin, put in the mixer two peeled cucumbers pulp and it adds a natural yogurt. Beat well and put it on the face for 10 minutes. Rinse the face with warm water and then apply moisturizer. If you want to you can put it in your whole body. 5.-Mask of egg and olive skin secoIngredientesla a tablespoon of olive oil huevo1 yolk mix ingredients and apliquesela in the face about 30 minutes, with the exception of the area of the eyes and the lips. Enjueguese with abundant tibia and to finish with water well cold water to close pores. original author and source of the article.

Paco Morales

To travel out of this tough situation process, it is first necessary to accept it. Understand that, indeed, this acceptance as feared or completely unexpected took place, and it is happening to us to us. Although we do not deserve it, don’t want to or don’t know what to do, Yes, is happening to us. To the extent that we can, at our time, we describe the situation firsthand. Once we get used to this new reality, the pain will be left behind. Acceptance also forgive us unconditionally.

By the alerts that we did not want or could not see. By neglect or extreme innocence with which we act. By having trusted blindly in ourselves or someone else. By not having heard what we were saying, or our own internal voices have fallen silent. Acceptance is the bridge that brings us pain to inner peace. It connects us with our status as human beings, fallible, errors and defects, like all those who surround us.

Assume as their own mistakes gives us clarity of conscience. Self-knowledge is essential in the search for the psychophysical balance. Accept the present moment opens the doors to another chance in life. Understanding What exactly happens we operate in reality, and thus have the best internal predisposition to see the range of possibilities opens before our. In this way we will achieve changes of direction that we wish. We all have the ability to provide us a better future. Each day can mean a new opportunity, and transform in a new beginning and the first step towards a promising future, if we so decide. Acceptance is the bridge that takes us from pain to peace of mind accepting the moment present opens doors towards another chance in life. I’m Paco Morales. Please tell every day. Successes. Original author and source of the article.

John Dewey

Knowles expressed that adults learn differently from children and coaches in their role as facilitators of learning should use a different process to facilitate this learning process. For Knowles, there are five factors that we detail below, that distinguishes adults from children. In his work the modern practice of adult education: Andragogy Versus Pedagogy of 1970, presented their Andragogical model. UNESCO resumed the concept in substitution of the expression of pedagogy for adults, under the interest in the process of training and continuing education for adult women and men, differentially to the formation of the child and the adolescent. Yturralde asserts in our Organization, over these past two decades, we have trained more than 40,000 pupils of the productive sectors since our Foundation, offer free lectures to students in their final years of College to support them in their transition towards its inclusion to adult life, and yes there is a difference in the behaviors and interests of the two types of audiences. Equipped with a special patience, teachers must apply different to the trainers or facilitators corporate methodologies; two approaches, two goals, two different markets. John Dewey, (1938) all real education occurs through the experience. Dewey believes that experiential learning is active and generates changes in people and in their environments, and that not only goes to the inside of the body and of the soul which learns, but it uses and what transforms the very important physical and social environments are us indicates, that processes andragogicos stimulate the reasoning, promote the constructive discussion of ideas, favoring dialogue, it originates, points of view, ideas and innovations and at the same time it leads to rethink proposals as a result of the confrontation of individual knowledge and group conclusions.

There is no that forget as well noted, adults are more motivated to learn by internal factors, such as development of our self-esteem, rewards such as salary increases, promotions and needs evolved, described by Abraham H. Maslow in his hierarchy of needs. Although we will eventually find people who will seek to avoid participating in learning processes by several factors such as fears, by lack of security, embarrassment among other factors. Humans usually do more to prevent their greatest fears, what does to achieve their desires, but is part of a reality. Interesting is to comment on what would be the work of the teacher who describes himself as of andragogo, about it, he says, It is a skilled facilitator in the process of knowledge transfer and transfer of experiences. The andragogo ceased to be the instructor, because he must play several roles: facilitator, transmitter of information, awareness-raising agent, change agent, agent relationship, tutor, coach, mentor the Andragogo facilitates interpersonal interactions and organizes educational activities, whose main actor is the participant as a learning partner. It should not be forgotten, in an educational environment, where the Group has its share of responsibility, a participant can become a resource for another. Exchanges provide a dynamic transaction original author and source of the article.

Roman Empire

Do you know that you will do on December 21, 2012? If you have not heard, of December 21, 2012 is the day that marks as the end of the world. There are many speculations about what might really happen. Could it be that the day in which everything change? There are those who believe that Yes, and also there are doubters in the possibility that the world completed in only two years more. There are many who scoff and say that are just gossip. But what if they are wrong? Everyone thought that Noah was completely crazy when he began to build an Ark. Anyway, Noah offered, all them, refuge of the great flood that predicted would come. Only a handful of people believed him and survived the catastrophe, along with many animals.

The interesting thing about nature is that animals used instinct rather than purely logical reasons to decide his path. Long ago, it was also accepted that the world was flat and that if one went too far, it would simply disappear for always time that you pressed outside the limits of the drawing. Many people thought that Magellan is too risked to navigate what was supposed was the land edge, although he was convinced that the world was round. However, enlightened people of the time knew that the Earth was not flat. Earlier in the year 600 AC, Pythagoras presented the theory that the Earth was not a disk but a sphere.

Ptolemy drew the Earth as a sphere by defining its longitude and latitude in the year 140 AD. Due to the fall of the Roman Empire this knowledge was lost, dial had no way of knowing that were wrong. During the Inquisition, and with the power that had the Vatican managed to eliminate all sources of information in this regard. Only very few people were aware that the Earth was not flat. We are once again wrong? What happens if the skeptics are wrong about the end of the world in 2012? The prediction that says that our planet will occur a horrible disaster on the morning of December 21, It could be true. This is much more terrible than when it was believed that computers would cease to operate in the year 2000. This belief should be of great interest to all of us, since our survival, our own lives would be at stake. We know that many civilizations, more advanced than our own, centuries ago are gone and have returned to this plane. Perhaps it is time to put aside our egos and investigate seriously where come from these predictions. If we maintain the feeling of superiority, will only put in the difficult situation of all those who laughed at Noah. We are still in time to prepare for the end of the world in 2012.